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Look at how horrible the PS Vita section is at this shop wwwwwwww

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Kenji Darvish of Golden Bomber: "That pissed me off. Why would shop employees tweet that?"

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There has been no end to instances of celebrities being tweeted about our photographed when seen out in the street, and Kenji Darvish has expressed his anger on his blog after experiencing a similar fate.

July 8, Darvish updated his blog: "Apologies for this late night update... I just got pissed off". Darvish did not mention the name of the restaurant, the person, and the tweets in question, but he said: "I was just eating at a restaurant a while back, and I'm not sure if that guy was a staff member, but it seems that person tweeted the events as they went on; in full detail".

"It didn't seem like anyone noticed me at all... Where were they watching me from? Scary!". "To think that the food was actually good. How should I put it, this just left me with such a bad aftertaste. Actually, it gave me a bad impression.".

Not just celebrities, but intrusion into one's privacy is generally not accepted. "Why would shop employees tweet something like that? Weren't they taught not to do such a thing? I have experience in customer service and I really don't get this. I don't think I can eat out in peace anymore. It's all so troublesome." "Stress! I'll go run for a bit."

Other Twitter incidents involving celebrities are Junichi Inamoto and Miho Tanaka's date before they got married in 2011, which turned into a huge media circus. Recently, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Ebizo Ichikawa both complained about being pictured without permission last month. Akemi Darenogare and Hachimitsu Jiro also complained about similar incidents soon after.

Who is your [HERO]? KimuTaku: "Messi" "I 'super love' soccer"

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The "monster drama" HERO which got 30% for all episodes broadcast in 2001 is coming back. When they were talking about making a sequel, Kimura said: "I was like, 'You've got to be kidding me'. It's been a long time and I never thought that they'd do this again. I would be lying if I said that I'm not feeling any pressure from this.".

His jean-wearing character Kohei Kuryu, an unorthodox prosecutor has aged as well. Kimura said that he didn't change the way he's portraying the character but said "with more experience under his belt, I felt that the character shouldn't be rough-edged as he used to be".

It may seem like he's always taking the long route, but Kuryu's prosecution style is as relentless as ever. "He's not really efficient. But I'm thinking that this attitude of ignoring your ego and desires is alright, especially for someone who decides whether a person should go to trial or not.".

When asked about what the viewers should look out for, he said: "Well, there's not a single person here who has special abilities in this one, but I hope people will understand the meaning of the title HERO".

Q. The World Cup still isn't over. Do you like soccer?
A. Cho suki desu. I did some martial arts when I was little, but if I had the chance to choose what to do, I would have wanted to play soccer. I'm from the Captain Tsubasa generation, so I wore jerseys in the same manner, and albeit unnecessary, I'd shout 'Deyaaaa!' whenever I would kick the ball.

Q. Kimura-san, who is your [HERO]? (Chiba prefecture, 14-y/o Moe-chan)
A. Guys like Argentina's Messi and Brazil's Neymar. They may be a whole lot younger than me but I think they're unconditionally cool. That's true with all sports athletes in any field. I can't choose them all."

Q. How do you memorize long lines? (Ibaraki prefecture, 53-y/o Hiromi Usami-san)
A. Determination. I'd actually like to know if there's a trick to it. Maji de.

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Hayao Miyazaki (retired) still comes to work everyday to give advice; Producer Suzuki: "I hope he goes away soon (laughs)"

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The collaboration campaign between Studio Ghibli's upcoming anime film Omoide no Marnie (When Marnie Was There, directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi to premiere on July 19) and au was announced on the 7th, with producer Toshio Suzuki (65) in attendance.

With this collaboration comes an app called Mitsumeru Ghibli-ten, where users can view an exhibit of the movie's art director Yohei Taneda's works, as well as the buildings and structures that have appeared in past Ghibli films, on one's smartphone.

Suzuki comments: "You see it flat on the silver screen but these scenes come to life in 3D on your smart phones. We work in a predominantly 2D environment, but we are also impressed and fascinated by 3D. And being able to do something like this is pretty fun. Even Mr. Walt Disney's last work and efforts was poured into Disney Land.".

Mr. Suzuki also gave updates on director Hayao Miyazaki (73), who announced his retirement from doing feature films in September last year. "He already announced his retirement, but he still comes to work every day. I hope he goes away soon. (laughs)". Maybe he's has nothing else to do, but he apparently comes to work and passionately trains the younger generation. "He said that he won't intrude nor help the young ones, but he immediately gives out instructions and shows them how its done".

