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Results of the 1st MAJI DE!? Awards

(This is NOT a 2ch thread)

From 5th November to 23rd December 2013, マジで!? MAJI DE!? ran polls to determine your favorites in the world of Japanese entertainment and pop culture.

Rena Nounen, the girl with communication disorder

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So cute


Do you guys find Ai Tominaga beautiful?

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It's a mystery


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Arashi's average height wwwwwww

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EXILE HIRO's "100 'pistons' in 1 minute" (Shuukan Jitsuwa)

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NSFW content. Read at your own risk.

Source: http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/7608457/


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Goodbye duck mouth, say hello to Kappa mouth and Usa-chan face

1: キン肉バスター(WiMAX) 2013/12/23(月) 11:41:25.54 ID:+/GjOCrlP
Even women's faces become fads, and the current "in" thing right now is the "kappa mouth".

This apparently refers to making a V-shaped mouth with one's lips slightly tucked in, as Amachan star Rena Nounen is the one who's best known for this. Thanks to Nounen's popularity, this sort of face has also gathered attention with people saying: "The V-shaped mouth is so cute", "She looks like a kappa".

And the times have now switched from the duck mouth to the kappa mouth.

The duck mouth was the previous trend, which actresses Aya Ueto, Yuriko Yoshitaka, and ex-AKB48 member Tomomi Itano were known for. This was particularly popular with the men who called it "sexy" and was a sensation.

And as all of these duck mouth pictures were being taken, people have started seeing this phenomenon as something "unnatural".

On the other hand, the kappa mouth gives off an innocent and child-like vibe (for the time being), unlike the crooked feel that the duck mouth gives off. It's still too early to say that the kappa mouth has entirely replaced the duck mouth, but it has slowly gained popularity thanks to the cute Nounen, so adult women might be better off staying away from this.

Apart from Nounen, there's also Reina Triendl who does the kappa mouth a lot. Both of them appeal to the public with their innocent looks.



These are the current faces that are "in!" For the kappa mouth, there's Rena Nounen (top left) and Reina Triendl (Top right).

The "Usa-chan face" are Masami Nagasawa, Mayuko Kawakita, and Kasumi Arimura. Both Nounen and Triendl also fall under the "Usa-chan face" category.

Gochisousan may be doing well, but Anne is apparently irritated at...

1: 急所攻撃(兵庫県) 2013/12/21(土) 21:15:24.89 ID:3mUKbjAi0
Anne (27) and her co-star Masahiro Higashide (25), both starring in NHK's morning drama Gochisousan are apparently not on good terms.

"Honestly, the two are in an awkward situation. When the ratings are this high, everyone would normally be all smiles on location, but this isn't the case with Gochisousan. Anne is always irritated right from start to finish. And the more the ratings go up, the more she becomes grumpy. The staff are about to give up due to all the negative vibe that Anne has been emitting these past few weeks. And naturally, Higashide gets isolated because of this." - (program insider)

Gochisousan's ratings have constantly been going up, as it has exceeded 21% for 10 weeks and counting, easily breaking Amachan's average of 20.6% in the process. And NHK's offices are in a festive mood because of this.

"The ruckus that this has made far exceeds that of Amachan. NHK executives have been going to Osaka's studio day in and day out to bring presents and sweets. It's really all thanks to Anne." - (NHK representative)

But what really is in Anne's heart?

"She's disgusted at her partner, Higashide. Anne had to take the initiative during early stages of filming due to Higashide's inexperience." - (drama representative)
And Anne's attitude changed from November when there were rumors about her romantic involvement with Higashide on the Internet.

"Higashide stands 189cm tall, Anne is 174cm, and they really make a good couple... There were reports that the two were dating. She apparently heard this from a staff, and she just lost it." - (showbiz pro staff)

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Is there any other actress who doesn't age at all like Miho Kanno?

1: フォーク攻撃(茨城県) 2013/11/18(月) 19:41:39.65 ID:uQ8Sb+rL0

What can you guys say about Ling Tosite Sigure?

