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Shinji Kagawa's first scandal? Single mom sells off "seedy conversations" with Manchester United players

1: 禿の月φ ★ 2014/03/08 05:54:58
Single mother of 3 Claire McMullan (28) exposes her FaceTime chats with Manchester United star Shinji Kagawa and his other teammates.

Claire described Kagawa as "a bit different". She said that his teammate Adnan Januzaj enjoyed watching her stripping online, while Kagawa "wanted to show his own home, and see hers".

From the Sunday Sun:
A blonde beauty has told how she enjoyed Internet sex chats with four Man Utd stars — including wing wizard Adnan Januzaj. The footballers bombarded single mum Claire McMullan over FaceTime and instant message services — in defiance of Red Devils boss David Moyes’s strict moral code.
The curvy 28-year-old has revealed how she repeatedly stripped off to give online pleasure to the players.
Claire claimed £30million-rated Januzaj, 19, hoped to meet her and offered to fly her to Manchester from her Northern Ireland home…  “Adnan’s really into his videos. He’s a really horny devil who sweet-talked me very quickly.”
Meanwhile £17million midfielder Shinji Kagawa, 25, also watched racy footage of the curvy mum-of-three wearing just her undies — and reserve goalie Sam Johnstone, 21, shared jokes about “threesomes”. An unnamed fourth squad member’s party trick was to send Claire pictures of his manhood via Snapchat, we can reveal.

4 :2014/03/31(月) 20:04:24.67 ID:
The woman's handle name is 
Claire McMullan who works at a popular chat site in the UK revealed screenshots of Kagawa and the other players who chatted with her. "Kagawa asked me to strip down to my undies. We even kissed through the screen."
6 :2014/03/31(月) 20:05:46.49 ID:
Kagawa's finished
12 :2014/03/31(月) 20:07:42.21 ID:
But this is nothing by Man U's standards
7 :2014/03/31(月) 20:05:47.34 ID:
Let's just do a triple play instead!
9 :2014/03/31(月) 20:06:03.21 ID:
What a sad shorty w
11 :2014/03/31(月) 20:06:51.57 ID:
He's too careless. There are tons of bi+ches in the UK who would love to get it on with football players. Be careful.
13 :2014/03/31(月) 20:07:43.51 ID:
Does this actually mean that Kagawa's getting along well with his teammates? I'm relieved by this, in a sense w
19 :2014/03/31(月) 20:09:54.87 ID:
So Kagawa's actually not popular with the ladies, huh. I've suddenly felt close to him. What the heck is up with this ero-chat w
20 :2014/03/31(月) 20:10:01.07 ID:
Kagawa's hentai level was actually pretty high, huh
21 :2014/03/31(月) 20:10:17.85 ID:
Karina could still make an excuse with her picture and say that she's wasted, but Kagawa's is inexcusable
22 :2014/03/31(月) 20:10:27.64 ID:
This one's more of a problem
23 :2014/03/31(月) 20:11:28.84 ID:
Kagawa isn't interested in women!
24 :2014/03/31(月) 20:11:41.43 ID:
He wants to see the inside of her house? That's so gross. He should be more aggressive.
29 :2014/03/31(月) 20:12:53.96 ID:
Didn't he say that he preferred blonde girls even when he was still playing in Germany?
33 :2014/03/31(月) 20:13:53.21 ID:
Hey Ferguson, go introduce a girlfriend to Kagawa
40 :2014/03/31(月) 20:15:54.10 ID:
So he's more interested in her room than the woman herself...
43 :2014/03/31(月) 20:16:58.50 ID:
He's single, and there's no problems whatsoever with sex chats, but I wonder why she has to expose his face like that. Well, I guess that's because she's stupid.
45 :2014/03/31(月) 20:17:44.08 ID:
Now I feel a sense of closeness to him w
His pleasant good-boy image has come crashing down with this, though.
50 :2014/03/31(月) 20:19:18.61 ID:
Claire: "So, what do you wanna do?"
Kagawa: "Show me your '毛" (ke)"
Claire: "Ke?"
Kagawa: "I mean your Hea- (hair)"
Claire: "Hea-? What do you mean?"
Kagawa: "Oh.... (Goddamit, my English isn't working)"
Claire: "Nevermind, I'll look it up a Japanese dictionary. 'Heya'..."
Kagawa: "..."
Claire: "Heya = Room, huh?"
Kagawa: "..."
Claire: "If you wanted to see my room, you should've said so from the beginning."
52 :2014/03/31(月) 20:20:07.74 ID:
I'm glad I got to see a human side to him. I've come to like him with this.
55 :2014/03/31(月) 20:20:51.15 ID:
So it's just an ero-kype, huh
49 :2014/03/31(月) 20:18:40.10 ID:
60 :2014/03/31(月) 20:22:41.33 ID:
Why is it that Kagawa's the only one with this kind of face?
67 :2014/03/31(月) 20:25:23.21 ID:
* "This makes me like him more"
* "Januzaj is the one who's more in trouble"
* "Goetze's is worse"
* "People who make a fuss about this are virgins"
* "He was chatting in order to improve his English"
* "He's blended in so much with his team that he gets to have sex chats with them"
* "It's just photoshopped"
* "Must be black propaganda from Honda's side"

Excuses by Kagawa fans.
72 :2014/03/31(月) 20:27:32.31  ID:
I just got from this that British single mother Claire McMullan-san is the worst type of human being
77 :2014/03/31(月) 20:29:06.27  ID:
I thought that this was all fake when I first heard about it. So it's true, huh www
80 :2014/03/31(月) 20:30:05.82 ID:
Aww, this is so heartwarming and nice. 
I don't think this will cause him any damage at all.
85 :2014/03/31(月) 20:31:04.73 ID:
Heartwarming wwwwww
91 :2014/03/31(月) 20:31:31.86 ID:
You're calling DeepThroatQueen heartwarming? wwwwww
Must be really tough to keep on defending your beloved Kagawa, huh w
81 :2014/03/31(月) 20:30:08.31 ID:
Shinji-san, what are you doing
83 :2014/03/31(月) 20:31:02.14 ID:
I'm certain that this picture will now be used when anything about him comes up, and will haunt him for the rest of his life
84 :2014/03/31(月) 20:31:03.67 ID:
This is his first ever scandal? That's actually cute.
88 :2014/03/31(月) 20:31:16.48  ID:
He's single so I don't see the problem here.
People should be criticizing the woman who sold these pictures.
98 :2014/03/31(月) 20:34:02.45 ID:
This won't be funny if it was done by anyone other than Kagawa or Nagatomo w
113 :2014/03/31(月) 20:37:08.85 ID:
He's a man, can't be helped. He should hurry up and get a wife so he can release his sexual tension w
116 :2014/03/31(月) 20:38:13.04 ID:
This is nothing compared to Ryan Giggs' scandals
119 :2014/03/31(月) 20:39:03.32 ID:
Has his English improved enough for him to be able to chat in English??
121 :2014/03/31(月) 20:40:15.01 ID:
And his teammates will now keep on imitating this face of his at the locker room before matches

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