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Maki Horikita's pictures in anan, not included in her picture book "Dramatic"

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Maki Horikita, who will turn 25 next month, released her picture book Dramatic (Magazine House) on the 26th. Pictures that are not included in the picture book are in anan which will was released on the 18th. She will be having a handshake event on her birthday, October 6.

Amachan finale gets an average of 23.5% in the Kanto region

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Amachan's final episode got an average of 23.5% in the Kanto region.
It's highest ratings was 27.0% on September 16, highest ratings for a single episode in the last 10 years.

Highest single episode ratings from 2001 onwards:

2001 - Chura-san (Ryoko Kuninaka)......29.3%
2002 - Sakura (Shiho Takano)......27.5%
2003 - Kokoro (Noriko Nakagoshi)......26.0%
2001 - Honmamon (Chizuru Ikewaki)...... 25.1%
2011 - Carnation (Machiko Ono)......25.0%

Highest average ratings for a morning drama (since 2001)

2012 - Umechan Sensei (Maki Horikita)......20.7%
2006 - Junjo Kirari (Aoi Miyazaki)......19.4%
2007 - Dondohare (Manami Higa)......19.4%
2011 - Carnation (Machiko Ono)......19.1%
2003 - Teruteru Kazoku (Satomi Ishihara)......18.9%

Cha Kato's wife Ayana's online fashion shop "Pe" being accused of fraud, resells cheap products as her own brand

1: グロリア(東京都) 2013/09/24(火) 16:12:01.85 ID:dN8aWGp10
Cha Kato's wife Ayana Kato runs an accessory brand called "Pe" (from Kato's nickname "Katochanpe").
People have now started to accuse her of reselling accessories which can be bought cheaply overseas for a few thousand yen.

According to an accessory business related official, it's not unusual for accessories without brand markings to be re-sold. Pe also didn't indicate that these accessories were made by them. Even when Cha Kato introduced the accessories his wife sells, he didn't clearly say that these were original products by Ayana.

The site explains that "Accessory craftsmen create each single part with utmost care". There was also a blog entry on September 21 stating, "We have also made earrings". When people started questioning this, they changed it to "We are selling earrings" without any further explanation.

The address indicated in the website is the same as Kato's "Office Cha". We tried reaching them for comments but no one answered their phone.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Kis-My-Ft2's Taisuke Fujigaya's such an ikemen wwwwwww

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Kis-My's Fujigaya-kun is really pretty, right? www
He's also got a small face.

Let's talk about Masato Sakai's acting skills

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10月から堺雅人さんがでる リーガルハイ2が始まりますが 

Masato Sakai-san's Legal High 2 will be starting in October, so let's discuss here the difference between Legal High and Hanzawa Naoki.

Osamu Tezuka's daughter comments on Yuko Oshima and gets bashed by AKB fans

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* Drama Kami-sama no Beret Bō ~ Tezuka Osamu no Black Jack Sōsaku Hiwa 
* Rumiko Tezuka, Osamu Tezuka's daughter, commented on the drama on Twitter: "The more they feature Yuko Oshima, the more Osamu Tezuka and Editor-in-chief Kabemura's presence in the drama fades and loses impact..."
* Rumiko Tezuka was bashed on AKB fansites because of this.
* Rumiko answers back on Twitter: "I didn't even diss Yuko Oshima nor AKB, yet I'm being bashed by AKB fans!"
* Rumiko further comments: "I'm not dissatisfied with Yuko Oshima being cast here, not at all. In fact, I'm grateful."
* She kept tweeting throughout the show, such as, "My father drew 5x faster than your average manga artist, but in return, he accepts 10x more work", when the scene in the drama showed the editors saying that Tezuka Osamu wasn't finishing his work on time.
* The manga artists she knew were also tweeting as the show progressed, but Rumiko suddenly tweeted: "It seems like the manga artists watching the show are giving up on it one after another...". Then when Osamu on the drama said, "If I can do it, then so can you", Rumiko once again tweeted: "To the manga artists who stopped watching, this is where the important message lies!"

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The reason why KimuTaku wears his watch on his right wrist

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On Takuya Kimura's radio program Kimura Takuya no What's UP SMAP!, he was asked by a listener, "Why do you wear your watch on your right wrist?", to which he replied, "I'm also wearing it on my right wrist now, why are you wondering about that?".

Kimura then proceeded to explain, "Wearing the watch on the right wrist is a symbol of peace". It apparently refers to when a sniper is aiming for his target, he keeps his right hand's index finger on the trigger while checking the time on the watch on the inner side of his left wrist. But if the sniper were to wear his watch on his right hand, he'd have to let go of the trigger momentarily in order to check the time, which will prevent him from firing the rifle.

Kimura has always been wearing his watch on his right wrist but became more conscious of it after learning about its significance to a sniper. But he says that there are still times where he wears it on his left in dramas to match the other actors.