Suzuki also praised director Yonebayashi and producer Yoshiaki Nishimura.
"When you compare them to the two great masters (Miyazaki and fellow director Isao Takahata), they were able to finish the production in half the time. And despite the time constraints, I am impressed by the quality of the art and animation that they have produced.".


Concerns grow over Ai Hashimoto's "lifeless eyes"

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(Partial Translation)

The press meet for the movie Kawaki was held at Nihonbashi's TOHO Cinemas on the 28th last month and was attended by the director Tetsuya Nakashima, Koji Yakusho (58), Nana Komatsu (18), Miki Nakatani (38), and Ai Hashimoto (18). People were quick to point out on the Internet how Hashimoto looked lifeless.

This is Komatsu's movie debut, an according to Hashimoto: "She's very cute and pretty, and I don't exactly know how to feel when I'm beside her, but I want to keep seeing her blossom and hope that she meets people who will cherish that appeal that she has. I really like her", but had a blank face the whole time and wasn't smiling too much.

Net users were quick to comment: "Is she tired?", "Too much negativity coming out from her", "She used to be so much cuter in Amachan...".

Hashimoto was a model in the magazine Seventeen from 2009, and put her name on the map with her role in Tetsuya Nakashima's Kokuhaku. Her role in the 2013 movie Kirishima, bukatsu yameru tte yo earned her the Best Newcomer award at the 86th Kinema Junpo Best Ten awards, and was recognized as well at the 36th Japan Academy Awards. She went on to play a major role in the morning drama Amachan in the same year, and also made her appearance at the Kouhaku Uta Gassen with the rest of the Amachan cast.

While Amachan was airing, Hashimoto was reported to have spent the night with Motoki Ochiai, a co-star of hers in the movie Kirishima, bukatsu yameru tte yo. Ochiai was criticized at this time for having sexual relations with a minor. Three months later, Hashimoto was reportedly seen dating Gou Ayano, an actor 14 years her senior. By this time, Hashimoto was being called a "devilish enchantress" and a "slut". She was then seen in December to have slammed a signboard in Shinjuku, and was also called "fat" when she received the Best Newcomer award at the Élan d'or awards last February.

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[World Cup] The difference in the reception of group stage losers Italy's, England's, and Japan's national teams

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The Azzuri arrives at Malpensa International Airport. No fans came to give them a welcome.

A lone grandma turns up to see the team return


サッカー日本代表が帰国 女性ファンの黄色い歓声が飛びまくり 
Japan's return home. Female fans cheer.

Natsuna reveals that she has just gotten over the mixed reactions about Jun to Ai

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Natsuna was chosen as the heroine of NHK's morning drama Jun to Ai in October 2012, and was at the center of all the criticisms. Once they wrapped up, Natsuna revealed that she was "on the verge of a breakdown" on her blog, and it was only recently when she has managed to get over her failures.

Natsuna looks back and says: "I wasn't just just on the verge of depression, I literally broke down. There were a lot of mixed reactions to the drama even while it was on air, even after it ended, and I felt like I was living through all those criticisms which were aimed at me. Those were really tough times.".

Jun to Ai's ratings averaged 17.1%, and isn't exactly bad when you compare it to others in the past 10 years. But it came after Umechan Sensei, a drama that averaged over 20% -- a feat that wasn't achieved in the 18 series that preceded it -- and was succeeded by Amachan, a drama that became a social phenomenon, which in effect highlighted Jun to Ai's shortcomings further.

"I literally didn't want to do anything after we finished shooting, and had no motivation at all. Even if I did do something, I didn't have the confidence as I was paranoid that everyone will still think that I'm 'the girl who had a mixed reception in the morning drama'. I didn't want to appear in front of people too much at that time. I even considered seeking medical attention." She was afraid of taking the next step, but the core fans of Jun to Ai helped her suppress all the negativity.

This was at her handshake event to commemorate the release of her picture book last January. "I read all those letters they compiled from the core fans of Jun to Ai. I went home, read them, and choked since I cried so much... But that made me feel refreshed and helped me move on."

