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Yui Aragaki and Ryo Nishikido breakup rumors were false? Living in the same apartment building according to FRIDAY

1: 2014/04/11(金) 11:22:35.03 ID:???0
FRIDAY (4/11 issue) has reported that Yui Aragaki and Kanjani8's Ryo Nishikido are still dating.

During last year's report, Nishikido and Aragaki's apartments were only 4 minutes apart on foot, and he would go to Aragaki's unit twice a week. After a year from the initial 'scandal', it was discovered that the two are now living in the same building.

The pair met each other after being cast together in the drama Zenkai Girl (July 2011). After FRIDAY scooped the pair's relationship last year, a number of women's magazines reported that the two have split up since. But it seems that the relationship has actually continued.

"Making a couple live near each other is a method used a lot within the industry, not just by Johnny's. The media won't be able to get inside these apartment buildings, so there's no fear of the two being photographed together. The pictures published on this issue of FRIDAY are just of Aragaki's agency car entering the parking lot of the said apartment, Nishikido walking on the sidewalk, and Aragaki going home into the apartment. If they have indeed broken up, then there's no point in living within the same building. So it can be assumed that their relationship have prospered ever since." - (Johnny's writer)

Nishikido has previously graced the pages of FRIDAY in 2011 when a woman he hooked up with leaked pictures of him in bed, and this past February when he was also picking up girls in Hawaii with the Akanishi troop. 
"Nishikido recently planned to go cruising with the Akanishi troop members but got stranded at the airport due to bad weather. It seems that he's treating his relationship with Aragaki and his womanizing as 2 different things." - (same as above)

Some comments on the Internet: "Nishikido got FRIDAY'd again?", "I'm already getting tired of his FRIDAY reports (LOL)", "Nishikido, do your best", and a lot don't seem too much rattled about this report. Will Nishikido continue with his serious relationship with Aragaki, or will he once again be caught by FRIDAY with a different woman?

2 :2014/04/11(金) 11:23:15.64 ID:
No more voice coming from her hymen
5 :2014/04/11(金) 11:25:09.22 ID:
No picture? Are they referring to Atlas Tower mansion?
8 :2014/04/11(金) 11:26:59.36 ID:
I’m so jelly that he gets to bang Gakky while being high
10 :2014/04/11(金) 11:27:07.11 ID:
So the relationship hasn’t ended, huh w
Girls who have innocent images more often than not end up with guys who are disappointing in the eyes of the girl's fans.

11 :2014/04/11(金) 11:27:15.55 ID:
Gakky earns more than him so this won’t go well
13 :2014/04/11(金) 11:28:23.76 ID:
So she isn’t a virgin anymore?
14 :2014/04/11(金) 11:28:56.35 ID:
...I’m just going to lie face down for a bit...
15 :2014/04/11(金) 11:31:28.46 ID:
Let’s just switch over to the big-boobed version of Gakky

18 :2014/04/11(金) 11:34:37.56 ID:
You should’ve warned us beforehand that you were going to post a grotesque picture. Don’t do that right in the middle of the day.
20 :2014/04/11(金) 11:35:10.43 ID
Who’s this? Her nose looks like a garlic w
23 :2014/04/11(金) 11:37:20.84 ID:
You should’ve at least posted a picture that looks like the original

16 :2014/04/11(金) 11:32:30.43 ID:
Just get married already
17 :2014/04/11(金) 11:34:27.48 ID:
Unpopular Nishikido has no other choice but to cling onto Gakky to be able to put food on his plate
22 :2014/04/11(金) 11:37:02.72 ID:
They were already caught by FRIDAY before, so there’s no need for them to keep being sneaky about this.
But when you meet each other in the same building, there’s nothing else to do indoors but have sex. This really gives off a terrible impression on them.

24 :2014/04/11(金) 11:38:48.04 ID:
Is Satomi Ishihara still together with the photographer whom she was FRIDAY’d with?

26 :名無しさん@恐縮です@転載禁止:2014/04/11(金) 11:41:49.70 ID:
But when you talk about “Gakky” these days, the public will just think of Takashi Niigaki.
Seems like the original Gakky is desperate for her name to be relevant again.

27 :2014/04/11(金) 11:42:49.86 ID:
* (shine = 死ね = die)

28 :2014/04/11(金) 11:43:12.99 ID:
”I’ll do my best to feed even the most worthless men”
This is the arrogance that’s common among women from Okinawa.

32 :2014/04/11(金) 11:44:48.41 ID:
What, so they’re still together?
Nishikido’s surprisingly loyal, eh wwwwwwww

35 :2014/04/11(金) 11:46:39.33 ID:
This report here has probably wiped out Aragaki’s wotas
38 :2014/04/11(金) 11:47:46.60 ID:

40 :2014/04/11(金) 11:48:42.13 ID:
Gakky really has nasty-looking eyes. If this is really what she looks like in private then I think she and NSKD make a good match.

42 :2014/04/11(金) 11:49:18.89 ID:
But Gakky’s taller than him
44 :2014/04/11(金) 11:50:54.19 ID:
A lot of cute girls like Gakky sure seem to prefer delinquents
45 :2014/04/11(金) 11:50:56.19 ID:
So Nishikido’s actually a good guy for being so loyal wwwwww
Gakky’s finished...

46 :2014/04/11(金) 11:51:47.40 ID:
I just literally died wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

48 :2014/04/11(金) 11:52:00.24 ID:
Who the f*ck said that they broke up, huh?
55 :2014/04/11(金) 11:55:42.96 ID:
But haven’t most of her fans already switched allegiances to Nounen?
56 :2014/04/11(金) 11:56:19.83 ID:
If only Gakky were 10cm smaller, she would have been a beauty who exceeded Nozomi Sasaki

72 :2014/04/11(金) 12:01:10.54 ID:
If she was smaller by 10cm, she’d only be 159cm. That’s too small w

57 :2014/04/11(金) 11:56:53.27 ID:
Hitting on other girls after dating Gakky is like drinking expired milk after eating high class sushi
59 :2014/04/11(金) 11:57:15.59 ID:
A pretty young actress dating a Johnny’s talent. My, how pleasant!
60 :2014/04/11(金) 11:57:56.45 ID:
Please break up.
This is going to have a huge negative effect on my life.

65 :2014/04/11(金) 11:59:19.10 ID:
I prefer Yui Uehara

66 :2014/04/11(金) 11:59:23.74 ID:
I don’t care what happens to this bi+ch as long as Rena Nounen-chan is alright
69 :2014/04/11(金) 12:00:27.30 ID:
There’s always been this image that Johnny’s doesn’t allow their talents to get married, but won’t Johnny's actually allow this one since this is Gakky we’re talking about here

74 :2014/04/11(金) 12:01:54.45 ID:
I think Johnny’s would benefit much more from this. It will be a huge blow for Les Pros, though.

78 :2014/04/11(金) 12:02:23.01 ID:
Now that Gakky’s cover has been blown, everyone just moved on to Nounen..
85 :2014/04/11(金) 12:05:13.08 ID:
Newer, younger, and cuter girls are just coming up one after another.
Fans of actresses who have had scandals will just disappear in an instant w

91 :2014/04/11(金) 12:07:31.64 ID:
I’m actually more curious about Gakky’s actual height.
I won’t even be surprised if she’s actually 175cm tall.

93 :2014/04/11(金) 12:08:00.31 ID:
Hurry up, where’s the pictures

* pictures released in this issue:

68 :2014/04/11(金) 11:59:56.26 ID:
Megocchi’s the only one we can trust

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