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Goodbye duck mouth, say hello to Kappa mouth and Usa-chan face

1: キン肉バスター(WiMAX) 2013/12/23(月) 11:41:25.54 ID:+/GjOCrlP
Even women's faces become fads, and the current "in" thing right now is the "kappa mouth".

This apparently refers to making a V-shaped mouth with one's lips slightly tucked in, as Amachan star Rena Nounen is the one who's best known for this. Thanks to Nounen's popularity, this sort of face has also gathered attention with people saying: "The V-shaped mouth is so cute", "She looks like a kappa".

And the times have now switched from the duck mouth to the kappa mouth.

The duck mouth was the previous trend, which actresses Aya Ueto, Yuriko Yoshitaka, and ex-AKB48 member Tomomi Itano were known for. This was particularly popular with the men who called it "sexy" and was a sensation.

And as all of these duck mouth pictures were being taken, people have started seeing this phenomenon as something "unnatural".

On the other hand, the kappa mouth gives off an innocent and child-like vibe (for the time being), unlike the crooked feel that the duck mouth gives off. It's still too early to say that the kappa mouth has entirely replaced the duck mouth, but it has slowly gained popularity thanks to the cute Nounen, so adult women might be better off staying away from this.

Apart from Nounen, there's also Reina Triendl who does the kappa mouth a lot. Both of them appeal to the public with their innocent looks.

These are the current faces that are "in!" For the kappa mouth, there's Rena Nounen (top left) and Reina Triendl (Top right).

The "Usa-chan face" are Masami Nagasawa, Mayuko Kawakita, and Kasumi Arimura. Both Nounen and Triendl also fall under the "Usa-chan face" category.

2: ダイビングエルボードロップ(静岡県) 2013/12/23(月) 11:41:59.56 ID:d7GA6evI0

* Hiroyuki Nishimura, founder of 2ch
22: ダイビングヘッドバット(愛知県) 2013/12/23(月) 11:53:36.49 ID:3LmCBkjd0
28: スパイダージャーマン(チベット自治区) 2013/12/23(月) 11:59:11.47 ID:faJMccra0
But that's a tarako (cod roe) mouth!
30: ショルダーアームブリーカー(神奈川県) 2013/12/23(月) 11:59:58.31 ID:rWbmSwDj0
Looks like he's preparing for the tarako-mouth boom
33: バーニングハンマー(東京都) 2013/12/23(月) 12:08:09.60 ID:35SQfD120
4: フライングニールキック(愛知県) 2013/12/23(月) 11:43:36.66 ID:9zfoG1jI0
What's an Usa-chan face?
I don't get it even with those pictures.
7: フロントネックロック(千葉県) 2013/12/23(月) 11:44:03.45 ID:BMfd2nra0
The time has come for the baldies
12: ファイヤーボールスプラッシュ(岐阜県) 2013/12/23(月) 11:46:01.14 ID:/12OTji+0
So my time as a kappa baldie has come, huh
9: タイガードライバー(東日本) 2013/12/23(月) 11:45:40.72 ID:a5c6l5iNP
Calm down all of you bald dudes
10: ニールキック(やわらか銀行) 2013/12/23(月) 11:45:42.69 ID:1yAvCcDi0

This is still under the premise that the girl doing it is cute or pretty.
Ugly girls will be ugly no matter what they do.
11: 急所攻撃(長屋) 2013/12/23(月) 11:45:52.95 ID:f1Sg+j8k0
This lacks punch
14: ファルコンアロー(秋田県) 2013/12/23(月) 11:47:12.31 ID:K/fk3J390
( ^ν^)
17: キン肉バスター(WiMAX) 2013/12/23(月) 11:48:37.93 ID:+/GjOCrlP
That's cute
24: キン肉バスター(庭) 2013/12/23(月) 11:55:15.26 ID:+gJyx+7JP
The times have finally caught up, huh
20: タイガースープレックス(奈良県) 2013/12/23(月) 11:52:27.88 ID:4qgRatRU0
Did the duck mouth originate from Hirosue?
If it began in the late '90s, then it's lasted for quite a while.
21: ファイヤーバードスプラッシュ(愛知県) 2013/12/23(月) 11:53:00.61 ID:4Et2LJf+0
But a kappa is more like Kanzaki-san's image
34: キン肉バスター(家) 2013/12/23(月) 12:09:29.67 ID:o+ylrhTDP
58: キン肉バスター(やわらか銀行) 2013/12/23(月) 12:39:32.22 ID:WBRsv1XCP
This so much
39: ダイビングフットスタンプ(関西・東海) 2013/12/23(月) 12:15:56.34 ID:yXHjYlXh0
( ^ν^)ようやく時代が我々に追い付いたようだな
( ^ν^)Looks like the times have finally caught up to us
41: セントーン(神奈川県) 2013/12/23(月) 12:20:23.24 ID:wMrsX3nh0
Kappa, you mean Kizakura, huh
47: 逆落とし(東京都) 2013/12/23(月) 12:27:31.54 ID:3u69htDz0
When I realized it, I had a plate on top of my head
50: キン肉バスター(WiMAX) 2013/12/23(月) 12:28:30.45 ID:5JYAizngP
Those who look good doing duck mouth and kappa mouth can still keep on doing it, you know w
53: ジャンピングDDT(広島県) 2013/12/23(月) 12:32:10.86 ID:NtceemJa0
What about Aka-san?

60: ヒップアタック(チベット自治区) 2013/12/23(月) 12:42:44.22 ID:Rl2DzI8i0
55: タイガードライバー(東京都) 2013/12/23(月) 12:32:52.76 ID:jm4Za/svP
This is what comes to mind when you talk about kappa mouth
61: ネックハンギングツリー(千葉県) 2013/12/23(月) 12:43:41.71 ID:5XaMIQxh0
People who think that these dumb faces look cute are abnormal
67: タイガースープレックス(禿) 2013/12/23(月) 12:49:38.12 ID:LeIS/zZd0
I like Satomi Ishihara's

66: 断崖式ニードロップ(北海道) 2013/12/23(月) 12:49:35.32 ID:+unpUTgX0
62: サッカーボールキック(神奈川県) 2013/12/23(月) 12:45:37.10 ID:SZ924xDu0
But everyone except for Nounen-chan doesn't look good with the kappa mouth

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