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Waratte Iitomo! airs one last time as viewers are immediately experiencing withdrawal symptoms

1: 2014/04/01(火) 05:33:25.74 ID:???0
* The "Tamo-loss" syndrome

As Waratte Iitomo saw the curtains drop one last time on Monday, a lot of viewers have been experiencing withdrawal symptoms, so much so that this has spawned the word "Tamo-loss".

A lot of comments were quickly made on the Internet.
"The show has been on air as if it was something that's supposed to be there ever since the time that I was born. I still can't believe that this has happened."
"It's been there since I was born. I was always happy when I got to watch Iitomo on days that I did not go to school. That was how I grew up."
"32 years is such a long time. So this is how it feels when something you thought will always be there goes away. Thank you for everything up to now."
"We've watched it now across a number of different generations. I'm not sad, I just can't believe this. I still feel like it will still be on TV tomorrow."

* Tamori's final speech
The grand finale of Iitomo saw an extravagant lineup of guests, like Sayuri Yoshinaga, Sanma Akashiya, Downtown, Ucchan Nanchan, and Ninety-Nine among others, helping the program go out in style.

Tamori who has hosted the show for 32 years said: "All the viewers have given me different valuations, and given me the right to wear a lot of nice outfits. And I am truly grateful that I have been given the chance to say my thanks to everyone here.". All guests then proceeded to sing "Ukiuki WATCHING" and Tamori ended the show with his usual "So will you watch us again tomorrow?".

1: 2014/04/01(火) 05:33:25.74 ID:???0

4 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:34:42.21 ID:
What’s up with the media always wanting to use “~loss” in everything?
5 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:36:00.09 ID:
I have Tamo-loss right now.
But I’m expecting to recover from it within the day.

10 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:37:48.98 ID:
It’s Tamori’s fault for saying "So will you watch us again tomorrow?" like it was nothing.
I’ve lacked sleep, but I can't sleep now with this..

16 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:40:35.86 ID:
Music Station can also end now
20 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:41:38.62 ID:
Honestly, I won’t feel a thing even if Tamori, Sanma, or Takeshi would retire starting tomorrow
22 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:42:04.60 ID:
Tamo-loss? w
You guys complain and all, but you’re still slaves of TV, huh.

23 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:42:08.47 ID:
And now I’ll be graduating from TV.

24 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:42:16.76 ID:
I cried a river. w
I used tons of tissue w

26 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:42:27.16 ID:
It feels like the finishing blow has just been delivered to the Showa era.
Or should I say, “at last”.

32 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:43:30.99 ID:
MinaOka’s* (Tunnels no minasan no okage deshita) probably the only other program that will make me feel this way.

34 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:44:05.99 ID:
I’m worried that Tamori would suddenly grow old and become senile with this. He probably won’t have another chance to get together with all these comedians again.
This totally feels like the end of an era.

42 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:45:59.39 ID:
I think he’ll be fine as long as he’s still in the industry with Music Station. But I guess that he’ll age pretty fast if it’s just a gimmicky program.

41 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:45:42.99 ID:
Well, they weren’t even sure if they could put together Sanma, Downtown, and Tunnels in this episode, and I wouldn’t have watched if they didn’t. I don’t even watch on a regular basis.
Tamo-loss? (LOL) None of that for me.

43 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:46:00.91 ID:
Just among the housewives and the NEETs
51 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:48:01.59 ID:
I haven’t had a TV set for years now. And of course I don’t watch TV so I can’t say anything.
What work do people who watch noontime shows have in the first place?

53 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:49:50.02 ID:
The moment you’re greatful to people like Sanma, Downtown, and Tunnels means that everything about you is too old
58 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:51:28.32 ID:
But there’s no one even better than them. You should’ve understood that after watching the finale.

69 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:54:09.10 ID:
Then who from current crop of talents would you want to see? I want to see you mention names w

55 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:50:30.00 ID:
People will feel relaxed when they see his lighthearted conversations on Music Station

59 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:51:39.89 ID:
”And not a single soul has predicted at that time,
that the legend of Big Daddy which will last for 30 years, was about to begin”

61 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:51:42.93 ID:
Shingo-! Shingo-!

63 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:52:14.58 ID:
The tension and the atmosphere were pretty good

70 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:54:22.38 ID:
People are glorifying this too much.
Regardless of how many years they’ve been doing this, the show didn’t have any essence at all.

72 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:55:37.77 ID:
I’m sure that the noontime finale was the first time for a lot of people to watch the program from beginning to end.
83 : 2014/04/01(火) 06:00:26.33 ID:
Chibi Maruko is now the only show that I’ll be watching on Fuji.
95 : 2014/04/01(火) 06:06:05.25 ID:
I don’t watch TV at that time of the day in the first place.
101 : 2014/04/01(火) 06:07:37.24 ID:
I haven't been watching Fuji at all these days since they seem to have taken the stance of “Don’t watch us if you don’t want to!”, but let me just say this:
Tamo-san, thanks for all your hard work!

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