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Paruru and Mayuyu's "troubled-looking eyebrows" becoming a trend among girls?

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Paruru's troubled look

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Satoshi Fukase's date picture

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* Kyary Pamyu Pamyu remained silent about her relationship with SEKAI NO OWARI vocalist Satoshi Fukase in the Glico commercial reveal.

Source: Sponichi Annex

Spring Drama Ratings Roundup... Shingo Katori and Atsuko Maeda's Kasuka na Kanojo ranks in at #10

1: オシキャット(北海道) 2013/06/27(木) 20:54:38.40 ID:lSEXZdfm0
1. Amachan (NHK) 20.9% (Weekly high until the 12th week)
2. Galileo (FujiTV) 19.9%
3. Last Cinderella (FujiTV) 15.2%
4. Yae no Sakura (NHK) 14.0% (April~June 23)
5. 35-sai no Koukousei (NTV) 13.3%
6. Kazoku Game (FujiTV) 13.0%
7. Soratobu Kouhoushitsu (TBS) 12.7%
8. Keiji 100Kg (TV Asahi) 12.1%
9. Doubles Futari no Keiji (TV Asahi) 11.9%
10. Kasuka na Kanojo (FujiTV) 11.5%

Shingo Katori and Atsuko Maeda didn't live up to expectations and settled at 10th place.

Looking back at Katori's dramas, MONSTERS got 11.9%, Shiawase ni narouyo got 11.7% while Kochikame got 9.3%

Saturday, June 29, 2013

How amazing was Hikaru Utada during her peak?

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7 million albums sold, that seems unthinkable in this day and age

Mayu Watanabe's no makeup, no eyebrow (!?) look wwwwwww

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Kazuya Kamenashi to star in the drama adaptation of Tokyo Bandwagon

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The drama (title undecided), based on Yukiya Shoji's Tokyo Bandwagon series, is set to begin in October on NTV. This will be Kamenashi's first lead role in 2 years after Yokai Ningen Bem, which got 18.9% on its first episode. This is also the first time that he will be taking part in a 'home drama', playing the role of Ao Hotta. He comments:
"I hope to depict the kind of family and human relations here which will make everyone think that having a family sure is wonderful."
"I am really looking forward to meeting my new family here."
"I am ecstatic, and feeling a good amount of pressure that I have been given the chance to participate in this project as the lead."

The Tokyo Bandwagon series was voted as "the No.1 novel that you would like to see on film" in 2009.


Friday, June 28, 2013

Erena Ono answers her detractors

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Erena Ono receives word that she's being slandered on the Internet with comments such as:
"Shocking. Do her parents know what she's doing? It's already like prostitution."
"How miserable. Doesn't she question her own actions?"
"Erepyon... you're finished..."

To which Ereno replies on her Twitter:
"Hm? I'm just expressing my love to the people who came here to love (and see) me*. I don't think people should be saying what's good and what isn't."
"I can do whatever I want to. The fans come to see me with their love, I'm just approaching them too with my love for them. That's natural, right?"
"Sorry to disappoint you, but I won't stop doing this."
"I'm seriously mad. I'm pissed."

* Translator's note: 愛に(会いに)来てくれた = Ai ni kite kureta = came to see me (会いに来てくれた); but she intentionally used another kanji for Ai (
会い) which is "" or "love" so it literally translates to "came to love me".

This is Kaho?

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FUNKY MONKEY BABYS' Funky Kato to go solo

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FUNKY MONKEY BABYS leader Funky Kato (34) will be going solo after their last concert as a group on June 1 and 2 at the Tokyo Dome.
His first job will be to appear on TBS' Ongaku no hi on June 29.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

The many rumors about Sho Sakurai

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(partial translation)
Sho Sakurai (30) has this image of a serious and pleasant young man, but it is also well-known that he is quick-tempered and that he thinks fans are "invisible people". The incident where he glared and shouted "Don't come here--", "You're eyesores" at the fans who watched his on-location shoots to greet him "Great work!" is pretty famous. There are numerous other incidents where he called fans "ugly" and "pig", where he threw an umbrella at them, where he spat on them. There was also a recent incident reported by Shukan Josei where he slammed a fan's cellphone and destroyed it.

