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Masami Nagasawa's movie "Kiyoku Yawaku" struggling at the box office

1: かばほ~るφ ★ 2013/11/24(日) 12:18:22.59 ID:???0
Masami Nagasawa (26)'s movie Kiyoku Yawaku hasn't been doing well. This movie marks her return to doing serious love stories, but could this mean that she made a mistake in returning to the path that she once traversed?

This movie is a love story about a man and a woman in their attempt to recover from the loss of a childhood friend. The story is based on a best-selling shoujo manga and was even selected by special invitation for the Tokyo International Movie Awards. There was a lot of hype surrounding the movie prior to its release, but once it hit the silver screen, it only grossed \86 million on its first 2 days.

"It might eventually gross about \400 million in the box office. The other romance movie which was shown on the same period, Juri Ueno's Hidamari no Kanojo, has already surpassed 1.6 billion. Similarly, this is based on a best-selling novel, and has become a hit, leaving Nagasawa's movie behind." - (sports paper journalist)

Why has the movie flopped? There are also a lot of people voicing out that they do not want to see Nagasawa in a pure love story. 

Masami Nagasawa's movie in 2004 Sekai no chuushin de ai wo sakebu was a major hit, amassing a total of \8.5 billion in the box office. Nagasawa appeared in numerous dramas and movies afterwards, while still carrying that clean image that she had in SekaChu. However, she has not been blessed with a major hit since.

The movie that gave her a totally different image was Moteki (2011). She went all out in this movie, as she had a deep kiss as well as a sexy scene. This path was a success for her, as she has even commanded some attention with her leg exposures in this season's Toshi Densetsu no onna 2, however...

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2: かばほ~るφ ★ 2013/11/24(日) 12:18:40.30 ID:???0

Columnist Perry Ogino comments:

"Nagasawa-san in Kiyoku Yawaku seemed like she wasn't able to meet expectations, as people do not want something that's just beautiful. It'll be easier to understand once she's compared with Ryoko Yonekura. She has constantly changed her image from the time she made her debut, but she became a much more interesting actress after she played an evil role. Same goes for Nagasawa-san. If she gets to play in another role that will make her popularity "explode" once more, then people will probably allow her to portray any role that she can. People will still find her interesting in pure love stories such as this due to the gap in her image."

There's also this situation where love stories are not expected to become huge hits anymore, unlike before.

"Apart from Sekai no chuushin de, ai wo sakebu, other pure love stories were also hits, such as Ima, ai ni yukimasu (2004) and Koizora (2007). Pure love stories are still being produced to some extent up to now, aimed at highschoolers as well as the younger generation. But there have been less hits now compared to 7 or 8 years ago." - (Yoshio Kakeo, executive director of Kinema junpou) 

Did Nagasawa make the right move in returning to her roots? Should she go for another sexy role like in Moteki, or should she try portraying something entirely new? Her next work will be crucial.
3: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:19:01.85 ID:ujzlbtH40
I really can't wipe off the image that she's Iseya's woman
4: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:19:19.90 ID:btIWofHA0
She really gives off a dark vibe when you see her
6: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:20:04.55 ID:i7Hr3GGV0
→映画俳優路線で失敗 ←今ここ
Failed at being a movie actress
→ Came back in a sexy role
→ Failed at being a movie actress ←Currently here
→ Came back in a sexy role
9: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:20:45.88 ID:RzMrPf9lO
Why not just adapt Toshidensetsu no onna into a movie?
11: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:21:02.16 ID:ceUJTKVEO
Just show off your legs
19: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:23:03.26 ID:VLYLjQSj0

I think these love and romance stories for movies won't become massive hits anymore.
No one watches those these days, even if someone other than Nagasawa is cast.
70: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:34:39.89 ID:+TqX167R0
This exactly.
The lead star isn't the problem here, it's not a movie that you can expect a hit to come out from.
22: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:23:46.99 ID:M+4GTLlLO
I don't think the problem here is Nagasawa vs. Ueno. It must be the difference between Okada and MatsuJun's abilities to attract an audience, right?
37: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:27:14.07 ID:y/GTjin/0

You're right.
Okada doesn't have core fans.
If he'll be the supporting actor in a movie, then it'll be tough unless you cast him with an actress who has the ability to command an audience.
69: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:34:31.30 ID:Wzdsiu3X0
Young girls are the ones who watch so that's also a possibility
170: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 13:32:54.58 ID:VHKKBFJ80

