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Yuya Tegoshi appointed as NTV's main caster for the FIFA World Cup

1: 2014/03/31(月) 00:15:30.00 ID:???0
Yuya Tegoshi of NEWS has been appointed by NTV as their main caster for the upcoming FIFA World Cup (June 12~July 13). 

Tegoshi has been a caster for NTV's coverage of the FIFA Club World Cup since 2012. Tegoshi comments at the press conference: "It's the tournament that everybody in the world is waiting for, and I personally have been involved in soccer much, much longer than I have with the entertainment industry, so as someone who's soccer-crazy, this event has been an aspiration of mine. It has also been one of my dreams to spearhead NTV and share to everyone how wonderful the sport is, and it really makes me happy that this dream has been realized.".

Tegoshi has already had a lot of chances traveling overseas for his regular program Sekai no hate made ItteQ, but this will be his first time going to Brazil. Tegoshi will be staying in Brazil for the duration of the tournament, and he comments: "Brazil is a country that any soccer fan would love to visit at least once, and I want to experience firsthand how soccer plays a part in the everyday life of Brazilians. I'm looking forward to a lot of things, like joining street soccer when the cameras are not rolling.".

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1: 禿の月φ ★ 2014/03/08 05:54:58
Tegoshi still finds time to play soccer now whenever he gets a break from his busy work schedule. "I always tell my soccer schedule to my manager for the next month, and have him make sure that I get to participate in them. That's how much my life revolves around soccer. I actually had a soccer commitment yesterday, and another one tomorrow (laughs). Soccer truly is an important part of my life, so much so that anything else I do won't go well without it."

When asked of his predictions for the tournament, he said: "Of course I'm rooting for the Japanese national team. I want them to win, but I hope that they at least reach the quarter finals and finish in the top 8. As to who will win it all... I'm thinking it will be Brazil. I'm looking forward to seeing Neymar play who's having a good season in Barcelona. These soccer players really have such a cool image about them. Neymar's very fashionable even from a man's standpoint, and he's someone who can start a trend. Of course, his playing skills are amazing too. I'll be watching him closely.".

And finally: "The matches will be shown late at night or even early in the morning in Japan, but I want to give my best so people would be watching the matches live. There are also a lot of people in Japan who truly love soccer, and I hope to fight alongside them.". NTV will be showing Japan's first match against Greece on June 19 (June 20, Friday, Japan time).

4 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:17:12.86 ID:
Johnny’s and AKB just keep on appearing anywhere and everywhere.
6 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:17:38.04 ID
This guy may be a Johnny’s talent, but he really loves soccer.
And I like how that passion is so infectious.

17 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:20:47.74 ID:
If not for Johnny-san’s restrictions on reports and information, this guy would’ve gotten the approval of more male fans if only articles of him playing in soccer charity matches spread out. It seems to me that Johnny’s doesn’t want their talents to have male fans.

8 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:18:21.00 ID:
Johnny’s again?
12 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:19:44.91 ID:
The ikemen who goes about devouring other idols
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15 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:20:29.35 ID:
I like Tegoshi, he’s not a bandwagoner but a true-blue soccer fan.
16 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:20:35.16 ID:
And when you have Tegoshi, you can also make him interview Uchida w It’s really fun watching Tegoshi’s soccer and Kamenashi’s baseball programs.


18 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:21:19.82 ID:
This guy is never boring on Itte Q.
Even though he rarely goes out and just stays in the studio.

23: 2014/03/31(月) 00:24:15.74 ID:
When this guy went to report about Yokohama FC’s training camp (Nichinan in Miyazaki) and participated in the team’s training sessions, he actually moved like a regular J-League player from afar.
He didn’t look inferior at all alongside the pros during the one-on-one shooting practices. His opponent probably didn’t defend seriously against him, but he blew right past them one after another and made his shots.


28 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:25:33.55 ID:
I get this feeling that Johnny’s talents start to look better once they age.
Tackey, Tsubasa, Kamenashi, Higashiyama... But not Kimura-san.

