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How Captain Tsubasa and other sports mangas have influenced Japanese sports

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The Japanese comic world has indeed played a major role in promoting sports, and its influence is boundless. Many people truly believe that Captain Tsubasa, among others, has helped enlighten the public and develop what was then a sport that was relatively minor in Japan -- soccer.

Japanese sports comics are generally divided into two, "ball games" and "combative sports", with the mangas Kyojin no Hoshi (baseball) and Ashita no Joe (boxing) starting the trend.

Japan has a lot of baseball and soccer comics, followed by tennis with titles such as Aozora Standby, Prince of Tennis and Sho no Densetsu. These led to the emergence of tennis players such as Shuzo Matsuoka, Kimiko Date-Krumm, and Kei Nishikori.
For badminton, there's Ichiban!!, Yamato no hane, and Smash!
Volleyball has Perfect Match and Attack No.1, while basketball not only has Slam Dunk, but also HI5, DRAGON JAM, and BUZZER BEATER.


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Is Yasutaka Nakata, the brain behind Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, a genius?

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Normal people wouldn't be able to create the likes of "Chocolate Disco", Mojipittan, and "Invader Invader", right?

Aki Maeda: "I hope to finally settle down once I meet someone nice"

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Actress Aki Maeda was at Osaka's Tenmangu shirne for the Tenjin Plum Blossom Festival on the 25th. When Maeda was asked as to what luck she would like to ask for, she said: "I would like to finally meet someone nice soon". "After my sister (Ai Maeda) gave birth to her boys, she's always seemed happy when she spends time with them, and I thought that it was so nice. I'd like to experience that too someday."

Singer/songwriter yui rushed to the hospital, has panic disorder?

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Vocalist/guitarist yui of rock band FLOWER FLOWER was secretly admitted to a hospital in the middle of January.

yui announced her hiatus in November of 2012, stating that "I feel that I've reached my limit. I think that I've come all the way to the point where I can't even stand up nor walk anymore. I just don't want to show everyone a broken me". But YUI changed her official name to yui in May last year and resumed her musical activities. She was even at COUNTDOWN JAPAN 13/14, which seemingly marked her official comeback, but what has happened to her? A music industry insider has this to say:

"She was recently told by the doctor that she possibly has 'panic disorder', and was even prescribed with tranquilizers. She mistakenly took these with wine which muddled her consciousness, and she was taken to the hospital via an ambulance. Her mother and her boyfriend were with her at her home. Her boyfriend, whom her mother approves of, is a band member, and was in the ambulance together with her to the hospital."

yui was discharged the following day, but according to an insider, "She was very busy around the New Year, but luckily, she's been on a break since we entered 2014. This didn't hamper any of her current projects, and she's been recuperating at home since the incident. They were not yet aware of the medication which led to her confinement, but she's been able to calm down while being supported by her boyfriend and her mother".


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How does Arashi's Sho Sakurai view the world?

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Member of the national idol group
Overwhelming name value and popularity
Approximately earning \300 million a year
Graduate of Keio University, an intelligent person with high academic background 

He probably thinks that you guys are lower than trash.

Ayame Gouriki to lend her voice to the upcoming PreCure movie

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It was announced on the 1st All Japan Biseijo contest (lit. Beautiful girls with beautiful voices) on the 26th that actress Ayame Gouriki will also be taking part in the upcoming Eiga PreCure All Stars New Stage 3 ~Eien no Tomodachi~ (to be shown on March 15). Gouriki will be in it together with the winner of the contest, but the role that she will be voicing still hasn't been confirmed. "I have had little experience with voice acting, but I would like to do my best together with the winner".

Gouriki's agency Oscar Promotion, in cooperation with the seiyuu agency Aoni Production, made the 1st Japan Biseijo contest possible. 14,434 total participants entered the contest, and the final 12 were in Tokyo for the finals. The guest judges were actresses Gouriki, Rei Kikukawa, and voice actors Masako Nozawa and Toru Furuya.

Past heroines of the PreCure series will be in the movie Eiga PreCure All Stars New Stage 3 ~Eien no Tomodachi~, and will be the final installment of the All Stars New Stage series. Apart from Gouriki; Nozawa, the contest winner Miyu Tsuji, and runners-up Mie Takahashi, Rie Hanafusa, and Nanami Yoshimura will also be in the movie. Nozawa will be voicing the monster Akumuju.


Athletes and the English language: Where did Keisuke Honda improve his English?

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"I understand my situation. And I think everybody expects a lot from me."