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Everything they've done has been so similar from their 2nd album onwards.
High-speed arpeggios + over excessive drumming + effects-drowned bass.
Then add high-pitched twin vocals to this, and lo and behold---
The believers are all chanting "sooooo cooooool".
Can't they add something irregular and break through new territory?
It feels like they've been doing the same thing foreeeeeeeever.


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Shunsuke Kazama's deep kiss wwwwww

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Is there anyone who's cuter than Gakky?

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Why doesn't Kazutoshi Sakurai of Mr. Children abandon the other 3 members???

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He doesn't need those guys, right?


Can someone please make me an AA of Kazunari Ninomiya being slapped?

1 名前:以下、VIPがお送りします[sage] 投稿日:2011/01/30(日) 22:19:32.95 ID:linqr6Kb0

Whenever I see him, I always feel this urge to slap his face.
I don't hate him, in fact I kinda like him but I don't know,
I just really, really, really want to slap his face whenever I see it.
It's not that slap you make because you're irritated, I just want to slap him, period.
He's got a face that really makes you want to slap him.
I wonder what it is, maybe it's his facial parts, or the combination of the parts? 
I think it's all balanced well to tickle that urge of slapping him.

So please make me an AA* where Ninomiya is being slapped really hard
(Here are 2 pictures that really give me that urge to slap him.)



Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Former Morning Musume Ai Takahashi to marry comedian Koji Abe

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Source: Ohayo Nippon w


V6's Junichi Okada is being touted as "the Tom Cruise of Japan"

1: ストマッククロー(東京都) 2013/12/21(土) 11:36:56.78 ID:gqkPDlcjP
Junichi Okada (33) plays the role of the the genius Zero fighter plane pilot Kyuzo Miyabe, also known as "the biggest coward in the marines" in the movie Eien no Zero. Okada seems to have now surpassed his position as an idol, and has firmly established his status as an actor.

He's been in numerous movies such as Kagehinata ni saku, Tenchi Meisatsu, Toshokan Sensou, and comedy dramas like Kisarazu Cat's Eye and Tiger & Dragon, to a more conventional one in SP. He will also be in NHK's taiga drama next year, Gunshi Kanbee. It wouldn't even be a surprise if some people have forgotten that he's a member of V6's "Kamisen" group.

Speaking of Johnny's actors, there's veteran Takuya Kimura (41), but Okada has drawn a line from types like that who's "always KimuTaku in whatever he does". Okada is being regarded highly within the industry as a talented and flexible actor with a noble face. Movie critic Yuichi Maeda has this to say about Okada:
"He's got strong and powerful eyes, and has very distinct facial features so he can fit in any role that's given to him. And even with that deep-looking face, he still looks like a member of the Japanese army when he had a buzz-cut. He diligently gets into character, especially when you compare him to Hiroshi Tamaki who also played a marine soldier in the movie Manatsu no Orion but did not have his hair cut. He's got the image of a Japanese Tom Cruise. It's definitely not right to dismiss him as "just someone from Johnny's" anymore as he's more of an actor now than an idol. And it's not just these serious roles, Okada can also handle subcultural genres like Kudokan's works so he's widely accepted in the world of movies. He's really a talented actor who can do any role given to him, but that also shows how much hard work he's put into honing his craft."


Seriously, how can you guys say that Ayame Gouriki is ugly?

1: 風吹けば名無し 2013/11/25(月) 16:18:33.17 ID:i4nuWTfH
She's actually cute. There are just a lot of people influenced by 2chan.

Monday, December 23, 2013

More speculations that Jun Matsumoto and Mao Inoue are together

1: ムネオヘアーρ ★ 2013/12/18(水) 20:03:40.86 0 ID:
Mao Inoue (26) has been chosen to play the lead in Hanamoyu, NHK's taiga drama for 2015. She will also star as the lead in the upcoming movie Shirayukihime Satsujin Jiken which will be in theaters in March. One can say that she's at the most crucial stage of her career, yet there are rumors linking her to a hugely popular talent that has been causing quite a stir within the public.