A fan of his from his Johnny's Jr. days says:
"He's always been like that. Nothing has changed."
"He was a boy who loved to go clubbing and loved goukon parties until his early 20s. His hair was dyed brown, and he had piercings back then, right? He's baby-faced but he looked so flashy. He used to like the gal-types, halfies, and gaudy girls and was seen walking with girls like those, preferring them over the pure and clean ones. He was not serious at all. But don't you think that's just normal for celebrities like him? There's no reason for me to cease being a fan."

Sakurai apparently changed when he was chosen to be a newscaster in 2006 for "NEWS ZERO".
"As soon as he started work on the program, he disappeared for a bit from the club circuit and he didn't do goukon parties anymore. But he still didn't change the way he treated his fans."
Sho Sakurai was allegedly spotted recently at Shinjuku 2-chome's gay bar, leading to speculation that he's bisexual.

"I think he liked the bar which a gay friend showed him and he seems to be frequenting that place, sometimes alone, just to drink. But I don't think he's bisexual. I think he only has sex with women, and I heard that he constantly calls over prostitues to his Roppongi apartment. I don't think he's romantically involved, it's just the relationship between a prostitute and a client. But calling her to his home and not a hotel must mean that he's opened his heart to this woman." (showbiz insider)

"I know he's got a bad personality and that he loves women, but I still cheer him on. I think it's pathetic if a fan thinks to herself that he betrayed us." (same fan as above)

Airi Suzuki caught on a bus with Chinese model Raycley

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A picture of °C-ute's Airi Suzuki being intimate with a man on a bus on her way to school is circulating on the Internet and is causing shockwaves among her fans. The man was later identified to be the halfie model Raycley. Raycley denied relationship allegations "We're just friends".

It was found out from his Twitter posts that Raycley works part time in a noodle shop, and Airi Suzuki commented on her blog last May 51 that "I went to a noodle shop", leading to speculation that she went to the shop where Raycley works. Raycley then used his own account and posted his comments on a Chinese Social Networking Site:
"I only taught her how to speak some Chinese."
"I've only thought of Airi as a friend."
"I don't have any ulterior motives whatsoever."

He also declared that he will distance himself from her.
All these posts have now been deleted.

Net comments:
"Even if they're just sitting together, their shoulders are too close to one another!"
"So it seems that she's enjoying her university life more than being an idol."

*As of this writing, Airi Suzuki has denied the allegations and apologized on her blog (bottom of this entry for the partial translation)


Junichi Okada's height wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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Officially at 169 cm wwwwwwwww
People are saying that he's actually smaller than that, right? wwwwwwwwwwwwww
An overwhelming win for me wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

At least when it comes to height...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Karina and Erika Toda quash rumors of discord

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Karina: "There were reports that we were not in good terms, and that became a hot topic among us" (looks at Toda). "It was funny."


Erena Ono's "handshake" event

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Actress and singer Erena Ono (formerly of AKB48), had handshake events around the country from June 18-23. Ono joined AKB48 in 2006 as part of the second batch, and placed 11th in the "13th single general elections" in 2009.

Ono graduated from AKB in 2010, took a break, then appeared in the movie Sankaku and starred in her first drama Tanktop Fighter.

Ono released her first album "ERENA" on June 19 and held a mini-concert + handshake event. People who bought the 3 versions of her CD (Limited Release A/B and standard release) were able to have their picture taken with Ono using a small instant camera.She reportedly got so close to the people who had this opportunity (only a few centimeters away from their faces). 

After seeing the pictures posted on Twitter, it drew quite a few reactions.
"I envy them. So total for 3 albums is about 10,000 yen... There's no choice for me but to go!"
"She's full of that 'service spirit'."
"This is amazing..."
"I feel she'll be assaulted one of these days."


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Southern All Stars announce their comeback in time for their 35th Anniversary

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Southern All Stars will be releasing their 54th single "Peace and Highlight", and will be holding outdoor concerts in Yokohama (Nissan Stadium), Kobe, Kanagawa Prefecture, Aichi Prefecture, and Miyagi Prefecture.

