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AKB's Minami Takahashi and her mature arguments at a debate on NHK

1: 匿名 2014/01/12(日) 16:29:20
(Partial translation)
AKB48's general manager Minami Takahashi took part in the debate with the theme "The young generation now do not have dreams?" and started off with the words: "I personally think that the 'start button' of your life and ultimately your future will drastically change depending on the adults you become acquainted with".

She looked back at the time when she just joined AKB when all the members were worried as they could not see any future, nor where they were headed to. She continued that this was the time when AKB48's general producer Yasushi Akimoto told them, "Let's participate in NHK's Kouhaku Uta Gassen", "Let's perform at the Budoukan" -- huge goals which she she said "gave them the drive to persevere".

"We got encouraged by the words the adults gave us on our way to those goals and made us go, 'I see!'. Some people will break when they meet adults who tell them they're 'no good', and in contrast, people will grow further if they're told 'you can do it'."

When they started tackling the theme about employment issues, a studio participant said that: "It's easier for young people to break down when you make them do difficult jobs", to which Takahashi sympathized by saying, "I know that there are a lot of young people who have a hard time continuing their jobs", especially after seeing such people at her handshake events.

Takahashi mentioned that the young people would tell her, "I started a new job, but it's so tough", and "I'm thinking of quitting my job", to which she would usually respond and cheer them up by saying, "No, that's not good".

From these experiences, Takahashi gave her tough opinion on the youth today by stating: "Work is not something that you can easily obtain, and results won't come unless you keep at it. I really think that there are a lot of young people right now who can't move forward unless you give them a nudge on their backs".


1: 匿名 2014/01/12(日) 16:29:20

10:公共放送名無しさん:2014/01/11(土) 19:49:21.58:fHrlmX0H
She's got the conversational skills, and if you just take a look at that, you can see that she's actually suited for a government position
11:公共放送名無しさん:2014/01/11(土) 19:49:31.73:ujMcFk9u
Dave's rebuttal is strange www
13:公共放送名無しさん:2014/01/11(土) 19:52:05.95:ujMcFk9u
Well, it wasn't that mature
17:公共放送名無しさん:2014/01/11(土) 19:56:27.62:Gyr8ZbMZ
She even gives life counseling?
24:公共放送名無しさん:2014/01/11(土) 20:01:39.29:ujMcFk9u
It's NHK, must be according to the script
27:公共放送名無しさん:2014/01/11(土) 20:03:46.86:/1glASyJ
So the bottomline here is
that Yasushi Akimoto is her example of a good adult...
71:公共放送名無しさん:2014/01/11(土) 20:42:37.18:SJWpNOzW
And TakaMina is the one who summarized the show?
74:公共放送名無しさん:2014/01/11(土) 20:43:38.74:mb7HkhcV
It just ended where you actually don't know why TakaMina was invited to the show
79:公共放送名無しさん:2014/01/11(土) 20:44:28.24:rUOE4nLi
Well, probably because TakaMina is their representative of someone who gets along well with the adult world
76:公共放送名無しさん:2014/01/11(土) 20:44:03.89:ppZUwG3T
The debate, as expected, did not reach a conclusion but TakaMina was cute 
78:公共放送名無しさん:2014/01/11(土) 20:44:19.26:dBC5RjKe
What she said was amazing but if her example is Akimoto-san, then...
82:公共放送名無しさん:2014/01/11(土) 20:46:35.10:eSqBy0nK

People really do develop when you experience a lot of different things and meet a lot of different people when you're young. It will depend on you if you can turn these experiences and encounters into something positive.

I don't really like AKB, but I think this was good.
84:公共放送名無しさん:2014/01/11(土) 20:48:42.14:/6j0vVf9
Well, I didn't have a character this firm when I was 22
637:名無しさん@実況は禁止です:2014/01/11(土) 20:45:11.62:kuWnlbnn0
It's over.
The debate was pretty hard, but she did well amidst that.
But dang, she really was like the 'flower' of that studio!
639:名無しさん@実況は禁止です:2014/01/11(土) 20:47:21.68:KgRKNSk20
Takamina's so mature.
Must've been hard but good work.
654:名無しさん@実況は禁止です:2014/01/11(土) 21:00:42.41:nWn+ivgT0
So TakaMina's dissatisfied with the present, huh?
She really has the aspiration to improve.
658:名無しさん@実況は禁止です:2014/01/11(土) 21:04:12.30:6saW6QXk0
This made me feel relieved.
664:名無しさん@実況は禁止です:2014/01/11(土) 21:17:38.02:I4pwTpbo0
Takamina was sitting with the young ones, but her thought process was entirely an adult's w
665:名無しさん@実況は禁止です:2014/01/11(土) 21:18:32.19:kuWnlbnn0
Well, she's the most mature in AKB after all

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