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Ranking of celebrities whom you'd want as your little sister

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From male mynavinews subscribers

5. Mirei Kiritani - 4.8%

5. Satomi Ishihara - 4.8%

4. Kie Kitano - 5.7%

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Hey! Say! JUMP's Yuri Chinen talks about his height concerns

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(Partial Translation)

(At the first day press meet event of the movie Choukousoku! Sankin koutai)
 Most of the male actors are above 170cm, while there was even someone over 180cm. Chinen on the other hand, is only 159cm tall.

Chinen looked around the stage said: "I really feel it as I stand up here onstage."
"When I was in nursery and in grade school, I always dreamed of standing about 175cm tall."
He then lowered his shoulders and said: "And then I realized that it was an impossible dream, and I will never get taller than that". He then looked at the monkey Kikuchiyo who had a platform and said: "I want a platform like that too!".
Fans in attendance cheered him on and said "Kakkoii yo!" (You're so cool/handsome), and he beamed at them in return. 

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Keiko Kitagawa to be turned into the scapegoat if KimuTaku's HERO flops? (TouSpo)

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Actress Keiko Kitagawa (27) will be appearing as the heroine in Fuji TV's new Monday-9 drama HERO which will start on July 14.

Takako Matsu previously played the role of the leading lady in HERO, where Takuya Kimura (41) plays an unorthodox prosecutor, in both the 2001 series and the 2007 movie, but passes on the title to Kitagawa this time around.

"Kimura and Kitagawa have already been together in a Monday-9 drama 4 years ago, in Tsuki no Koibito, so they're already familiar with each other. Kitagawa said that she didn't watch too much TV 13 years ago because she was busy with her high school entrance exam studies, but watched HERO religiously. She's actually happy to be part of this production." - (Fuji TV staff)

But there are also some concerns about this, as her previous project Akumu-chan The Mu-vie was a huge flop.
  "One of the biggest reasons for this is that it got crushed by the mega hit Frozen. Despite all the efforts they put into promoting the movie by casting Momoioro Clover and making Keiko Kitagawa join them in a time-exclusive unit "Kimo-Kuro Z", the movie still didn't do too well. Though you still cannot deny that Frozen had a hand in the results, Kitagawa has now been branded as 'an actress who cannot make people come see her at the movie house'." - (movie industry insider)

Kitagawa has already emerged into a star from her generation of young actresses, and is said that she potentially has 8.3% of ratings with her. But she was at 10.5% a year ago, so there's also this feeling that she's already past her prime.

"Actually, other TV networks and competing agencies are kinda hoping that Kitagawa brings with her that 'bad luck' of her flopped movie when she does HERO." - (showbiz production representative)

And it is also said that this drama with KimuTaku will have bearing on Kitagawa's future.

"Even Kimutaku, Mr. Ratings himself, hasn't been able to get the numbers recently. His drama Ando Lloyd on TBS last year averaged 12.78%. This is a remake of a mega hit drama, so the passing mark will be about 18%." 

And if this drama flops, there's the danger that Kitagawa will be turned into the scapegoat.

"They say that this is the reason why Takako Matsu turned down the role, but it's not a rarity where they blame the actress when KimuTaku and other Johnny's talents dramas have bad ratings. When this doesn't do well, we can already see how people will start saying 'If only Matsu played the role instead...'. Kitagawa's actually been placed in a pretty tight spot."

Will they be able to produce a hit that has the ability to do away with all these doubts and concerns? People will now switch focus to Kitagawa's acting, as well as the drama's ratings.

"Co-star killer" Takeru Sato spotted dating non-co-star Kanna Mori late at night (Post Seven)

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Actor Takeru Sato (25) and model/actress Kanna Mori (26) were spotted together late at night. Sato was seen looking at the face of the woman he was with at a dining bar past midnight recently. The woman she was with was the stylish and sexy Mori who was in Shomuni 2013. The 2 were having drinks called "Kitty", a mixture of red wine and ginger ale.

Takeru Sato is called the number one "co-star killer" in the industry, and has been previously linked with Satomi Ishihara (27), Atsuko Maeda (22), and Ryoko Hirosue (33) -- all of whom have been his co-star at some point in his career. Sato, however, has never been cast alongside Mori in the past.

"Takeru-kun has a lot of friends from within and outside his agency, and has a lot of common friends with Kanna-san. The two suddenly got close to each other as they kept bumping into each other at parties and such. 
Kanna-san was raised in a family that constantly moved locations so she has a frank personality and can easily get along with anyone. And not to be fooled by her beautiful looks, she's like one of the men as she never gets ashamed to eat yakiniku or ramen by herself, has strong resistance to alcohol, and never holds chit-chats about love and romance which every other girl loves to do."  - (common friend of the two)

This actually isn't the only time the two were caught spending time together. There have already been reports that the two started getting close to each other around the time Josei Seven reported about Sato and Hirosue's illicit affair.