30 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:26:08.50 ID:
I’d even get down on my knees to beg so that NTV won’t appoint Mr. Suzuki as the announcer during the World Cup


44 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:33:18.65 ID:
It would be much better if Tegoshi was the actual announcer himself. Suzuki-dog’s monotonous speech isn’t just irritating, I hate how he emits this aura that he absolutely loathes soccer. At least Tegoshi loves the sport.

33 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:27:08.97 ID:
No one needs these guys.
He's better than Katori, Kokubun, or KimuTaku? They’re all the same, no one needs them.

They’re just getting these Johnny’s talents involved in all these events. Seriously, I hope they stop doing that.

35 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:27:45.86 ID:
He watches football carefully and knows the sport well. He plays it too, and is actually good at it. He also respects other players and knows his place.
Tegoshi’s pretty good. And he’s not a bandwagoner but a serious fan.

42 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:30:23.67 ID:
But I get this impression that Nana Katase knows much more about soccer than this guy


45 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:34:11.48 ID:
I heard that there are a lot of Johnny’s talents who are good at soccer
46 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:34:26.61 ID:
NTV really loves their Johnny’s talents
47 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:34:47.29 ID:
I think Tegoshi’s a good choice, much more than Katori
58 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:37:08.67 ID:
Katori will probably be used by Asahi...

50 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:35:40.71 ID:
NTV casters and MCs. The Johnny’s TV station.
ZIP – Yamaguchi
Going – Kamenashi
ZERO – Sakurai 
Every – Koyama
World Cup - Tegoshi

51 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:35:46.70 ID:
Really, I’d rather have Tegoshi as the in-game announcer rather than have that other guy commentate like he’s reading from a textbook. Textbook reading is just too damn unpleasant, and I can’t stand it.
70 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:41:15.99 ID:
You’ve got a point w Sounding like they’re reading textbooks has traditionally been the problem with all these NTV announcers.

57 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:36:54.59 ID:
They should use Murakami too

60 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:37:32.11 ID:
So he likes soccer, and that’s great. But do you really need to appoint talents for these sports broadcasts?
62 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:37:49.46 ID:
Figure skating, soccer, volleyball, and gymnastics are also done by Johnny’s talents.
It’s all getting annoying to be honest.


67 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:40:17.88 ID:
Unnecessary. Just use regular announcers who can actually do sports commentating.
We also don’t need commentators who can’t even analyze the plays and tactics.

69 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:41:13.04 ID:
NTV doesn’t have an announcer like that

73 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:41:52.79 ID:
I hope they use Murakami in there somewhere
76 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:43:34.57 ID:
Murakami must be so damn jealous of him.
He said a lot of things to Tegoshi during the Club World Cup so maybe he’ll also complain about a lot of stuff this time.


77 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:43:35.60 ID:
This guy came as a surprise guest with a J-League team at a charity match after the disaster.
I was amazed at how the girls around me reacted when his name was announced.

79 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:43:58.81 ID:
I’m sure that the live showtime threads will be all f*cked up
89 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:47:26.09 ID:
He’s with the CWC every year, and the showtime threads aren’t that bad.
But the threads all go up in ashes 200% whenever Katori goes on once every 4 years w

96 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:50:43.29 ID:
Katori just seems to think that he’s doing his job well as long as he looks excited whenever the camera focuses on him.
Tegoshi's appointment is much more acceptable than something like that.


108 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:54:42.61 ID:
Whatever happens, don’t make Sanma do this. No matter what.

111 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:55:32.80 ID:

Tegoshi’s pretty decent when it comes to soccer. He’s also a good interviewer.

112 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:55:45.84 ID:
100x better than Katori
116 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:56:25.19 ID:
I don’t give a damn if they’re knowledgable about it or if they like it or not.
Just don’t involve idols in sports broadcasts.

120 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:57:18.40 ID:
126 : 2014/03/31(月) 00:58:15.59 ID:
This so much. It’s so annoying. Then that makes me qualified for the job as well.

119 : :2014/03/31(月) 00:56:54.86 ID:
You can totally tell that Katori isn’t interested in soccer, so I hope they just stop appointing him.
And I don’t really dislike Sanma, but I hate him when he gets involved with soccer.

128 : :2014/03/31(月) 00:58:55.80 ID:
I really do wonder if Johnny’s talents understand what they’re doing.
I guess you can also say that about real announcers, though.

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