Well, if a Johnny's group member is in the movie then the other member's fans from the same group will also come to watch.
But I recall seeing an article that said Legal High's high ratings were thanks to Okada.
31: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:25:20.73 ID:z5K8IfJU0

Ueno's movie had Arashi in it so women went and watched it. Nagasawa's movie has the Legal High crusher so it wasn't good.
That's difference.
34: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:26:50.83 ID:yV0IDoif0
Not just her legs, I hope she also shows off more boobies and her underarm
39: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:28:12.00 ID:1jm1IT0K0
I think Toshi densetsu no onna was good
47: 保冷所 ◆Z/DNfeC8aU 2013/11/24(日) 12:29:59.41 ID:m2xS2vj10
53: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:31:08.13 ID:cRfgOspPi
Masami Nagasawa was the mightiest in Moteki
454: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/25(月) 02:54:44.96 ID:GlmdrrNHO
This girl is better off doing those kinds of roles.
66: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:33:35.49 ID:3SgRzqqCO
I'll watch if they make a movie of Toshi Densetsu no Onna.
76: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:36:22.46 ID:YdDwdIW4O
Nagasawa gets bashed whether she flops or not.
Ayase doesn't get bashed even if she flops and flops.
Why is that?
89: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:41:48.38 ID:zPgvFech0
And this is how she is driven to a corner to make her take her clothes off
93: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:43:44.16 ID:aEt/6j610
Based on the type of her face, she was seen in a high regard because she was young.
She has a beautiful figure so people can still bear to watch her, but you really can't call her cute if you just look at her face.
99: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:46:15.12 ID:Asc8OiYU0

Gaku and the drama Koukou Nyushi were good.
She's got the name value as well as good looks so she's an actress who can do good as long as the screenplay and the planning are all spot on.
363: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 19:19:27.19 ID:X6Rd4K1cP
I do think she was a good fit in Koukou Nyushi
102: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:49:18.51 ID:LlvoqFLX0
Whatever anyone says, she's still a beauty.
It's on a level that will make the other beautiful actresses pale in comparison.
104: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:50:22.24 ID:sOMda4cy0

She should play the role of an evil woman.
Someone who harasses the weak behind the scenes.

Her current ones just don't suit her, she should be doing roles that fit her personality.
116: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 12:56:20.60 ID:LuOsP1Ds0
It's impossible for her to play pure romantic stories now
122: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 13:00:20.59 ID:yAuriXVt0
But there's no doubt that she'll get a hit as long as she takes her clothes off.
She lacks resolve as an actress.
It'll be too late even if she decides to go nude after 5 years.
124: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 13:01:18.47 ID:cay5uiSh0
Follow Kaho's example
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148: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 13:16:39.85 ID:4a5LNj1qO
Her body's so hot, so doing pure love stories is like totally missing the point.
160: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 13:25:01.30 ID:Mwhuhdo00

I think a lot of producers would pay Masami Nagasawa 100 million, or maybe more, to go nude. She should take the bait and go for it.
That'll be much more buzzworthy than a movie like this.
174: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 13:41:34.20 ID:NI4+EeT7i

To put it simply, she doesn't have any acting skills.
If she had Erika-sama's acting skills, then she could have produced hits doing clean roles like in 1 Litre, or evil roles like Helter Skelter.
190: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 13:49:31.22 ID:jfN+h9if0
Isn't Nagasawa a comedienne?
And people like her because she's got the style and the looks.
219: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 14:44:34.16 ID:E2CIW+/R0
Eventually, people would want her to go nude.
This is 90% of all the Masami Nagasawa articles out there.
234: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 15:22:26.89 ID:Uwwa/3wR0
And her boyfriend before Iseya was Okazawa, right?
The only thing left for her to do is to take her clothes off w
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246: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 15:40:42.99 ID:ecTiXScpO
Show yer legs!
253: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 16:16:41.14 ID:O23Ftbqb0
Making a woman who's seeing Iseya do a pure love story is pushing it.
Making her do filthy roles and letting her take her clothes off suits her image more.
255: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 16:22:08.69 ID:BegdCfq+0
True www
I chuckle since I keep on imagining Iseya's face  w
274: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 16:53:53.55 ID:Rk957Ezj0

It was in 2007 when Erika Sawajiri and Masami Nagasawa were called the top 2 young actresses, right?
That already feels like a distant past.
The way both have declined is befitting of them.
288: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 17:07:46.36 ID:59R4ndfa0
This is because Touhou has kept on treating her like a princess and left her to rot
317: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/11/24(日) 17:46:51.77 ID:PbE8NvJ40
Her legs are truly wonderful, but it seems like this is all she's got

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