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More speculations that Jun Matsumoto and Mao Inoue are together

1: ムネオヘアーρ ★ 2013/12/18(水) 20:03:40.86 0 ID:
Mao Inoue (26) has been chosen to play the lead in Hanamoyu, NHK's taiga drama for 2015. She will also star as the lead in the upcoming movie Shirayukihime Satsujin Jiken which will be in theaters in March. One can say that she's at the most crucial stage of her career, yet there are rumors linking her to a hugely popular talent that has been causing quite a stir within the public.

This talent is Jun Matsumoto (30), the most popular member in Arashi. The two met in 2005 on the set of the huge hit Hana Y
ori Dango (TBS). Numerous eyewitness reports have followed after this.

"They were seen together wearing disguises at Nakameguro, there were also reports of them having tea together at a cafe in Jiyugaoka. They were also together at Shun Oguri and Yu Yamada's wedding ceremony, and were also very intimate there." - (showbiz photographer)

Oguri is close friends with Inoue and Matsumoto, and there was also an incident where one of Oguri's acquaintances accidentally tweeted that Inoue and Matsumoto came to Oguri's house. Johnny's had this deleted, though.

"It seems that Johnny's will keep the relationship of the two a secret no matter what, but I think that it'll only be a matter of time before it eventually comes out into the open after all these eyewitness reports have started popping up. Some people have even gone to the extent of saying that they are currently living together. Scandals are a taboo, especially for someone playing the lead in an NHK taiga drama, and Inoue's agency seems to be having a hard time controlling her as well. We might actually see an engagement announcement next year to finally settle the score on things." - (photographer)

It's been 8 years since they first met one another, and have steadily nurtured their love. Will we finally see the light about this next year?

*Yu-chan, the missus. Her looks are always so cute whenever I see her :) I really love her.

And they even introduced me to Mao Inoue-chan and MatsuJun-kun...
Both were really wonderful people, it made me really happy.
Yu-chan, Shun-kun, thank you very much! Until the next time we see each other!

4: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2013/12/18(水) 20:10:07.72 0 ID:
5: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2013/12/18(水) 20:10:08.91 0 ID:
Domyouji and Tsukushi huh.

Nahhhhh, I wouldn't count on it.
6: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2013/12/18(水) 20:10:54.37 0 ID:

It's something I don't really care about, though.
7: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2013/12/18(水) 20:12:38.45 0 ID:


Mao Inoue has this image that she's very lively and animated, thanks in part to her old dramas. But according to tabloids, she's a princess who is being surrounded by her managers. I heard that her managers even guard her from oncoming bicycles and such.

24: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2013/12/18(水) 21:22:55.18 0 ID:


Surrounded by managers? She only has one.
And her manager isn't that agile ww
The manager's pretty dumb and slow, that even Mao has to support.
8: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2013/12/18(水) 20:14:27.97 0 ID:

>We might actually see an engagement announcement next year

Next year w
9: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2013/12/18(水) 20:16:15.43 0 ID:
Jun Matsumoto isn't the most popular member
12: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2013/12/18(水) 20:25:26.92 0 ID:



> Jun Matsumoto, the most popular member in Arashi

This is where we're supposed to laugh, right w

He's the most unpopular one in Arashi, right? w (But he's the no.1 overpushed member by the agency, though w)
He's always been the lowest in all the rankings that I have seen w

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10: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2013/12/18(水) 20:16:48.38 0 ID:
With Masaki Okada
11: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2013/12/18(水) 20:22:03.05 0 ID:
あの短足の奴か 好きにしろよ下らん
Oh, that short-legged one. Do what you want, so boring.
14: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2013/12/18(水) 20:30:12.96 0 ID:
Mao Inoue-chan is really cute. That's a face that I like.
15: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2013/12/18(水) 20:34:10.49 0 ID:
MatsuJun wast the most popular member up to Kindaichi Shonen only

16: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2013/12/18(水) 20:34:25.23 0 ID:
Mao Inoue suddenly became gorgeous, she's now right down the middle of my strike zone

18: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2013/12/18(水) 20:38:00.81 0 ID:
So Kids War will get married?

19: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2013/12/18(水) 20:39:46.87 0 ID:
Is this the thing that almost became an article, but all talk suddenly collapsed?

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25: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2013/12/18(水) 22:55:36.86 0 ID:
But I get the feeling that it's Ni***** who'll be getting married
27: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2013/12/18(水) 23:09:34.41 0 ID:



This looks like a MatsuJun and Mao-chan promotional gimmick, but both are smart so I feel that their relationship will go well.

And their best friends the Oguri couple is living at the same apartment complex as MatsuJun so she can always sneak into MatsuJun's room and just say that she went to visit the Oguris.

But there's no way they'd get engaged next year.
30: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2013/12/18(水) 23:44:57.49 0 ID:
I'm more shocked at the fact that there are people who still believe this
33: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2013/12/19(木) 01:19:10.92 0 ID:


If you think about this calmly, there's no way that Johnny's will give their OK to this.
And then she'll be having her taiga drama, so why would she get engaged?

Even if they're really dating each other, I don't think they'll get engaged or get married unless the guy goes over 35.
34: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2013/12/19(木) 04:14:36.02 0 ID:
They're not even dating.
All of this just originated from the imagination of some passionate HanaDan couple-wotas.
It's the fault of Bakatter for spreading around all these delusions.
It's just false information which became news just because it became a trending topic.
35: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2013/12/19(木) 07:35:34.99 i ID:
There's no way Jani-wotas would approve of this

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