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Gochisousan may be doing well, but Anne is apparently irritated at...

1: 急所攻撃(兵庫県) 2013/12/21(土) 21:15:24.89 ID:3mUKbjAi0
Anne (27) and her co-star Masahiro Higashide (25), both starring in NHK's morning drama Gochisousan are apparently not on good terms.

"Honestly, the two are in an awkward situation. When the ratings are this high, everyone would normally be all smiles on location, but this isn't the case with Gochisousan. Anne is always irritated right from start to finish. And the more the ratings go up, the more she becomes grumpy. The staff are about to give up due to all the negative vibe that Anne has been emitting these past few weeks. And naturally, Higashide gets isolated because of this." - (program insider)

Gochisousan's ratings have constantly been going up, as it has exceeded 21% for 10 weeks and counting, easily breaking Amachan's average of 20.6% in the process. And NHK's offices are in a festive mood because of this.

"The ruckus that this has made far exceeds that of Amachan. NHK executives have been going to Osaka's studio day in and day out to bring presents and sweets. It's really all thanks to Anne." - (NHK representative)

But what really is in Anne's heart?

"She's disgusted at her partner, Higashide. Anne had to take the initiative during early stages of filming due to Higashide's inexperience." - (drama representative)
And Anne's attitude changed from November when there were rumors about her romantic involvement with Higashide on the Internet.

"Higashide stands 189cm tall, Anne is 174cm, and they really make a good couple... There were reports that the two were dating. She apparently heard this from a staff, and she just lost it." - (showbiz pro staff)

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2: 急所攻撃(兵庫県) 2013/12/21(土) 21:16:00.47 ID:3mUKbjAi0
From >>1

"Anne still couldn't get over the loss of her ex-boyfriend Yukiyoshi Ozawa to Christel Takigawa. She's head over heels in love with the man, and is even looking to get him back. Higashide on the other hand, is the type who's always trying to show off, puts kana characters beside the kanji on his script, doesn't try to understand the background of the story, and even got the kanji of Anne's name (杏) wrong and wrote it as "Ina" (否, meaning "no" or "negative") -- he's basically the type of man that Anne hates the most. And another thing, Anne apparently despised Kazuya Kamenashi (Yokai Ningen Bem) as well. Anne likes her men smart and classy."
3: ジャンピングカラテキック(大分県) 2013/12/21(土) 21:17:32.50 ID:F/+6BSN30
I knew that
5: ストマッククロー(庭) 2013/12/21(土) 21:23:57.21 ID:jAM7xvwFP
So Higashide's schupid, huh.
6: ストマッククロー(庭) 2013/12/21(土) 21:38:28.03 ID:BkqVSYxuP
But when he was on Asaichi, he was proper with his speech and was very natural.
He didn't seem like a stupid person who couldn't read kanji.
7: ジャンピングエルボーアタック(神奈川県) 2013/12/21(土) 21:44:03.59 ID:TVT8NvRs0
Stupid article
8: アキレス腱固め(dion軍) 2013/12/21(土) 21:54:46.54 ID:kutPGipV0
Aren't Gochisousan's ratings high because of Higashide, not Anne?
41: バーニングハンマー(チベット自治区) 2013/12/22(日) 02:07:21.62 ID:H6XBbvvh0
Must be Midoriko-san's amazing acting
9: ショルダーアームブリーカー(大阪府) 2013/12/21(土) 21:57:17.74 ID:WRD5u1G40


You can't blame Anne-chan for getting mad at him.
10: 毒霧(大阪府) 2013/12/21(土) 21:57:33.14 ID:A1INxf5B0
Just how much crazy writers are there who have Ama-loss (Amachan withdrawal syndrome) ?
There's too many of these stealth marketing articles again with the Kouhaku just around the corner.
12: カーフブランディング(WiMAX) 2013/12/21(土) 22:00:35.34 ID:CTP7+XhL0
It's just that Anne's the type who has a lot of male friends
16: ジャンピングパワーボム(静岡県) 2013/12/21(土) 22:05:13.31 ID:L0TP1rU+0
And Omotenashi stole her boyfriend away because she's like this, right?

