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Mirai Shida releases her first photo book

1: 三毛猫φ ★ 2014/01/12(日) 14:48:30.33 ID:???0
Actress Mirai Shida (20), who wore a kimono to the launch of her photo book Arigato, explained the reason behind the title: "It's my way of expressing gratitude to my parents and my agency who have raised me up to now that I'm 20", as tears suddenly started falling down from her eyes. The reporters also looked baffled, but Shida followed this up with: "My tears have been pretty shallow these days... I never thought that I would still be working in this industry until I'm 20... I'm truly grateful."

Shida who has been in the industry since she was 6 says: "I feel that I still have a long way to go. I don't even have that feeling of reality that I'm an actress. I'm just doing this because I love acting...". When asked about which project has been the most memorable for her, she answered her first serial drama Joou no Kyoushitsu, which was when she was only in 6th grade. She comments: "As a gradeschooler, I did get to understand how difficult it was to make one drama in the span of 3 months. I don't really have a set objective in the future. I just want to cherish whatever it is that I have now. I want to take better responsibility".

On the other hand, she also expressed that she would want to fall in love. "But I know that it's not something that can easily be done by just wishing for it. I would like a gentle person who shares the same interests with me. Someone like Hiroshi in Crayon Shin-chan". She also continues, "I want to be a housewife. I've always looked up to mothers. I always wanted to get married by the time I turn 24, but 26 isn't bad too". And when she was asked if she'd still want to continue to work as an actress even after getting married, she laughed and brushed it off by saying "I haven't thought that far yet".

1: 三毛猫φ ★ 2014/01/12(日) 14:48:30.33 ID:???0

5: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 14:49:57.96 ID:qXcIwfpH0
She's really cute
6: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 14:50:14.57 ID:NycZP0A3O
So she's 20 now.
Time really flies by so fast.
9: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 14:51:20.57 ID:w8J6tR8jO
And the girl who leaked at Joou no Kyoushitsu is already 20...
10: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 14:51:31.16 ID:E8+JljCr0
There's a possibility that these tears by actresses are just some sort of act.
Even Ayase's tears at the Kouhaku were pretty suspicious.
12: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 14:51:52.83 ID:iUcIhnMY0
She's only 20?
15: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 14:52:39.04 ID:iUcIhnMY0
But if she's below 150cm, then it would be pretty tough to continue as an actress once you're over 20
19: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 14:52:57.35 ID:mk6DnxU20
She's really cute, but I hope that she finds herself a good man, get married, and be a loving wife.
22: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 14:53:12.29 ID:iAapoHUD0
She'll have her problems as a mature actress, especially if she's this small
30: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 14:55:46.98 ID:l5W29MMh0
She's only 20!? She's been around for quite a while, and I thought that she was around 24 or 25 already.
37: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 14:58:06.38 ID:hF.TK2Vhb0
It's like the Shichi-go-san 
39: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 14:58:14.42 ID:pjxmA+gE0
She's one of the good ones, but she's now just become ordinary
43: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 14:58:41.87 ID:o96Nf6810
I honestly thought she was approaching 30 already. Looks like she has some auntie extracts in her.
44: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 14:58:50.17 ID:JtTIiu6Q0
Once you become an adult, your face stretches vertically and you lose the cuteness you had when you were a kid
50: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 15:00:20.21 ID:hvIgvCCU0
So her name is read as "Mirai", huh? That's the first time I knew about it.
51: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 15:00:27.03 ID:y8v36xRV0
She really grew up cutely, and is definitely one of the winners among those who were child actors
53: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 15:01:22.06 ID:sWkRuOb50
This might be rude, but she looks a bit old
56: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 15:02:17.31 ID:WSCa9fET0
I've always had an image that she and Ryunosuke Kamiki were like a package deal, but they were only together in Tantei Gakuen Q.
57: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 15:02:30.61 ID:wnmFmaTA0
When Shida went to Disneyland in France on Another Sky, I LOL'd when she was hit on by a French gradeschooler who came with the Japanese kid from there w
115: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 15:31:38.76 ID:YAh5pxab0
To think that she actually went there to try and become a mature woman w
61: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 15:03:10.00 ID:MKv/C/jCP
The pictures don't look too good, but this girl never deteriorates
62: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 15:03:49.39 ID:Rl13ueSC0
She's got the spirit for a character actress, but she hasn't been blessed with projects
65: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 15:05:06.58 ID:q1OIMEx90
Well, it's not as if they're selling her because of her looks
70: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 15:08:13.37 ID:dYgDj0zR0
But there's a limit to being too cute!!
76: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 15:10:42.01 ID:bXVvG0i70

Her face puffed up a bit. This is just about right, though.
I hope she marries a rich guy and retire from the entertainment industry.
83: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 15:13:32.51 ID:CNaF5jyy0
These veterans who have been in the industry since they were kids all feel like: "Eh? They're still that young?"
98: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 15:24:19.59 ID:Gj2fYz9n0
There are a lot of former child actors who are small.
It seems that their development is hampered once they experience the same amount of stress an adult does while they're still kids.
Even for normal kids, their height grows the most during summer vacation.
That's how bad stress is to kids.
105: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 15:28:23.56 ID:2vpaJO4d0
It's actually really likable how she's not forcing herself at all, and she's really cute. But no matter how you look at it, she still looks like shichi-go-san ww 
111: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 15:30:36.25 ID:Y6dfXxLD0
She's really a good actress. She'd fit any role she's asked to play.
I think a police woman, or a teacher would be good.
113: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 15:30:50.24 ID:cANmvYhY0
Does she have any sexy photos? There's no point in having these wholesome, childlike photographs forever.
122: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 15:34:48.49 ID:DnXg+D470
Maybe she won't look sexy even if you take her photo that way?
128: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 15:35:56.07 ID:om2Ci4fn0
Well, it depends on how each individual sees it, but that is slightly true.
Her skin is white so just a little bit of exposure on her side can make the people look at her go "Oh!".
132: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 15:37:20.86 ID:6eQJ7BaW0
124: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/01/12(日) 15:34:57.57 ID:/+obSatO0
She looks cute in the pictures, but she really shows off her presence when she acts.
And amidst all these actors who seem so dumb, I like her since she seems smart.

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