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AV actor arrested for committing sexual misconduct with a junior high school student

1: 2014/04/07(月) 16:01:59.06 ID:???0
The Utsunomiya Higashi Police Department arrested actor Ryo Sawai (34) for violating Saitama's Prefectural Ordinance of Juvenile Protection.

He was arrested for allegedly committing sexual misconduct with a 3rd year middle school student in a hotel room in Saitama, despite knowing that the girl was under 18 years old.

Sawai has made appearances in a large number of adult videos. According to the police station, the two got to know each other through the free SNS application LINE.
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2 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:02:42.55 ID:
I wonder if the poor girl is alright, this guy has quite a huge package
4 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:02:50.77 ID:
Sex at work, sex in your private life, and sex even if it means breaking the law
5 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:02:52.54 ID:
I was thinking “Don’t tell me it’s Sawai” when I read the headlines, and what do you know, it is him
6 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:02:56.57 ID:
This guy’s a pretty popular AV actor
9 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:03:25.28 ID:
11 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:03:41.00 ID:
The actor they showed in Poko x Tate?

* He appeared on Poko x Tate as "The AV actor who will never 'come'" and was challenged by a gay man called Takuya who will make him "come" no matter what. Takuya succeeded.

12 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:03:41.03 ID:
Takuya would like to say a word ↓
13 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:03:41.76 ID:
42 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:11:24.70 ID:
That thing has an AA? ww 

15 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:04:09.07 ID:
I now wonder what will happen to the girl’s life (´・ω・`)
Will she still be satisfied by other men? (´・ω・`)

18 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:04:43.82 ID:
This guy just tainted Takuya-san’s reputation
21 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:04:59.27 ID:

27 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:06:15.98 ID:
Eh, this guy?
33 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:07:52.20 ID:
This was a late night program, right?

22 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:05:03.79 ID:
Oh, this guy’s a popular AV actor.
I don’t think the 3rd year student will be satisfied with normal sex now after having a taste of this guy.

25 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:05:47.17 ID:
Will Sawai be getting the axe from the AV industry?
They’ll still be needing his big package.

37 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:10:15.75 ID:
I guess he’ll probably come back? It’ll probably just be a year of absence for him.
77 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:16:47.13 ID:
You’ll be sanctioned for up to 30 years in prison for committing sexual misconduct with a minor in the US. I think Japan is pretty strict with that too. It also seems like Sawai has done it before with other middle schoolers and high schoolers so it seems like he’ll definitely go behind bars.

34 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:08:08.94 ID:
Sawai probably couldn’t forget about Takuya-san and just can’t resist treading on dangerous waters
36 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:09:43.85 ID:
38 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:10:22.81 ID:
Wasn’t it a job interview for the girl? w And if he didn’t take her by force and committed rape, and did it by mutual consent then I don’t see any problem here. This is why we’ve got an aging population wwww
If you’re saying that having sex with minors is against the law then you should also make underage marriage and childbirth illegal.

43 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:11:33.45 ID:
Looks like this isn’t Sawai-san’s first case of sexual misconduct with a minor.

63 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:13:54.93 ID:XRBjFwEj0
A highschooler who knows how an AV tastes like is pretty amazing

44 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:11:39.21 ID:
A camouflage is a camouflage.
Truth is that he prefers men after “that incident” www

49 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:12:13.28 ID:
Oh, Sawai www
59 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:13:40.44 ID:
Sawai’s Profile: Born April 2, 1980
From Shiga prefecture
Blood type: AB
Height: 177cm
Weight: 60kg
10 years as an AV actor, over 5,000 videos made!?
A slender, macho, and super popular actor whose package might even be the biggest in the history of AV.

64 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:14:17.11 ID:
So the girl now knows how "it" feels at 3rd year in middle school.
She’ll just be a whore from now on.

69 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:15:34.22 ID:
It’s good that he’s showing passion for his work, but this is a no-no
76 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:16:30.72 ID:
But this horny girl knew he was an AV actor and still met with him, right?
80 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:17:02.36 ID:
Why did this leak out?
88 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:19:59.60 ID:
Oh, the AV actor who looks like Koji Yamamoto with more bangs
93 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:20:45.28 ID:
The girl happily opens up her legs, then files a complaint.
Isn’t that twisted?

99 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:22:09.40 ID:
Looks like AV actors are extreme hentais.
I already knew that, though.

101 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:22:47.95 ID:
She now has a body which will never be satisfied by a normal guy
112 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:25:32.18 ID:
He probably scouted her
122 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:27:02.24 ID
How are things like this found out?

140 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:30:33.48 ID:
If the girl is obviously too young, the love hotel might be the one who reported to authorities
151 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:32:17.62 ID:
Wow, love hotels even do that?
159 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:34:05.43 ID:
Because even the love hotel will get into trouble if they just ignore something that’s so obvious

125 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:27:27.76 ID:
This guy will probably be a dog in his next life

131 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:28:19.91 ID :
Seriously dude, apologize to dogs

126 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:27:32.37 ID:
This guy must truly love sex from the bottom of his heart.
What a lucky guy for being able to do what he wants at work...

142 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:30:51.50 ID:
Wow. He’s already doing it a lot at work, and still couldn’t get enough.
Are these AV actors like athletes or something?

144 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:31:11.95 ID:
What will happen to the videos that this guy has already shot but are just waiting to be released in cases like this?
Hmmm, but he’s just the male actor, so I guess that’s not a problem

150 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:32:16.20 ID:
It probably isn’t a case of lack of sex, but he probably wanted someone "young and fresh" for a change, if you may say.
I don’t think that PTA can make any complaints about AV actors so he might be able to come back sooner than expected, but I guess the videos which he’ll be making in the future will be different than usual w

175 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:38:24.29 ID:
All that’s in my head about him is that Takuya made him come.
192 : 2014/04/07(月) 16:45:06.43 ID:
Just how much of a workaholic is this guy?

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