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ATSUSHI to sit out EXILE TRIBE's dome tour in autumn

1: 2014/04/01(火) 13:54:33.44 ID:???0
EXILE's ATSUSHI has announced that he will not be taking part in the EXILE TRIBE dome tour EXILE TRIBE PERFECT YEAR LIVE TOUR “TOWER OF WISH 2014" this autumn.

ATSUSHI comments: "I want to see the potential that EXILE TRIBE has which I won't be able to confirm unless I get off the stage and see it for myself. TAKAHIRO, SHOKICHI, and NESMITH will be leading the way for vocals, while 3rd Gen J Soul Brothers and GENERATIONS will give emphasis to each team's character. I want to see how they shine, as their senpai". He has discussed this with HIRO, and HIRO accepted this decision, stating that "This is a positive proposal which looks like a move for the future of EXILE TRIBE".

ATSUSHI has emphasized that he will not be participating in EXILE TRIBE's tour this year only, and this doesn't mean that he'll be quitting EXILE. He will continue to take part in EXILE's projects, TV programs, magazines, and radio shows; and has promised that he "will definitely come back as a much improved ATSUSHI performing together with the new EXILE" once EXILE does its tour in 2015.

EXILE TRIBE PERFECT YEAR LIVE TOUR “TOWER OF WISH 2014" will be participated in by EXILE and their brother/sister groups. The schedule will be announced on a later date. EXILE will be renewing their structure on April 27 as they welcome new performers. They will be releasing a new single and album in July titled AMAZING WORLD. The theme for their tour next year will revolve around this new album and will be called EXILE LIVE TOUR 2015 “AMAZING WORLD”.

ATSUSHI just released his 2nd solo album called Music in March. He will be having a solo arena tour from April 12 to July 13.

3 : 2014/04/01(火) 13:56:29.97 ID:
Too many Roman letters in the article
5 : 2014/04/01(火) 13:58:56.33 ID:
Is he doing this for the sake of Fuji TV’s new stupid noontime show? w
But that one won’t even last for 3 months wwww

9 : 2014/04/01(火) 14:01:19.62 ID:
Well, I do think he’s amazing for standing by the title “Performer” (LOL)

11 : 2014/04/01(火) 14:01:49.60 ID:
Should I sing in your stead?
13 : 2014/04/01(火) 14:04:35.87 ID:
When you remove ATSUSHI’s AT, he becomes SUSHI.
14 : 2014/04/01(火) 14:07:23.62 ID:
Still can’t match the names with the faces. And I don’t feel like reading this article.

15 : 2014/04/01(火) 14:08:27.63 ID:
They’re not even plying their trade in the US, so what’s with this stupid trend of using the Roman alphabet to display your Japanese names, like TAKAHIRO, SHOKICHI, NESMITH, ATSUSHI, HIRO? Don’t they feel ashamed or anything? To me, it feels as embarrassing as Japanese guys putting on fake noses in musicals to play the role of foreigners. Especially the name SHOKICHI ww

17 : 2014/04/01(火) 14:12:01.01 ID:
Why in the US? www
19 : 2014/04/01(火) 14:13:24.02 ID:
ATSUSHI performed together with BOYZIIMEN. He even took part in their album.

16 : 2014/04/01(火) 14:10:08.49 ID:
Their names are such a pain to remember
22 : 2014/04/01(火) 14:15:10.69 ID:
Everyone’s been saying this, but using Roman letters for the names is really lame!
23 : 2014/04/01(火) 14:15:34.42 ID:
What. So the singer won’t be performing?
27 : 2014/04/01(火) 14:24:39.59 ID:
This guy really is a bad singer
32 : 2014/04/01(火) 14:32:44.16 ID:
If he’s bad then that makes almost all other Japanese singers bad
34 : 2014/04/01(火) 14:35:55.51 ID:
Are Japanese singers even good?

29 : 2014/04/01(火) 14:28:15.80 ID:
The EXILE family seems like it’s becoming like Johnny’s.
I think they have a slight advantage though because they’re better at singing and dancing.

38 : 2014/04/01(火) 14:54:07.00 ID:
ATSUSHI may be good, but in the world of J-POP, I think CHEMISTRY’s Dōchin is amazing.
And these 2 were together at the ASAYAN.

39 : 2014/04/01(火) 14:58:05.55 ID:
He must have started having feelings of hatred after getting together with Kiyokiba and talking about the group ww
It’s the beginning of the end of EXILE w

43 : 2014/04/01(火) 15:18:13.91 ID:
Bring Shunsuke Kiyokiba back

46 : 2014/04/01(火) 15:57:59.60 ID:
That would actually be the better idea. His voice quality is pretty good. ATSUSHI doesn’t have the volume anymore. It’s almost like he’s whispering at times. He was able to get by with his technique, but isn’t he almost at his limit now?

47 : 2014/04/01(火) 16:10:30.54 ID:
And after seeing the concert without him, he’ll go:
”I think I can let the younger guys handle things. I’ll be graduating from this (so I can keep all the earnings to myself)”, right?

53 : 2014/04/01(火) 16:50:05.80 ID:
The guy probably wants to focus on his solo career
54 : 2014/04/01(火) 16:52:29.59 ID:
Will fans accept this?
63 : 2014/04/01(火) 17:17:41.84 ID:
Leave EXILE and form a duo with Kiyokiba
66 : 2014/04/01(火) 17:21:48.93 ID:
Uhmmmm, they look weak without ATSUSHI.
TAKAHIRO’s horrible, and the others' voices don’t sound too original.

69 : 2014/04/01(火) 17:26:17.78 ID:
No matter how much you take this positively, it does seem like he’s going to go solo.
I can’t imagine the lead vocalist skipping a dome tour other than being sick. He’ll probably have his farewell performance soon at the EXILE theater.

75 : 2014/04/01(火) 17:37:25.94 ID:
What about inviting GACKT over as the pinch hitter?
79 : 2014/04/01(火) 17:44:14.37 ID:
Dude probably wants to go solo already.
He can sing acoustic and a capella, and probably realized that he can live without backup dancers.

81 : 2014/04/01(火) 17:47:29.65 ID:
Then EXILE should go for a SHUN x TAKAHIRO tandem
87 : 2014/04/01(火) 17:52:04.07 ID:
He’s been removing his glasses, appearing on variety shows...
It does feel like he’s gearing up for the future.

92 : 2014/04/01(火) 17:59:01.99 ID:
Maybe he doesn’t like how the group is becoming like an idol group
100 : 2014/04/01(火) 18:40:20.61 ID:
I don’t get it.
Maybe he just wanted a vacation.

104 : 2014/04/01(火) 19:41:12.99 ID:
An illness or he got into trouble with someone from the group.
Might be one or the other.

121 : 2014/04/01(火) 20:55:26.81 ID:
Is this an April Fool’s joke?
Or is this for real?

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