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Celebrities who change once the camera stops rolling

1: 2014/04/06(日) 23:30:44.20 ID:???0
(Partial translation)

"Emi Takei. She's quiet when there are talents and staff members from other agencies around, but when she's alone, she just does as she pleases. During a photo shoot, with the sponsor immediately next to her, she angrily said 'Huh!? I can't do that kind of pose!'. And the irritating part about this is that Takei's manager has never cautioned her about this at all. It's like leaving a clueless kid alone out there in the woods." - (ad agency staff)

"Atsuko Maeda has been very busy since she went solo, but people have been talking about how bad her choice of words are, even when she was still with AKB48. She never shows this attitude in front of the camera and the media, but she would tell noisy members in the dressing rooms 'Shut up, busu! (ugly)', or even tell other members who rejoice at cakes given to them that 'And you're all getting fat because you're eating stuff like that'. I heard that there was a time when the entire atmosphere of the place worsened just because of Maeda's grumpy mood." - (gossip magazine writer)

"This is a pretty known story among backstage staff members, but Osamu Mukai is pretty hard to deal with. When a certain media outlet interviewed Mukai just a while back, Mukai himself didn't seem too enthusiastic about the gig, and just answered with brief responses like uh-huh, sure, yeah, etc. to whatever question was thrown his way. The reporter still proceeded to interview him, but Mukai suddenly stood up and said 'We're done here!' and left. Mukai's agency apologized on his behalf for 'boycotting' the interview." - (showbiz writer)


7 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:32:43.25 ID:
Well, they’re human after all
8 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:32:53.11 ID:
Atsuko Maeda says something like “Shut up, ugly!”!?
19 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:35:26.90 ID:
She must’ve said that towards the mirror

9 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:32:59.34 ID:
Oh, another one of Cyzo’s imaginary articles
10 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:33:11.21 ID:
Well, they do look like they’ve got bad attitudes
13 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:34:18.40 ID:
It’s really scary these days because of the Internet
15 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:34:40.85 ID:
Whatever the case, people who were mentioned in this one do look like they’ve got bad personalities
16 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:34:44.60 ID:
Mukai really looked nasty in that BS Premium or BS1 program (was it?) where he was riding a bicycle overseas.
He really didn’t look too happy when he was asked to come to the room of a local kid to play with him. And I thought at that time if it was alright for them to be showing that on TV.

71 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:42:21.25 ID:
He’s basically got his schedule panned out for him, and people will normally feel troubled by sudden invitations like that. I just think that he’s being honest.

26 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:37:39.91 ID:
Everyone has mood swings. So I think this doesn’t mean a lot.
But on another note, all of these talents are gori-oshis so I don’t care about their off-screen personalities, I just don’t like all of them w

31 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:38:00.79 ID:
Wow, all of them are ham actors
33 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:38:09.78 ID:
Hmmm, here’s an idea. Why not cast these 3 together in a drama?
40 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:39:08.08 ID:
I also act differently inside the house and outside
44 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:39:42.31 ID:
I am curious as to what kind of pose Takei was asked to do
50 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:40:18.81 ID:
Didn’t Emi Takei blame Nozomi Sasaki for her recurring depression? Or was she trying to make Sasaki the scapegoat for having low ratings?(Related post HERE)

54 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:40:41.84 ID:
Mukai totally looks like he’s got no will to do things, like Hiro Mizushima, and even said that his manager has always scolded him.
3 61 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:41:12.17 ID:
It’s funny that you can tell how bad Mukai’s personality is with practically every magazine interview that he’s done.
He just says too many unnecessary things.

75 :来林檎@転載禁止:2014/04/06(日) 23:42:57.73 ID:
Takei looks like she’s heading straight for the Saki Fukuda course.
And it seems to me that Maeda’s just cautioning the other members so I don’t really care about that.

81 :名無しさん@恐縮です@転載禁止@転載禁止:2014/04/06(日) 23:43:46.16 ID:
There is nothing more irritating than Mukai’s smug look
93 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:45:22.71 ID:
I guess it’s pretty tough to judge their attitudes with this kind of fantasy article
94 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:45:27.72 ID:
Apparently our Megocchi’s very nice and polite
100 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:46:01.41 ID:
I think Mukai’s got a pretty good personality
108 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:47:17.13 ID:
Emi Takei used to be a yankee so I wouldn’t be surprised about this

112 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:47:50.06 ID:
It’s not like I’m dating them or I’m working with them.
I’m fine as long as they’re cute and have nice bodies.

122 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:49:57.47 ID:
I keep hearing that Gouriki’s got a good reputation within the industry.
She’s not cute, but I’m beginning to like her, so I just hope that they stop overpushing her.

130 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:51:22.86 ID:
Gouriki never has any bad rumors about her
144 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:53:18.11 ID:
There was a documentary showing how Maeda was yelling at her manager.
She’s that kind of woman.

157 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:54:56.16 ID:
See? Gouriki’s a nice girl, right?
183 : 2014/04/07(月) 00:01:02.58 ID:
I’m sure that there are a lot of talents like this w
99 : 2014/04/06(日) 23:46:00.56 ID:
If your name still appears in articles like this then that means that you’re still pretty relevant

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