This talent is Jun Matsumoto (30), the most popular member in Arashi. The two met in 2005 on the set of the huge hit Hana Y
ori Dango (TBS). Numerous eyewitness reports have followed after this.

"They were seen together wearing disguises at Nakameguro, there were also reports of them having tea together at a cafe in Jiyugaoka. They were also together at Shun Oguri and Yu Yamada's wedding ceremony, and were also very intimate there." - (showbiz photographer)

Oguri is close friends with Inoue and Matsumoto, and there was also an incident where one of Oguri's acquaintances accidentally tweeted that Inoue and Matsumoto came to Oguri's house. Johnny's had this deleted, though.

"It seems that Johnny's will keep the relationship of the two a secret no matter what, but I think that it'll only be a matter of time before it eventually comes out into the open after all these eyewitness reports have started popping up. Some people have even gone to the extent of saying that they are currently living together. Scandals are a taboo, especially for someone playing the lead in an NHK taiga drama, and Inoue's agency seems to be having a hard time controlling her as well. We might actually see an engagement announcement next year to finally settle the score on things." - (photographer)

It's been 8 years since they first met one another, and have steadily nurtured their love. Will we finally see the light about this next year?



*Yu-chan, the missus. Her looks are always so cute whenever I see her :) I really love her.

And they even introduced me to Mao Inoue-chan and MatsuJun-kun...
Both were really wonderful people, it made me really happy.
Yu-chan, Shun-kun, thank you very much! Until the next time we see each other!

Masato Sakai: "It was an unfulfilling year"

1: 魔神風車固め(やわらか銀行) 2013/12/18(水) 16:44:24.30 ID:p7Y1e6IsP
Actor Masato Sakai, who was in two hit dramas this year, Hanzawa Naoki and Legal High 2, talked about his feelings as he looked back at 2013.

"This was a year wherein I just kept talking and talking. I have never talked this much in a year. Like a monk in training, memorizing his sutra and reciting it over and over, each and every single day. I just kept reciting the lines given to me, from right to left..."

"This really was a dry and unfulfilling year. Nothing was left. It was a year in which I just gave away everything that I have received, and nothing has been left with me. If I was able to convey this to the viewers, then that makes me really happy."

When asked about his objectives for next year, Sakai answers: "As much as possible, I don't want to speak. I just got tired of talking this year... Maybe no lines for me for a while (laughs). I'd like to be a silent, dandy, and hard-boiled man for the time being".


Why was Kyary Pamyu Pamyu able to perform at the FNS Kayousai despite lip-syncing?

1: ブリーフ仮面φ ★ 2013/12/16(月) 18:24:19.91 ID:???0
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is being criticized, or rather, is being laughed at within the industry.

The producer of the program FNS Kayosai released a rule that no one is allowed to lip-sync. The participants had to be "real singers" for the occasion. Even Goro Inagaki, with Johnny's backing him up, and AKB did not resort to lip-synching, but instead sang live. The eventual outcome can't be called good, though.

Kyary who came onstage though, just seemingly sang along to her CD, as one could clearly see that she was lip-syncing. 

It is also still fresh in everyone's minds how she did the same during the summer edition of the program and was criticized by Chiaki, saying, "I don't consider the ones lip-syncing as singers. From an aspiring singer."

After the program, netizens were quick to criticize Kyary.
"She should just change her name to Kuchy Paku Paku*."
"It's the same as gravure idols receiving the airbrush treatment in photoshop."
"She won't be bashed if she just calls herself a performer, not a singer."

* (Kuchipaku = lip-sync)

Even "staged and scripted" acts aren't being allowed on variety shows these days, so one could have easily imagined what the reactions would be like when you don't sing live despite this order that it's supposed to be banned. So why did Kyary perform?