Ayumi Hamasaki's new album "ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR ~A BEST LIVE~" ranks 7th in Oricon

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Ayumi Hamasaki's new album "ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR ~A BEST LIVE~" which was released on the 18th sold 15,218 copies until the 22nd. This amount shocked her fans and staff members.

The live album was recorded from her concert last July with 14 tracks in total. The CD includes hit songs like "A Song for xx", "poker face" and "Voyage", among others.

Her new album ranked in at no. 7 on its first week. AAA, which also hails from Avex got 1st with a total of 46,006 units sold. Hamasaki didn't just lose to her kouhais, but also to Kana Nishino on her 3rd week, Spitz on their 2nd week, as well as Kobukuro's Kentaro Kobuchi and a relatively unknown voice actor, Mamoru Miyano.

Cast of live action Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor announced

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The completely original project for Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor, which was announced in March of this year, is officially underway. The project, titled THE NEXT GENERATION -PATLABOR-, held a press conference on September 25 and announced the cast.

Erina Mano will star as pilot Akira Izumino, Seiji Fukushi as Yūma Shiobara, Rina Oota as Ekaterina Krachevna Kankaeva ("Kasha"), Shigeru Chiba reprising his anime role as chief Shigeo Shiba, and Toshio Kakei as Captain Keiji Gotōda. The movie has a total budget of \2 billion and is scheduled to finish shooting by the end of December. This movie is directed by Mamoru Oshii.

Official Cast Announcement:

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Playing around with Teruyuki Kagawa's (Director Owada in Hanzawa Naoki) pissed off pic wwwwwww

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Please give me a picture of Director Owada doing Echigo Seika

Please give me a picture of Director Owada playing soccer and getting involved in a crash!

To be continued in >>2

Asami Mizukawa and Yuto Nakajima (Hey! Say! JUMP) in this week's FRIDAY

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With Nakajima who was in Hanzawa

Haruna Kojima rumored with Hiroiki Ariyoshi? Oh, from Shuukan Jitsuwa www

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* Haruna Kojima (25) tweeted a lot during Hiroiki Ariyoshi's (39) special program on Fuji TV, Ariyoshi's Summer Vacation, on September 9.
* Tweets: "Ariyoshi-san seems to have had fun during his summer vacation", "Oh, they just mentioned my name!", etc.
* On TBS' Ariyoshi AKB Kyouwakoku last year, Kojima gave Ariyoshi a sexy look and said, "Please call by saying 'Nyan-nyan'". When Ariyoshi did so, Kojima blushed and gave him an inviting look.
* Apparently, 'nyan-nyan' means "sex" in the showbiz world (sic), and some people already see the two having a relationship with each other.
* "Kojima is just waiting for her turn to graduate, as it has been put on hold thanks to Maeda's, Shinoda's, and Itano's graduations. After that, they'll probably announce their relationship to the world by letting tabloids have a scoop on them."
* Ariyoshi is popular with female talents and announcers, and has also been rumored recently with Yoko Shono, Miku Natsume, and "extortion talent" (sic) Serina.
Source: (Shuukan Jitsuwa)

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Ranking of "male artists you want to go to the library with" (OnlyStar Oricon)

1: 急所攻撃(岡山県) 2013/09/26(木) 09:34:31.30 ID:qIEh4o5L0
10 Yuta Tamamori

9   hyde

8   Koshi Inaba稲葉浩志_(Koshi_Inaba).jpg

7   Kazunari Ninomiya

6   Koichi Domoto

Continued after the jump

Erika Toda and Ryo Katsuji are dating!? (Josei Seven)

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Erika Toda (25) and Ryo Katsuji (27) were caught together at rock band 9mm Parabellum Bullet's concert at Yokohama BLITZ on the 9th.

"The two were together in the VIP seats on the 2nd floor at first, but as the concert started, Katsuji stood up. Erika followed, grabbed his arm and was grooving to the beat. Katsuji wore a red hat and stood out so there were probably a lot of people who noticed them." - (witness)

Katsuji became popular when he made a guest appearance in one episode of Amachan, where he played "Maegami Kuneo" (literally "bangs-wriggly man") and left a strong impression on viewers.

He used to be rumored with Chizuru Ikewaki, Saki Takaoka, and Reina Asami.

According to a showbiz writer: "Katsuji's a very cheerful and outgoing person but he's actually very passionate. He can talk on and on about acting once he drinks sake, and is the type who can say wha's on his mind to people who are older than him. He's very popular with the older ladies as well. Even Takaoka-san has taken a liking to him and even took him around once, bragging to everyone that 'this boy is cute, right?'."

Toda and Katsuji got close to one another when they starred together in the drama SUMMER NUDE

Josei Seven also got a report that Toda has already paid a visit to the flower shop that Katsuji's mother runs within the city.

