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Ayame Gouriki to dub for the latest X-Men movie

1: 2014/04/01(火) 05:21:50.46 ID:???0
Actress Ayame Gouriki (21) will be voicing Jennifer Lawrence's role in the upcoming movie X-Men: Days of Future Past (in cinemas May 30).

Lawrence, best actress winner at the 2013 Academy Awards plays the role of Mystique, an assassin with the ability in shape-shifting. 20th Century Fox has cast Gouriki because she is "about the same age as Lawrence, and is very versatile as she has the ability to portray various roles".

Gouriki comments: "I'll do my best to as Mystique!".

2 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:23:57.38 ID:
The nightmare of Prometheus revisited

3 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:24:06.65 ID:
↓ No more mention of Prometheus,
4 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:25:27.13 ID:
Really now, choose your projects wisely
5 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:25:33.95 ID:
Uwa, it’ll be pretty tough to keep listening to that voice for the duration of the movie
6 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:25:48.13 ID:
She’s already had experience with Prometheus, and I can already imagine what her voice will sound like. She’s voicing an assassin who has the ability to transform into a lot of different personalities, but Gouriki will probably keep on talking the same way through out w
7 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:25:49.55 ID:
Now they’re just being mean to us w
8 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:26:16.68 ID:
Go to Hollywood already
11 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:26:52.09 ID:
Just voice a sentinel instead

110 : 2014/04/01(火) 06:47:06.32 ID:
LOL wwwwwwwwww

13 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:27:44.67 ID:
The 3 great gori-oshis:
Gouriki, MomoClo, Kanna Hashimoto wwwwwwwwww

15 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:29:38.09 ID:
I’m amazed at how bad 20th Century Fox is in choosing their voice talents.
To think that they were booed for the casting of The Simpsons.

18 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:29:53.41 ID:
You must be kidding me
20 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:32:13.92 ID:
Ayame Gouriki’s voice commentary and X-MEN dancing will be included as a special feature in the Blu-Ray
22 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:32:25.48 ID:
She’s got a face that can get into X-MEN even without any special makeup on
25 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:34:48.35 ID:
So who would you guys want for the role?
27 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:35:37.10 ID:
I won’t even be surprised if the guy who cast her will get fired immediately
29 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:36:45.77 ID:
So our great actress Megocchi can easily do voice acting roles too, huh
30 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:37:21.89 ID:
The tragedy of Prometheus revisited
31 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:37:56.63 ID:
They’ll probably have someone else dub over Gouriki’s parts for the DVD version
33 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:38:22.75 ID:
37 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:40:27.44 ID:
Movie crusher
42 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:45:31.72 ID:
I wonder if she’s improved from that w
47 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:46:34.10 ID:
I tried Googling “Gouriki w” and one of the results was “Gouriki www”
She’s someone who can make people laugh with just her surname w

53 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:51:23.87 ID:
They should just use a professional voice actress. Are they stupid?
55 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:51:43.36 ID:
Oh, so it’s just an April Fool’s joke
62 : 2014/04/01(火) 05:58:04.23 ID:
She should just voice Juggernaut
66 : 2014/04/01(火) 06:03:31.54 ID::
Megocchi kita----------
Hah, her voice is wasted to be listened to by the likes of you, but that’s fine.

67 : 2014/04/01(火) 06:03:54.70 ID:
69 : 2014/04/01(火) 06:04:06.43 ID:

73 : 2014/04/01(火) 06:07:13.68 ID:
I wouldn’t have minded it if she had a nice sounding voice, but her voice sounds hoarse
79 : 2014/04/01(火) 06:15:25.76 ID:
If seiyuus are so great that you can make fun of Gouriki, then let’s see these seiyuus act character roles.
They can’t, so you have no right complaining about Gouriki-san. This is how the professional world is.

86 : 2014/04/01(火) 06:29:11.41 ID:
Ayame Bouriki*
* (Bou = stick = monotonous)

88 : 2014/04/01(火) 06:31:00.94 ID:
I’d actually prefer this to gross anime-sounding voices, though
93 : 2014/04/01(火) 06:33:35.84 ID::
Can you still call Gouriki ugly after seeing these pictures?

113 : 2014/04/01(火) 06:48:18.27 ID:
Wow, seeing her long hair days is pretty refreshing

130 : 2014/04/01(火) 07:03:58.06 ID:
Professor X… Ayame Gouriki
Wolverine… Ayame Gouriki
Cyclops… Ayame Gouriki
Storm… Ayame Gouriki
Rogue… Ayame Gouriki
Iceman… Ayame Gouriki
Magneto… Ayame Gouriki
Mystique… Ayame Gouriki
99 : 2014/04/01(火) 06:38:37.56 ID:
We should give a name to this phenomenon already
125 : 2014/04/01(火) 06:59:42.32 ID:
Just when I thought she's been quiet lately, she comes up with this
129 : 2014/04/01(火) 07:03:45.48 ID:
So she just used the voice acting gig for the Precure movie as a stepping stone
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138 : 2014/04/01(火) 07:17:44.07 ID:
Megocchi, you’re so cute
147 : 2014/04/01(火) 07:35:37.17 ID:
The ability and flexibility to do any role available... totally like a mutant

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