Southern All Stars went on an indefinite hiatus after their 30th Anniversary concert at Yokohama's Nissan Stadium in August of 2008.

Mana Ashida appears in a commercial with Fuku Suzuki for Itoyokado's ransel 2013

1: ジャガーネコ(栃木県) 2013/06/21(金) 09:12:34.73 ID:hEEpZTuz0

Monday, June 24, 2013

Last Cinderella Finale gets 17.8%

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* 11 episodes average 15.2%
WARNING: May contain SPOILERS. Read at your own risk!

Jin Akanishi to make a comeback in August

1: 禿の月φ ★ 2013/06/23(日) 06:23:26.77 ID:???P
Jin Akanishi will be coming out with a new single in August.
Akanishi married Meisa Kuroki in February of 2012.

As a penalty for not informing his Agency, his nationwide tour was cancelled, and he was dropped from the drama that he was supposed to star in.


Sadao Abe's wife is a delinquent and is insane?

1: 可愛い奥様 2010/12/21(火) 14:58:34 ID:5fsBeTni0


・「あんた私と結婚しなきゃだめになる」と言われて(脅されて?) 「だめなりたくないんで結婚した」と苦笑の阿部サダヲ(インタビューより)


To sum it up---
Sadao Abe's wife is allegedly a delinquent/mentally ill.
* She was this obsessed fangirl who showed up at all wrap-up/after-parties.
* She forced Sadao Abe to have a tattoo that matches hers.
* She acts like a stalker by recording all his radio shows and checks on everything.
* Has a bad impression on Sadao's staff. "She cries and makes a ruckus when Abe-kun doesn't come home early from after-parties."
* She threatened Abe by saying, "You'll fail if you don't marry me". Abe said, "I didn't want to fail so I married her". (from an interview)
* She's a member of the Mitchy fanclub (Mitsuhiro Oikawa), similar to the Jani-Otas.

Testimonies from Sadao Abe's friends and people with connections, group members, and the owner of the store he frequents.
And to think that Sadao Abe could have been able to catch a better woman...


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Is there a Japanese guy more handsome than Yū Shirota?

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IMO, White halfie > Insurmountable wall > Japanese

Ayame Gouriki graces the cover of non-no for the first time

1: 禿の月φ ★ 2013/06/20(木) 12:20:23.45 ID:???P
Gouriki made her debut appearance in the August issue (released June 20) of non-no after graduating from Seventeen last May.

"I got inspired by seeing how successful the other models who graduated from Seventeen have become."

When asked, "What do you think is your strong point?"

Gouriki: "I think the fact that I'm super positive. I was negative when I was shy, but I changed when my mom told me, 'you'll definitely become strong'."


Takashi Kashiwabara to make a cameo appearance in Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo

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Video of Koshi Inaba (B'z) 28 years ago

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He was still an amateur, but he was already at this level

Kenji Darvish: "Mayuyu, let's go to a love hotel !!!!!!!!!"

1: アメリカンカール(埼玉県) 2013/06/20(木) 22:26:18.54 ID:wn6o+wL6P
Golden Bomber faced off with Sashihara, Oshima, and Watanabe in the Tunnels' Shin Kuwazugirai Ou Ketteisen.

Live action Gatchaman trailer

1: ツシマヤマネコ(山梨県) 2013/06/21(金) 11:30:02.86 ID:K1wCoFg60●
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Theme song: "Niji wo matsu hito" - Bump of Chicken

Friday, June 21, 2013

Kazoku Game finale gets 16.7% in the ratings game

1: かばほ~るφ ★ 2013/06/20(木) 10:11:28.99 ID:???0
* Started out at 12.0%.
* Peak before the finale was episode 2 at 13.7%.
* Average for 10 episodes was 13%.


WARNING: May contain SPOILERS. Read at your own risk!

Mayu Watanabe's and Haruka Shimazaki's alleged swimsuits getting bids on YAHOO! Auction.