Keisuke Honda, who joined AC Milan on the 5th of January, answered the club's official interview in fluent English. He always asks questions about the things that are unclear to him, and makes sure to grasp the gist and provide his answer.

Tadashi Yasuda, author of the book Learn English like the Indians!, has this to say about Honda:
"Honda looked extremely confident with his English in that 5-minute interview. I can imagine that he's really skilled with the language. Though I can't say that he has a rich vocabulary, he was able to express his feelings and use the common answers like, "I'm so happy to come here", and even used 'because' and 'so' afterwards to further expound on that. "

Honda has been studying English ever since he was in the J-League because he always dreamed of playing overseas. His English skills drastically improved when he moved to play in the Netherlands when he was 21.
"Holland isn't in the Anglosphere, but it's a very rare case wherein about 80% of the population can communicate in English. Honda was able to answer interviews in broken English even when he was still with his team back in 2008. He even studied the language properly with the English instructor that the club prepared for him, even after training sessions. This is where his English improved". - (Europe-based journalist)

Honda also used English heavily with CSKA Moscow, which lucky for him, was a club with a lot of different nationalities. 
He talked to them in English during the match, and would answer Russian interviews through an English interpreter. 

But Honda still needs to learn Italian if he wants to succeed, like Hidetoshi Nakata who's always compared to him. 

Nakata learned the language in the blink of an eye following his transfer to the Serie A.


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Otaku (38) to AKB's Karen Iwata (15): "Please marry me" → gets turned down → Ota sues AKB management

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Karen Iwata's fan Hidenobu Onishi

I just filed a lawsuit on 1/21. I brought up various facts, but the bottomline here is that I want to prove in this trial that they (AKS) have a relatively evil business model by forcing the member to treat the fans who have become extremely close friends with the member harshly so that the fans will change their "oshi".

By the way, I spilled the beans about the wrongdoings of Hitachi, but I still got dismissed for disciplinary reasons, and previously filed this lawsuit:
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Director Rupert Sanders on the helm for the Hollywood version of GHOST IN THE SHELL

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According to Deadline, director Rupert Sanders of Snow White and the Huntsman fame has been appointed to direct the Hollywood adaptation of Masamune Shirou (manga) and Mamoru Oshii's (anime) GHOST IN THE SHELL.

GHOST IN THE SHELL (Kōkaku Kidōtai) was an SF anime movie shown in 1995 set in the future which told the story of the fictional counter-cyberterrorist organization Public Security Section 9, led by protagonist Major Motoko Kusanagi and their investigation of the international fugitive, the Puppet Master. This movie was a hit both in Japan and internationally, and is even said to have lit the flame of the Japanese Anime boom that followed. This was also serialized later on.

Sanders made his feature film debut in 2012's Snow White and the Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron. This movie was nominated for best costume design and best visual effects at the Academy Awards.

The rights to produce the live action film was acquired by DreamWorks in 2008. It was announced that Ari Arad (Spiderman), Avi Arad (Ironman) and Steven Paul (Ghostrider) would be producing while William Wheeler (The Hoax) was originally tasked to make the screenplay, but the project went silent soon after.


Emi Takei denies liking "carnivorous men", as written in her Wikipedia

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Actress Emi Takei (20) was in Tokyo for the "Hatachi no kenketsu campaign" press conference.
When asked about the anecdote in her Wikipedia that she "likes carnivorous men" she laughed it off and said, "That's a lie! I like bright and cheerful guys. Someone who's kind and considers his partner".

When radio DJ Shu Yamamoto who was also onstage asked Takei about her type, she said, "It'd make me happy if the guy puts himself aside and tells me 'everything's alright' whenever I'm troubled". Yamamoto followed it up by saying, "I see, so the one written in your Wikipedia that says you like carnivorous men,  that's false?", Takei replied, "That's a lie! But of course I like cool guys...".

Takei turned 20 on Christmas Eve and commented on this. "I feel like my world just suddenly spread out wide after turning 20. I've been living at home with my family, but I'd like to try living alone and even travel alone to increase my life experience".

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So Haruma Miura's really an ikemen? wwwww

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How can you say that he's an ikemen when he only achieved that level through plastic surgery? But you can see that kind of face easily among the general public.

NMB48 Sayaka Yamamoto's "get us wasted" comment gets mixed reactions

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Sayaka Yamamoto's comments last January 13 for AKB's Coming of Age Day ceremony drew mixed reactions from the public. When she was asked about her thoughts on being able to drink alcohol now that she's become an adult, Yamamoto said: "Our senpais did say that 'we're going to have to get these new adults wasted', so I'm preparing for that".

