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Haruma Miura cast to play the lead in the live action version of Shingeki no Kyojin

1: 2014/04/03(木) 10:12:17.64 ID:???0
(Partial translation)

Haruma Miura (23) has been cast to play the lead role in the live action adaptation of Shingeki no Kyojin (2015). He will be playing the role of the protagonist who will fight against the titans who possess massive power. They are still in preparation for filming which will start in summer. The story will also be including original elements. Details are still under wraps, but this just might turn into Miura's biggest role yet.

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3: 2014/04/03(木) 10:13:24.65 ID:
Yeah, sure.

This isn't about Miura. They should really stop turning it into live action.

5: 2014/04/03(木) 10:13:46.96 ID:
There are times when Haruma Miura looks like Hairi Katagiri
8: 2014/04/03(木) 10:14:40.87 ID:
A Japanese shouldn't be cast here
9: 2014/04/03(木) 10:14:44.70 ID:
The only person I can think of who's suited to play the role of Mikasa is that girl who's more important than a friend...
11: 2014/04/03(木) 10:15:42.70 ID:
Smells like a bigger fail than GANTZ
13: 2014/04/03(木) 10:16:59.23 ID:
If they wanted to make a live action version, they should've settled for a commercial with Akiko Wada instead
15: 2014/04/03(木) 10:17:32.06 ID:
Live action adaptations are a joke anyways so anything's fine w
17: 2014/04/03(木) 10:17:35.92 ID:
Ahh--- now it just flopped
20: 2014/04/03(木) 10:18:39.67 ID:
I guess we can allow Japanese guys to play Eren and Levi, but they need to cast halfies for Christa and Annie
34: 2014/04/03(木) 10:21:42.92 ID:
Dirty-haired DQNs will do
26: 2014/04/03(木) 10:20:06.16 ID:
32:2014/04/03(木) 10:21:23.80 ID:
27: 2014/04/03(木) 10:20:07.83 ID:
But making live action versions of manga is boring...
29: 2014/04/03(木) 10:20:49.77 ID:
It's just a boring manga with a good anime opening, right?

33: 2014/04/03(木) 10:21:42.46 ID
A waste of money.

Why would Japanese adapt a fantasy story set in the middle ages that's filled with the German language?
The guys who thought of this must really be stupid. Then why not change this into Japanese style?

The Japanese movie industry really is shi+.
36: 2014/04/03(木) 10:22:05.42 ID:
Megocchi as Mikasa
37: 2014/04/03(木) 10:22:12.54 ID:
It's also been decided that Hiroshi Abe will be playing the titan
43: 2014/04/03(木) 10:23:25.55 ID:
Haruma Miura honestly doesn't look all that. He's not what you'd exactly call an ikemen. He's also a bad actor.
51: 2014/04/03(木) 10:25:39.98 ID:
Things will now depend on who's cast as Mikasa
53: 2014/04/03(木) 10:26:12.27 ID:
Haruma Miura as a titan, huh...
Well, I guess you can say that he looks the part.
55: 2014/04/03(木) 10:26:42.80 ID:
Just make sure to cast either Ai Hashimoto or Kasumi Arimura as Mikasa
56: 2014/04/03(木) 10:26:45.88 ID:
Let Germans make the thing already

59: 2014/04/03(木) 10:27:21.13 ID:
I guess this is fine, the original isn't that good anyway
60: 2014/04/03(木) 10:27:27.34 ID:
Looks like they're pumped up and ready to flop
65: 2014/04/03(木) 10:28:26.78 ID:
Ariyoshi as Levi, huh
68: 2014/04/03(木) 10:28:58.09 ID:
IIRC, Mikasa's mom is the only Asian, right? And since she's of a rare race, she was about to be sold away, right?
75: 2014/04/03(木) 10:30:36.17 ID:
I get a feeling that they'll earn a bigger profit if they made an animated movie instead
78: 2014/04/03(木) 10:31:22.82 ID:
So Haruma Miura will be eaten by the titan and get squished, huh. 

Rather, it won't be interesting if they don't do that, but it will be too grotesque if they do.

Might be a good idea if they combined CG titans with live action, but if they can't make the eating scenes realistically then they'll just be destroying it. It'll just be 3rd-rate.
80: 2014/04/03(木) 10:31:47.74 ID:
It'll most definitely just end up like Gatchaman
84: 2014/04/03(木) 10:32:10.37 ID:
A Shingeki no Kyojin filled with Japanese people wearing blonde wigs w
And then Gouriki to be cast as Mikasa.

I guess that's fine like that.
Just make sure not to use Hiroyuki Sawano for the music.
86: 2014/04/03(木) 10:32:44.94 ID:
Which means that Haruma Miura will be totally naked, huh
87: 2014/04/03(木) 10:32:49.95 ID:
No problem here since I've never had hopes for this from the start anyway w
I wouldn't even mind it if the cast was entirely composed of Johnny's and AKB www
89: 2014/04/03(木) 10:33:14.54 ID:
Haruma as Eren? Isn't he too old?
92: 2014/04/03(木) 10:34:18.06 ID:

97: 2014/04/03(木) 10:35:07.82 ID:
Must be a late April Fool's joke.


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