1: なまコンφ ★ 2013/06/20(木) 20:09:55.54 ID:???0
Comment from the seller:
"I received these from a trustworthy showbiz representative. They wore these during a photo shoot, then signed them afterwards."
"These haven't gone to the laundry, so please bid only when you can accept these terms."

Some comments on fan sites:
"The seller should at least mention the name of the magazine and the date of the photoshoot."
"How can people fall for this?"

* As of this writing, both auctions have ended and the seller has deleted his account.

Shiori Kutsuna drops out of college for the sake of her career

1: かばほ~るφ ★ 2013/06/19(水) 15:35:35.59 ID:???0
Kutsuna was majoring in the arts in a college within the city.

She initially said, "I'll aim to be creative in college. I'll balance work with schooling no matter what".

Kutsuna dropped out this year before starting her 3rd year.

From her agency: "It really was difficult for her to work while going to school. She had a hard time attending classes due to her work in dramas. She accepted this and dropped out. She will now be focusing on her acting career".


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Why isn't Matsuoka of TOKIO that popular with the ladies?

1 :ななしじゃにー:2013/04/26(金) 23:19:43.45 ID:jbPN6DBTO



* Good-looking
* Tall and long-legged
* Much more upbeat than the average person

He's got all the good things going on for him, but why is he the most unpopular member in TOKIO? If you just think calmly about it, he's almost on par with Nagase in all aspects.

Tomoharu Shoji closes his Twitter account due to abuse from followers, suspected former boyfriend of Mari Yaguchi

1: ペルシャ(家) 2013/06/18(火) 10:42:33.79 ID:DLRqvhuf0
Tomoharu Shoji of comedy duo Shinagawa-Shoji deleted his Twitter account on June 12. He comments on his blog:

"It was the best place to communicate with many different people."

"But it is a reality that lowlifes dwell in such places, mention things that you wouldn't think a fellow human being would say and just run away. I've just gotten irritated with people like that."

According to a comedy industry insider:
"It was about the Yaguchi illicit scandal. Someone dug up the 'broadcasting accident' that happened 4 years ago."

* They did a segment called "Bouro Taikai" (exposure tournament) in the "Asa made Shabekuri007" corner of NTV's 24-jikan terebi of August 2009. There, Shoji was asked "which other celebrities has he had a relationship with other than Mikitty (Miki Fujimoto, formerly of Morning Musume)?".

* Shoji whispered the answer to the host Shinya Ueda, to which Ueda reacted, "Uwaaahh.... Wait, we can't announce this answer". Shoji then turned away from the camera and revealed the answer to the talents in the studio.

* They muted the audio, but Chinatsu Wakatsuki, one of the participants was heard whispering "Yaguchi? Yaguchi? Yayuyo? Yayuyo?"

* The tweets Shoji received were "How was Yaguchi? ww", "So you're also one of the hole brothers ww".


Yuriko Yoshitaka's duck mouth

1: スミロドン(dion軍) 2013/06/14(金) 00:04:02.87 ID:lTMWf2YSP

Yuriko Yoshitaka-san, doing her best attempt at a duck mouth

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Celebrity yearbook photos

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Satomi Ishihara

I'd bang her in a heartbeat

Eiji Wentz to star in live action Tiger Mask

1: 禿の月φ ★ 2013/06/19(水) 06:06:28.05 ID:???P
* New slant in the movie where Naoto Date will wear a mask and 'transform' into Tiger Mask.

Wentz: "I actually didn't know about the original Tiger Mask at first. I was oriented about playing this 'new' Tiger Mask so I tried to portray this new Naoto Date to the best of my abilities. I believe that this movie will be enjoyed even by the generation who are not aware of the original Tiger Mask.
Ruriko will be played by Natsuna while Mr. X will be played by Show Aikawa.


Atsuko Maeda to join AKB48's Sapporo Dome concert

1: 三毛猫φ ★ 2013/06/15(土) 14:18:03.77 ID:???0
* The concert will be held on July 31 at the Sapporo Dome.
* Mariko Shinoda's graduation will be on July 21 at the Yahoo! Auction Dome.
* Sayaka Akimoto's graduation will be on August 25 at the Tokyo Dome.
* Itano Tomomi's graduation will be on August 25.