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Top 5 reasons bands break up that sound fake (mynavi woman)

1: 2014/04/06(日) 19:23:46.38 ID
Q. Which break-up reason sounds like the biggest lie?

1. Creative/musical differences (50.8%) 
2. Members wanting to pursue their own paths (10.3%)
3. A positive decision of calling it quits after giving thorough consideration (9.3%)
4. Accomplished everything (6.2%)
5. To try and explore newer possibilities (5.3%)

* Creative/musical differences
- "I think these members were already aware of each other's musical preferences before joining the band." (35/M)
- "I want to start questioning them if this isn't about private matters with other members." (28/F)
- "I don't think a band will split up just because of musical differences." (31/F)

* Others
- "If the band really has accomplished everything then all the fans would understand and accept the decision, but I've never heard of an instance like that, ever." (24/F)
- "Wanting to pursue his own path also looks to me like he's not getting along with the other members." (30/F)
- " 'A positive decision of calling it quits after giving thorough consideration' sounds like a married couple's reason for divorce, I think most of these cases have gotten pretty ugly and are beyond repair." (36/F)

Period: 2014/3/5 ~ 2014/3/13
Respondents: Male - 213, Female - 348

2 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:25:12.18 ID:
I think it’s mostly money issues or human relations (between men and women) most of the time.
6 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:27:52.85 ID:
Difference in religious beliefs
7 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:28:18.65 ID:
I think 'creative differences' is actually another way of one member telling the others that “You guys suck”
11 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:30:14.38 ID:
Precisely this

8 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:28:37.36 ID:
They couldn't settle on a proper way of dividing their profits
10 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:30:05.93 ID:
But I do think that creative differences actually exist.
14 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:31:58.63 ID:
For some reason, I can’t trust long-lasting bands who have been on good terms all this time.
13 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:30:47.59 ID:
The divorce reason “incompatible personalities” also sounds fake to me
17 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:33:28.96 ID:
Creative / musical differences (mostly about money or women)
19 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:34:08.38 ID:
It’s the same as lying about your reason for quitting your job.
It all boils down to your interpersonal relationships or the way you’re being treated.

22 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:35:11.74 ID:
I do think that there are bands who originally had musical differences at the beginning, but were able to cover it up with them being friends with one another; and when the relationships sour, they’d go on to disband.
23 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:36:10.34 ID:
I also think that there are a lot of times when the other members can’t stand how lame the vocalist is
24 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:36:41.81 ID:
Because the vocalist wants to go solo
25 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:36:53.57 ID:
Dissatisfaction towards the share that each one gets from royalties and such.
It also happens when all the other members proceed to attack the single member who holds all the rights and authorities of hiring and firing members.

26 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:37:15.95 ID:
When it’s only the vocalist who has the highest income
28 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:37:45.17 ID:
Musical and creative differences might sound fake, but think about it. If you were in a gathering of wotas who like moe~ animes, and you suddenly switch allegiances to robot animes and lose interest in moe~, then you won’t be able to join the others’ conversations, right?
Just translate that situation into a band and that’s how they split up.

30 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:38:28.23 ID:
Because suddenly, the backing band becomes a hindrance to the vocalist when they make their major label debut
31 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:38:48.98 ID:
I find it seriously funny though when they start talking about creative differences after 20 years of playing together
37 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:42:46.57 ID:
???: “We’re splitting up because of our sibling rivalry”

40 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:45:33.25 ID:
When the vocalist is selfish despite being bad...
42 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:46:34.52 ID:
Members suddenly leaving the group is mostly because of drugs
49 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:49:16.52 ID:
Bands who are carried by one prominent figure like BUMP or The Pillows have lasted pretty long, though
52 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:49:46.63 ID:
If we’re talking about clichés,
then it’s when the drummer leaves the group and they can’t find a replacement

57 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:51:44.98 ID:
When the member’s part-time job becomes their full-time job and couldn't participate in tours
64 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:54:09.09 ID:
Reason for their reunion: “We need money”
71 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:57:19.95 ID:
1. Because it’s just the leader who’s earning a lot
2. Because there’s a member that I hate
3. Because the leader and one member of the backing band has a thing going on between them (one is female), and it’s annoying
4. Because we’re not as popular as we used to be and we’ve lost a lot of projects
5. We just grew tired of it all

94 : 2014/04/06(日) 20:07:31.05 ID:
I don’t think that growing tired of it all is just 5th. Isn’t that supposed to be 1st?

73 : 2014/04/06(日) 19:59:39.99 ID
When the vocalist sleeps with the lone woman in the group

75 : 2014/04/06(日) 20:01:01.52 ID:
Are there bands that have only 1 female member who isn’t the vocalist?
80 : 2014/04/06(日) 20:02:15.44 ID:
84 : 2014/04/06(日) 20:04:22.57 ID:
The drummer also sings for Hormone

76 : 2014/04/06(日) 20:01:15.68 ID:
I’m pretty sure that these band breakup reasons are similar to divorce reasons
86 : 2014/04/06(日) 20:04:54.62 ID:
It can’t be helped if there are ego clashes among members which lead to breakup, but they all reunite for the sake of money...
99 : 2014/04/06(日) 20:08:49.42 ID:
Because 3 of the 4 band members slept with the same woman (voice actress)
103 : 2014/04/06(日) 20:10:20.90 ID:
I don’t want to see TOKIO splitting up.
I don’t really care about their songs, but I wouldn't want DASH to end.

105 : 2014/04/06(日) 20:12:05.06 ID:
They’ll probably fight with one another over which to choose, the island or the village
120 : 2014/04/06(日) 20:20:49.11 ID:
It really feels awkward when you call TOKIO a band. Aren't they an idol group?
121 : 2014/04/06(日) 20:23:01.67 ID:
It actually feels more awkward to call TOKIO as an idol group w
165 : 2014/04/06(日) 21:14:14.23 ID:
Let’s just call them farmers, then

104 : 2014/04/06(日) 20:11:09.15 ID:
I remember someone saying that breakup concerts aren't done by bands who really don’t get along that well with one another.
So if those differences are so petty that they can still manage to hold a final gig, then why don’t they just make amends with one another and soldier on?

113 : 2014/04/06(日) 20:18:04.44 ID:
Bands who split up saying that they have nothing more to offer, or they're already past their best and it’s impossible to exceed their past accomplishments are cool
114 : 2014/04/06(日) 20:18:30.26 ID:
One’s musical taste really does change over time.
I know a lot of people who started playing the guitar because of X Japan and B’z 20 years ago, then only listen to jazz fusion stuff these days.

124 : 2014/04/06(日) 20:25:46.77 ID:
Most bands who have been in the business for a long time pretty much have members who pursue their personal solo projects, and I do think that creative and musical differences exist.
I’m sure that there’s also a difference between the things that one wants to do and what is required of the band.

126 : 2014/04/06(日) 20:29:15.03 ID:
I’m sure that there are a lot of things that go on, like the guitarist asking for more parts to showcase his talent, or other members wanting to make ballads that would be a hit among the fans...
142 : 2014/04/06(日) 20:43:11.93 ID:
I’m amazed at MisChil who haven’t been calling it quits, despite all the other members just dragging down the vocalist. I guess it’s because the vocalist perseveres with the band.
And because they’re having stable earnings, the other members just don’t seem like they’re aspiring to get better.

150 : 2014/04/06(日) 20:50:55.41 ID:
Even if these members have musical differences, they’re all aspiring for the same thing, right?
162 : 2014/04/06(日) 21:11:59.60 ID:
Money or women.
It’s not just with bands, this is mostly the reason why relationships in general turn sour.

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