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Talents who have been "erased" by Johnny's

1: 張り手(東京都) 2013/12/14(土) 12:04:34.23 ID:yHPf9wg0P
Great Chicken Powers
The guy who looked like Matchy


Ayumi Hamasaki leaked to the media that she was coming home with her fiancé?

1: 腕ひしぎ十字固め(やわらか銀行) 2013/12/19(木) 00:30:20.26 ID:quVhqXv8P
* Ayu said on Twitter that she was surprised at how her engagement was immediately reported.

* But the information actually came from Ayu's side?

It was the first time for Ayu's man to be revealed to the public, but there were reports that "Ayu tipped a section of the media about her incoming flight", and according to journalist Ryo Kataoka, "Everything was staged".

"They made it look like the media caught onto the information, but after revealing about the engagement in her members-only fan site, the details of the flight were leaked to the gossip shows and the media. The media didn't follow her, she made the media follow her." - (Kataoka)

It did seem like Ayu was responding happily to all the questions thrown at her at the airport, and it also seemed like even her partner knew that reporters would be coming, and didn't look rattled at all.

"The man is not a member of the entertainment industry, so if they really wanted to hide it, they could have easily came back to Japan in secret. And seeing how all the major media outlets such as the sports papers and gossip shows, who normally do not stake out at these locations, were the ones who covered her arrival means that this was entirely Ayu's promotional stunt. She must have seen it fit to do this in anticipation of her single which will be released on the 25th.

- "Uwaaa, now that's embarrassing www"
- "As I thought (´・ω・`)"
- "See? Promotional gimmick."
- "It would look really sad if no one came (´・_・`)"
- "So no one will even talk about her unless she initiates it, huh. That's so sad."
- "Yeah, she was all smiles."
- "So she goes to this extent because she wants attention."
- "What a sad person. Even if you acquire all the riches and popularity, you'd drop this far if you don't know when to quit, huh."

Source: http://matome.naver.jp/odai/2138737039668125501


Mirei Kiritani to star as a sentai heroine in the movie "Joshi-zu"

1: 禿の月φ ★ 2013/12/19(木) 05:15:04.12 ID:???P
Mirei Kiritani has been cast in director Yuichi Fukuda's upcoming original movie Joshi-zu, her first time playing the leading role in an action flick.

Known for the Yusha Yoshihiko series as well as Hentai Kamen, director Fukuda has envisioned a "sentai hero + girls" theme in this comedy film, and will be working with Kiritani again after previously collaborating for 33-pun tantei in 2008. 

Wearing the costume of a hero, Kiritani comments: "I'm actually really happy about this! I've been watching sentai hero programs on TV with my younger brother since we were small, so my tension rose the moment I put on this costume! I've even practiced cool poses a lot!" (laughs). 

Kiritani will be playing the role of the "Red" of the group, a busy career-oriented woman who is serious in everything she does, including fighting with the evil monsters. She, together with a group of other girls were assembled under Commander Charles just because they have colors in their surnames. The team consists of an excessively serious Red, a gal-like Blue, a striking rich girl Navy, the dirt-poor Yellow, and the aspiring theater troupe member Green to form "Joshi-zu". The catch that Fukuda has included is that the 5 members are rarely together due to circumstances like work, beauty parlor commitments, romance, errands, and others.

Kiritani comments: "Sentai flicks will generally give off a stronger male impression, but it made me happy how they say that girls can become heroes too! My co-stars are all actresses of the same age as me, and we all have fun with our girl talk while filming. And I think that our close relationship and teamwork shows in the final product".

Fukuda comments: "I came up with this idea thanks to my wife. She's really selfish, has no experience as a member of society who cannot cooperate with someone, and I thought that it would be fun if a woman like this would be in a sentai team".

About Kiritani: "She was perfect for my image of Red, the leader of this leisure sentai group, with her uncomfortable-looking kick and her punch that has no impact whatsoever. The biggest impression she left on me was when she was sleeping on location, holding an onigiri". Joshi-zu will be shown early in the summer of 2014.