She's obnoxious.
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18: ナガタロックII(兵庫県) 2013/12/21(土) 22:08:28.57 ID:QRGFag3l0
But all of this is just the writer's imagination w
19: ミラノ作 どどんスズスロウン(岐阜県) 2013/12/21(土) 22:08:44.45 ID:HUZHsNVW0

> got the kanji of Anne's name (杏) wrong and wrote it as "Ina" (否, meaning "no" or "negative")

There's no one who'd do this~
20: ストマッククロー(dion軍) 2013/12/21(土) 22:16:51.65 ID:7y0ttCzfP
Did Higashide do something to draw the ire of this writer?
21: アンクルホールド(大阪府) 2013/12/21(土) 22:28:21.16 ID:xi/4AYcf0
The article smells so fake
25: フォーク攻撃(神奈川県) 2013/12/22(日) 00:21:16.24 ID:TQDrBUoW0
But Higashide-kun doesn't look like a bad person at all.
It's an article that just insulted everyone mentioned in it.
28: ダブルニードロップ(兵庫県) 2013/12/22(日) 00:23:33.36 ID:azAHQbT50
She should just let TakiChri get Ozawa and his little general, but maybe it's something that you'll miss once it's been stolen away from you
29: ニールキック(北海道) 2013/12/22(日) 00:25:44.10 ID:AwCWOxR40
Yukiyoshi Ozawa's the guy with a square face, right?
How is that an ikemen?
30: ダイビングヘッドバット(徳島県) 2013/12/22(日) 01:01:32.46 ID:T33EC2fi0
I give my support to Higashide-kun
31: ダイビングエルボードロップ(関東・甲信越) 2013/12/22(日) 01:04:22.81 ID:hPgdqmZq0
He gave off a good vibe on Asaichi, though
33: スターダストプレス(関東地方) 2013/12/22(日) 01:08:54.14 ID:bTo2rrDOO
I'm LOLing  at the Ama-ota media who's seriously trying to sabotage this w
36: ネックハンギングツリー(栃木県) 2013/12/22(日) 01:37:51.59 ID:KXJfltDg0
Stupid article.
They're good friends, and they even call one another Mei-chan and Yuu-chan in real life.
37: 急所攻撃(やわらか銀行) 2013/12/22(日) 01:48:03.24 ID:Y0Dhj13D0

Naomi Zaizen said that they're so close to each other that it would even give someone the wrong impression.
Looks like these writers don't mind it as long as they can ruin Gochisousan's name.

And Higashide's highschool isn't that good, but putting furigana on the script means he's on the same level as Shigemori, huh w
38: ダブルニードロップ(関東・甲信越) 2013/12/22(日) 01:59:37.30 ID:HNRgaBwZO
What's so good about Ozawa?
He isn't even that good of an actor.
39: タイガースープレックス(茨城県) 2013/12/22(日) 02:03:23.46 ID:nEjTJcKG0
Higashide's also a history-ota. So it's like a repulsion between otas, huh.
40: 河津掛け(広島県) 2013/12/22(日) 02:04:45.52 ID:eemFq7h50


Higashide's more handsome and likable than the huge-faced son of the world class conductor.
And Gochisousan's popularity isn't just because of Anne, but because of the good supporting cast.
The writer must be dumb.
43: アイアンフィンガーフロムヘル(奈良県) 2013/12/22(日) 02:13:02.10 ID:yvZBEp6s0
LOLing that Kamenashi's been dissed too w
49: ダイビングエルボードロップ(徳島県) 2013/12/22(日) 02:20:55.12 ID:A87NZi740

Even Gochisousan's cast has repeatedly said that the relationship between the cast members is really good.
What's up with this horrible article.
50: 不知火(公衆) 2013/12/22(日) 02:33:27.55 ID:QAPDY/XN0
So Yukiyoshi Ozawa's a man who's smart, got good upbringing, and is classy, huh?
57: パロスペシャル(福岡県) 2013/12/22(日) 04:16:12.49 ID:WVuFOBWx0
My Anne-chan doesn't get irritated like that~ supposedly.
59: 閃光妖術(東京都) 2013/12/22(日) 04:25:43.85 ID:Ptnfcy100
東出君 落語が趣味の古風な良い奴なのにな
But Higashide-kun's hobby is rakugo, he's an old-fashioned nice guy
53: デンジャラスバックドロップ(三重県) 2013/12/22(日) 03:00:44.51 ID:sm/tTz7M0
I seriously don't care about this wwwwwwww

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