"Takeru-Kun was so sad at that time since he couldn't see Hirosue anymore, and was really down. Takeru-kun then sent a message to all his friends via SMS and LINE to gather them as he was the type who'd vent out all his frustrations and complaints, but everyone was busy and they couldn't make their schedules meet. 

Kanna-san though, would always come whenever Takeru-kun called -- whenever, wherever just to hear him out. Kanna-san even started saying 'Let's invite Takeru-kun over!' when she's at her own gatherings with her friends." - (common friend)

And it also seems like Sato has been showing a side of him to Mori which he has almost never shown to the other women he's been with.

"Takeru-kun has always been the type who wanted his partner to fawn on him, but he's the one fawning over Kanna-san. Kanna-san is an extremely positive-thinker who basically has the mindset that 'I'm really blessed and happy right now' so she never dwells on any problems. That's why Takeru-kun forgets all his troubles whenever he talks to her and finds comfort in her." - (common friend)

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Japan bows out of the World Cup

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Fifa World Cup Brazil 2014

Group C's final match
Japan 1 - Colombia 4

0 - 1: Juan Cuadrado (17th minute / PK)
1 - 1: Shinji Okazaki (47th minute)
1 - 2: Jackson Martinez (55th minute)
1 - 3: Jackson Martinez (83rd minute)
1 - 4: James Rodriguez (90th minute)

Atsuto Uchida's 2014 calendar ranks 1st in reservations on Amazon


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Kodansha will be selling 2 types of Atsuto Uchida's (Schalke 04) official calendar for 2014. The tabletop type will contain pajama, tuxedo, and casual pictures with a total of 128 sheets. The poster type will be life-size.

Uchida's calendar was also sold in 2013, and was high up in the rankings on Amazon together with idol groups such as AKB48 and Momoiro Clover Z.

At this point, Atsuto Uchida's two calendars have ranked 1st and 2nd in Amazon's calendar pre-order ranking.

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Former child star Ryunosuke Kamiki on his second run of success

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Having continuous success from being a child star until turning an adult is a Herculean task. He may have slowed down at one point, but Ryunosuke Kamiki has once again regained his position at the top as a very popular talent.

He joined long running theatrical troupe Jidougekidan at the age of 2 in 1995, and debuted in a commercial in the same year. He then made his acting debut in 1999 in Masahiro Nakai's drama Good News.

He was then known as a "genius child talent", and at 12, starred as the lead in the remake of Youkai Daisensou in 2005 where he won the "Best Newcomer" award in the 29th Japanese Academy Awards.

He starred in his first drama in 2006's Tantei Gakuen Q (NTV) and has constantly been appearing in dramas and movies ever since. One of the biggest reasons why he's survived for such a long time in the industry is his choice of talent agency.

"He's in this major production firm which manages the Southern All Stars, Masaharu Fukuyama, Takeru Sato, Haruma Miura, and Yuriko Yoshitaka, among others. He receives a wide variety of projects, and he'll be secure even when he gets involved in a scandal with a woman as the agency will clean up after the mess. If he were in a different agency, he would have lost offers and would gradually fade out from the industry." - (TV rep)

Kamiki starred in the silver screen adaptation of the best-selling novel Kirishima, bukatsu yamerutteyo in 2012 which sparked his second break. He then went on to make an impressive performance in last year's drama Kazoku Game, which left a stronger impact than the main star Sho Sakurai of Arashi.

He has been cast as the lead in the upcoming suspense thriller drama Henshin on WOWOW which is based on Keigo Higashino's novel, and will be in a number of upcoming movies, namely Rurouni Kenshin -Kyoto Taika-hen/ Densetsu no saigo-hen, Kamisama no iutoori, and next year's Bakuman. It seems that he has thorough knowledge of how to survive in the industry.

Why is Mr. Children still so popular after almost 20 years?


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It's all about how good the melody of their songs are, right?
There are those who are saying that they're just ripping off Elvis Costello's style, but those people are just jealous.

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Mai Kuraki and Hikaru Utada, who was more popular?

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I heard that it was pretty much split even between the 2 of them around the year 2000