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MAN WITH A MISSION applauded for their initiative to help out a fan

1: 2014/03/29(土) 13:50:45.11 ID:???0
The band MAN WITH A MISSION has gifted the son of a fan whose towel was stolen during their show.

A fan tweeted about his son's limited edition MWAM towel getting stolen from him during the band's concert. The fan tweeted "Give it back", which was retweeted numerous times, as other fans showed their support and said "Unforgivable!" and "Give it back to the poor kid!".

And on the 28th, MWAM's official Twitter account reacted to this and tweeted to the fan: "Nice to meet you! We have followed you back so please send us a private message with your address and the name of your son! Please allow us to send this beloved comrade of ours something (¬з¬)", to which the fan replied: "As I got up this morning, the wolves said that they will be helping me out (laughs)".

Upon knowing this, fans applauded the band with comments like "That's these amazing wolves for you!", "Damn, so cool!", and "This made me teary-eyed". The fan expressed his gratitude to the band, as well as the other fans who sent him their support.

Band member Tokyo Tanaka has given his thoughts about the importance of the fans' manners at concerts. "To everyone who will be attending our concerts, please do not forget to show concern towards all our other comrades who are sharing the same time and space with you. Other than that, I think you're all allowed to live freely.".


2:2014/03/29(土) 13:52:09.72 ID:
It’s my first time hearing about them
4 :2014/03/29(土) 13:52:42.20 ID:
Ahhh------, mine was stolen too.
Someone took 100 pieces from me.


8 :2014/03/29(土) 13:54:27.49 ID:
You don’t sound too disappointed, though
13 :2014/03/29(土) 13:56:14.73 ID:
Are you The Boy Who Cried Wolf?
23 :2014/03/29(土) 14:01:08.70 ID:
Someone also took 1,000 pieces from me and I couldn’t sleep

6 :2014/03/29(土) 13:53:46.92 ID:
Some weird dudes wearing wolf masks also stole goods from me
7 :2014/03/29(土) 13:54:16.72 ID:
Picture is of member Jean-Ken Johnny


10 :2014/03/29(土) 13:55:58.66 ID:
Won’t these guys die at outdoor summer festivals with this kind of headgear?
11 :2014/03/29(土) 13:56:04.27 ID:
”We’ll invite you over to our backstage dressing room. But please put salt on your son’s body first.”


33 :2014/03/29(土) 14:07:34.14 ID:
This rock band’s got too many requests
36 :2014/03/29(土) 14:16:35.21 ID :
Cut that out ww
But wow, there’s really someone who’d take a towel from a kid?

12 :2014/03/29(土) 13:56:12.86 ID:
I don’t get how these guys have been influenced by Jimmy Hendrix
16 :2014/03/29(土) 13:57:51.04 ID:
Maybe the fact that they use guitars

14 :2014/03/29(土) 13:57:48.87 ID:
By “stolen”, was it stolen by force?
So MAN WITH has horrible fans like that?

15 :2014/03/29(土) 13:57:49.31 ID:
These masked bands are wielding double-edged swords;
even if they become extremely popular, the ladies will have trouble digging them because no one knows what they look like.

17 :2014/03/29(土) 13:58:04.65 ID:
Their song for Hentai Kamen was good. I dunno about the rest, though.

19 :2014/03/29(土) 13:59:57.65 ID:
Let me also use a kid and have them send me limited edition goods
20 :2014/03/29(土) 14:00:18.71 ID:
What’s that mask made of?
I’m sure that it’s uber hot compared to Slipknot’s masks.

8 :2014/03/29(土) 14:02:52.13 ID:
My PS4 was stolen too
30 :2014/03/29(土) 14:06:05.53 ID:
My son said that his ROLEX was stolen
37 :2014/03/29(土) 14:17:00.38 ID:
These people irritate me.
They’re pathetic and their songs are lame.

44 :2014/03/29(土) 14:26:53.51 ID:
Ignore the fact that these people are wearing masks, and they’re just a regular rock band. They even play their instruments properly.
But their fans are as pathetic as Ellegarden fans.

47 :2014/03/29(土) 14:39:39.65 ID:
These guys defeated Kyary and got the CD shop award, right?
55 :2014/03/29(土) 14:52:47.76 ID:
They’re just the same as the Beat Crusaders wearing head gears

50 :2014/03/29(土) 14:45:24.32 ID:
I wonder how old this kid is. If it’s a 15-y/o sweaty kid who already has a mustache crying “Mommy! Mommy!” then this is gross
59 :2014/03/29(土) 15:32:23.88 ID
The boy’s apparently in Jr. High already. That’s a pretty fine line.

53 :2014/03/29(土) 14:49:56.05 ID:
How did it get stolen from him during the concert?
If he just lost it while the crowd in front were moshing then this is too much.

56 :2014/03/29(土) 15:12:34.74 ID:
These guys are regulars at summer fests, but it must really stink inside those masks

58 :2014/03/29(土) 15:16:59.72 ID:
I can’t tell these members apart from one another

60 :2014/03/29(土) 15:42:11.02 ID:
Great people. Crappy music though.

62 :2014/03/29(土) 15:47:26.64 ID:
These guys, Beat Crusaders, GreeeeN, Pierrot’s masked man, and Darvish…
There are just too many guys who aren’t revealing their true faces.

67 :2014/03/29(土) 16:03:05.29 ID:
Tell me that the kid was wearing earplugs at the concert?
If not then this is a crappy parent who’s a fan of a crappy band.

71 :2014/03/29(土) 16:14:50.66 ID:
I’m amazed at the nerve of the guy who would steal it from you during a concert (LOL)
And from a kid, at that (LOL)

These people who have the tendency to steal are really sad (LOL)

73 :2014/03/29(土) 16:16:47.16 ID:
Don’t bring your kids with you at such places
75 :2014/03/29(土) 16:32:10.31 ID:
People are talking about the band's amazing way of dealing with the fan, but what will they do if a lot of other Bakatters imitate this and start saying their towels were stolen too?
They won’t be able to ignore those other requests since they already did this to one guy, right? They have to treat these fans equally.

85 :2014/03/30(日) 23:48:06.74 ID:
Their songs are just mediocre "guitar rock" songs.
So that’s the only way they can sell themselves, huh?

87 :2014/03/31(月) 00:09:51.98 ID:
My house which has all those rare goods was robbed as I was attending the concert. Give it back.
I’m expecting great compensation for this.

89 :2014/03/31(月) 05:17:37.90 ID:
This is great news.
These guys are amazing at festivals. I wanna watch them again.

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