"Katsuji and his mother are both very busy and don't have the chance to see each other much, but when they did, he apparently introduced Toda to her. He talked so happily about it." -(Katsuji's friend)

Toda's agency comments: "We have heard that she did go to the concert and the flower shop together with other friends."

Misaki Ito planning a comeback? Latest pictures and other rumors

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Do you remember this actress who married the president of a large-scale pachinko maker? She was able to marry a rich man, but she had to step out of the limelight as an actress due to the policy of her husband who wants the wife to stay at home and protect the family. 

Recently though, there have been rumors that it hasn't been smooth sailing for the couple as the husband has reportedly been out all the time to party. There were rumors of her making her debut as a businesswoman thanks to the influence of her best friend 'Ms.U', but it seems like she is set to make her comeback in the showbiz world.

A sports paper writer reports: "A long-time acquaintance of her, this certain 'Mr. X', who is an executive of Shiseido, is reportedly extending his hand once again to her and offering his support". This reporter gathered information that Actress I and Mr. X have been holding meetings in an exclusive restaurant within the city for a year now.

"Her best friend Ms. U is also aggressively helping her out. She helps her create an alibi by posting pictures of them on her blog, which actually gives Ms. I the chance to hold meetings with Mr. X. Ms. I got married despite objections by her agency so the relationship is still strained, but Mr. X has apparently prepared the opportunity in spring of this year for the two parties to come to terms once again. Whether these are true or not, it does seem certain than Ms. I's camp is cooking up something."

"If you think about where Mr. X is coming from, then you can probably anticipate her sudden comeback through a commercial. Her friend Ms. U also tried to help her establish an original brand with fundings coming from her husband's fortune, but the husband's family does not seem too pleased with that idea, and Ms. I has been stressed. Ms. U has been telling her to file for a divorce and get some compensation money, but Ms. I doesn't want to as she's thinking about the well-being of their child."

(Related post about Misaki Ito HERE)

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What do you guys think of SEKAI NO OWARI?

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Sing from your stomach

Atsuko Maeda in a relationship with kabuki actor Matsuya Onoe (Fuji TV's Morning show - Mezamashi News)

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Source: Fuji's Mezamanews

Announcer Yoshie Takeuchi involved in an affair with her superior!? (Shukan Post)

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A woman who witnessed the scene tried to contain her voice as she talked. "She was so cute, she really stood out. It was TV Asahi's announcer Yoshie Takeuchi (27), and her aura was really something else. And the thing is, she went into an oil massage spa with a man."

Takeuchi is a regular on Music Station, Houdou Station Sunday, and is also the reporter for the World Swimming Championships. A former Miss Keio, her stunning looks and clean image has made her an extremely popular figure, on par with Fuji TV's Ayako Kato.

Takeuchi was seen together with a Mr. S (40), who works for TV Asahi's sports broadcasting department, essentially her boss, entering a popular spa in Roppongi in the middle of July.

"Mr. S is a big name in the field of sports, as he has had experience as the producer of the London Olympics and the Swimming World Championships. He's a tall, athletic person who even played ice hockey when he was still a student. He's good at looking after the welfare of other people, and has a charm that's irresistible to women. Ms. Takeuchi has worked with him in Houdou Station Sunday, the Swimming World Championships, and the Olympics. I wonder if they're really dating. He's married, and I think that it's just a close relationship between a woman and her boss." - (TV Asahi representative)

Mr. S' wife is former swimming olympian Tomoko Hagiwara (33), known under the pet name Hagitomo, as well as for her beautiful looks. They got to know each other during an interview in 1999 and tied the knot in 2006 after 8 years of courtship.

It might just be a case of Takeuchi asking for advice from Mr. S. The problem here though, is that the spa they entered consists entirely of private rooms, different from the other spas where men and women are separated from each other. This place is well known as a secret meeting place between couples.

The eyewitness also said that this wasn't the first time she saw these same two people enter the said establishment. TV Asahi said that they would not comment on any private matters involving their employees.


Mr. S (right)

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V6 have gone out of the limelight, people are starting to talk about them splitting up... Why have things turned out this way? (´;ω;`)

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They had good songs, their variety shows were fun, and they're even good dancers...

Nowadays, it's only Okada and Inohara that I see (´;ω;`)

Hanzawa Naoki finale gets 42.2% in Kanto and 45.5% in Kansai, No.1 for a drama in the Heisei era

1: 从*´ 皿`)<バルデラマφ ★ 2013/09/24(火) 09:17:17.19 ID:???0
Hanzawa Naoki finale records 42.2% (peaked at 46.7) in the Kanto region, surpassing Kaseifu no Mita and Beautiful Life, while the 45.5% it got (peaked at 50.4%) in the Kansai region has broken the record as the No.1 drama to obtain the highest single episode ratings of all time.

◆Ratings per episode

Kanto Region

Kansai Region