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BABYMETAL set to perform at the Sonisphere Festival in the UK

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BABYMETAL will be participating in the Sonisphere Festival UK this July 4~6. The Sonisphere Festival was established in 2009, and will be headlined this year by Metallica, Iron Maiden, and The Prodigy. BABYMETAL will be Japan's only entry to the festival. SU-METAL comments: "I am so honored that we've been confirmed to play at the Sonisphere Festival UK." "There are so many different types of artists playing at this festival, but I hope to deliver a one of a kind, unique style metal – BABYMETAL – even to those who will be seeing us for the very first time." 

3 :2014/04/08(火) 22:34:32.95 ID:???0
SU-METAL's comment

There are so many different types of artists playing at this festival but I hope to deliver a one of a kind, unique style metal – BABYMETAL – even to those who will be seeing us for the very first time. This will be our very first time in the UK, which makes us nervous, yet excited just imagining what type of people will come and see us, what sort of show it will turn out to be, and if the audience will enjoy our show. We’ll hopefully get to see Metallica-san’s performance again after witnessing them at Summer Sonic festival in Japan which we are very excited about. We will also be having our European tour at this time and we hope to see you there!

Put your KITSUNE sing up!!

See you!!
6 :2014/04/08(火) 22:35:27.21 ID:
9 :2014/04/08(火) 22:36:01.31 ID:

12 :2014/04/08(火) 22:36:17.61 ID:
10 :2014/04/08(火) 22:36:02.10 ID:
Looks like it's their time
11 :2014/04/08(火) 22:36:06.34 ID:
Please, I beg you, stop this
13 :2014/04/08(火) 22:36:19.92 ID:
Well, Metallica are also fans of these girls
15 :2014/04/08(火) 22:36:30.58 ID:
Grade school idols are just dancing in front of a band. What kind of stealth marketing propaganda is this?

18 :2014/04/08(火) 22:37:50.41 ID:
For real?
Wow, I envy them for being able to perform alongside Maiden and Metallica.

22 :2014/04/08(火) 22:38:53.38 ID:
They're just puppets, like Kyary. They can't even write or compose their own music

32 :2014/04/08(火) 22:41:48.45 ID
And that's why they'e cute, because they're like puppets

24 :2014/04/08(火) 22:39:28.10 ID:
But it does seem like they've got the ability to gather a crowd

26 :2014/04/08(火) 22:39:56.02 ID:
Let me make a bold prediction. 2 out of these 3 girls will become AV stars in the future.
27 :2014/04/08(火) 22:40:27.23 ID:
The vocalist is an exceptionally good singer.
I don't really get the grade school dancers on either side, though w

29 :2014/04/08(火) 22:41:00.26 ID:
Looks like they gained a lot of fans at the SUMMER SONIC gig wwwwwwww
33 :2014/04/08(火) 22:42:45.18 ID:
I'm laughing at how huge the names of the other performers are
35 :2014/04/08(火) 22:43:13.56 ID:
When I see these girls, I always get this feeling that they're just being forced to do this stuff, and I feel sorry for them
39 :2014/04/08(火) 22:44:07.25 ID:
These girls are really good.
And the lead vocalist's voice and singing is remarkably good.

42 :2014/04/08(火) 22:45:16.19 ID:
They're friends with Metallica so I'm sure that they'll be safe in the UK.
44 :2014/04/08(火) 22:45:56.59 ID:
But there are a lot of Metallica fans who have no sense of humor. Will these girls be alright?
46 :2014/04/08(火) 22:46:20.84 ID:
But this group along with Pamyu Pamyu are like the biggest hits among foreigners w

55 :2014/04/08(火) 22:48:50.43 ID:
The side dancers are just a nuisance, while everything else is the real deal w
65 :2014/04/08(火) 22:52:17.47 ID:
They'll actually just transform into a sad, pathetic band without the 2 dancers on the sides

48 :2014/04/08(火) 22:47:12.14 ID:
It's the fault of those dancing grade schoolers on the side. I'm actually confused as to what their genre really is. Loli-metal?
51 :2014/04/08(火) 22:48:15.27 ID:

So "Death!" is their catch phrase, huh

63 :2014/04/08(火) 22:51:54.81 ID:
They're singing metal with that kind of vocal volume? w
Then they're just putting shame to Japan.