On the reader's column "koe" of Asahi Shinbun published on the 20th, there was a comment there that was made about Yamamoto's statement entitled "[Getting wasted] worried as to how that will be done". The contributor talked about the hazards of being dependent on alcohol and also went on to say, "It seemed to me that these idols are too careless with their comments. To think that they have a huge influence on the youth".

Because of this, various opinion have been voiced out on the Internet, as some fans have defended Yamamoto by saying, "This person is worrying too much", "Don't take it seriously", while others said, "If she's aware that she's a part of this national idol group then she shouldn't have said that", "It's fine when you talk like this amongst yourselves, but it's a different case when you say this to the media, and during the seijin-shiki at that".

TMR Takanori Nishikawa talks passionately about anime at "Anime Mirai 2014"

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The Agency for Cultural Affairs' animator development project Anime Mirai 2014 had a talk show on the 22nd, as the event's public relations ambassador T.M. Revolution - Takanori Nishikawa was on hand to talk about and discuss the future possibilities of anime.

The Anime Mirai project, which kicked off in 2010, called for original animated features from anime production houses within the country. The 4 companies which were selected will then proceed to develop their animators with potential for the future and create an original short-featured anime. This year, Ultra Super Pictures, A-1 Pictures, Shinei Animation, and STUDIO4℃ were chosen, and are currently working diligently on the project.

Nishikawa, a huge anime fan, talked about Kuro no su -Chronos-, which is animator Naoyuki Onda's first shot at directing an anime: "Onda-san has worked on the animation for all these historical animes from Sunrise. Of the recent ones, I especially loved Psycho-Pass. It was a work of art.". As Nishikawa started to talk in detail about the anime, Nishikawa told the people in attendance who were not able to follow his talk: "I'm getting so happy and worked up just talking about anime. You guys are too quiet!".

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Gokusen actors who became successful www

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Part 1 
Jun Matsumoto
Yusuke Kamiji
Hiroki Narimiya
Shun Oguri
Kenichi Matsuyama

Part 2
Kazuya Kamenashi
Teppei Koike
Hiro Mizushima
Mokomichi Hayami
Jin Akanishi

Part 3
Haruma Miura

Uhmmm, this is...

Reina Triendl vs. Akemi Darenogare wwwwww

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~At a fashion show~

Dare: "Hey girl, you shouldn't be passing through the middle."
Trie: "'Ya said somethin'? How long have you been in the industry?"
Dare: "2 months."
Trie: "I'm your senpai, you hear me?" (intimidating)
Dare: "Oh, a senpai who doesn't even know how to walk properly." (chuckles)
Trie: "...Remember this, bi+ch."
Dare: "I'll definitely talk about you when I make my TV debut."

Pu$$ies really are scary. (affirmed)

Episode 2 of Ashita, Mama ga inai's ratings drop by 0.5 to 13.5%

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Episode 2 of NTV's Ashita, Mama ga inai (Wed-10pm) got 13.5%, 0.5% lower than Episode 1's 14.0%.


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SEGA's Nagoshi: "Japan should be proud that games where you kill people haven't gotten major"

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SEGA's Nagoshi
"I personally don't think that I can, and will be able to, take the enjoyment of 'killing' and 'committing crimes' positively. America is pretty open-minded with those kinds of games, but that's not the case in Japan. This is something Japan should be proud of."

AKB48 to form a new "Team 8", to kick off in March and make their theater debut in August

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AKB48 announced that they will be forming their 5th team called "Team 8" at the presscon prior to the AKB Request Hour Setlist Best 100, held on the 23rd of January. The new team will not consist of trainees and existing members. Instead, Fuji TV and the various TV stations from the 47 prefectures in Japan will hold a nationwide audition, as 1 representative from each prefecture will form the group (A total of 47 people).

AKB has always had the concept of "idols you can meet", but this new team will be "idols who will come to meet you" as they will be travelling around the nation to meet their fans.

They will be kicking off their activities at Akihabara's AKB48 Theater, and will be making their rounds to perform all around the nation, and increase the amount of provincial tours. This "come to meet you" concept is supported by Toyota, a first time for AKB where a team will be fully supported by a corporation.

General Manager Minami Takahashi comments: "AKB48 definitely needs to inject some fresh, new blood. I want girls to try and make that step forward and grab this opportunity. Together, let's all deliver smiles to the people". Team K captain Yuko Oshima comments: "As we will literally be gathering the best from all over the nation, I hope this will help rouse up Japan as a country".