64 :2014/04/08(火) 22:52:00.19 ID:
Foreigners' reactions

67 :2014/04/08(火) 22:53:40.32 ID:
Dream Theater 

Iron Maiden
The Prodigy
Limp Bizkit
Sebastian Bach

Amazing lineup www

79 :2014/04/08(火) 22:55:58.87 ID:
I wonder what the other bands think about this

69 :2014/04/08(火) 22:54:31.98 ID:
Their wotas have been making noise about how they've been selling gradually, but I LOL'd when they got into the billboard for one week then immediately dropped out w

85 :2014/04/08(火) 22:57:57.10 ID:
Seems like you're a person who doesn't get what it means to be on the Billboard charts despite not having your CD released in the US
93 :2014/04/08(火) 23:00:30.22 ID
They're amazing just for that feat of making the Billboard charts. No promotions, nor any CD releases at that.
97 :2014/04/08(火) 23:01:40.58 ID
>>85, 93
LOL, you kimo-wotas are so desperate wwwwwwwww

70 :2014/04/08(火) 22:54:42.76 ID:
They're a disgrace to Japan wwwwwwwwwww
73 :2014/04/08(火) 22:55:03.08 ID:
I think they're consistent with Metallica's style. You can just treat the music and the performances as 2 different things.

74 :2014/04/08(火) 22:55:13.26 ID:
I don't see the problem here. They're just like appetizers before the main dish.

91 :2014/04/08(火) 22:59:47.49 ID:
Let's just keep Suzuka Nakamoto and the backing band, and do away with those pesky midgets. They'll definitely be more popular that way.

96 :2014/04/08(火) 23:01:24.57 ID:
That's what most people think at the beginning, and that's just natural when you're only starting to know them. Then you'll come to realize that Yui and Moa are the main essence of BABYMETAL.
100 :2014/04/08(火) 23:02:04.02 ID
That's why people are calling them a metal 'dance' unit. All 3 of them should be there.
104 :2014/04/08(火) 23:03:02.56 ID
I can't agree with you. Not having the 3 of them there is defeating the purpose of the group.
114 :2014/04/08(火) 23:04:56.11 ID:
Suzuka Nakamoto's the only one who sings. The other 2 girls are just too pesky and they get in the way.
117 :2014/04/08(火) 23:05:42.59 ID:
Try watching them live

94 :2014/04/08(火) 23:00:47.40 ID:
People like them ruin the music industry. And Metallica are all washed up so I don't care.
95 :2014/04/08(火) 23:01:11.89 ID:

108 :2014/04/08(火) 23:03:57.01 ID:
These girls should be the ones writing songs. I'm sure that they don't even like metal. They should just contend with the 3 backing members.

138 :2014/04/08(火) 23:10:49.44 ID:
YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL's composition "4 no uta" is actually a hugely popular track on the album

121 :2014/04/08(火) 23:06:39.96 ID:
I'm sure that the backing band, the manager, and the staff are the ones who are most excited about this
135 :2014/04/08(火) 23:10:06.73 ID:
Well, you can tell that they're the "proficient" type of idols, compared to the ones that we've had up to now
139 :2014/04/08(火) 23:10:50.72 ID:
Su-san's graduation

146 :2014/04/08(火) 23:11:45.38 ID:
This is a good medicine for those stupid metalheads who are purists.
158 :2014/04/08(火) 23:14:17.84 ID:
People should actually be more concerned about Japan's non-existent metal scene
174 :2014/04/08(火) 23:16:44.10 ID:
Amazing. I'm not really interested in this, but I'm so jealous.

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