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Picture of Karina in bed with her Taiwanese boyfriend published by FRIDAY

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Karina (30) was at a handshake event on the 24th to commemorate her graduation from the magazine Ray, which she was the exclusive model for. 

Karina has previously denied reports about the Taiwanese boyfriend, and even said "I don't know" in front of the media at her event on the 13th, but this day she said, "I'm 30 so I'm having a nice relationship with him". The reason for this statement, however, was because of her shocking bed pictures that were leaked out.

The current issue of weekly magazine FRIDAY contains a picture of Karina and her alleged Taiwanese boyfriend in bed. According to the magazine, the picture is of the two sleeping soundly after doing the act at a party held in a condominium unit in Hawaii. The two have gone on to date each other after this.

Karina sleeping with her legs spread open is shocking in itself, but if you look closely, it also seems like her finger is touching her private part...

"No, no, you've got it all wrong. Take a look at her feet, they're pressed against each other. This is a basic pose in yoga called the cobbler's pose. In Sanskrit, it's called Baddha Konasana. It's a great stretching method to open and calm one's hips and pelvic area, and even stimulates the heart muscles. It's proof that she's so much into yoga that she even makes such poses during her sleep."
- (instructor) 

In the past, a picture like this would've caused huge damage to a person and would even be harmful enough to prevent her from getting married. The only bright side to this scandal is that the person with her is her rumored boyfriend...

1: 2014/03/26(水) 00:26:39.48 ID:???0
Summary of FRIDAY's article

* Sex at the party
- June 15, 2012. Immediately after her enrollment, she partied with 8 other classmates to celebrate the birthday of one of her friends. Both Karina and this Mr. L were at the party. One of the attendees at that time leaked the information to FRIDAY.
- Karina got wasted and started kissing Mr. L's neck whom she never really was that close with, other than them being classmates.
- Karina and Mr. L hit it off and headed to the bedroom. They did the act which was heard by everyone there.
- The party has been dampened and the two stepped outside the room. Karina started smoking and asked, "Where did everyone go?".
- Karina went back to the bedroom and hit the sack together with Mr. L.
- FRIDAY's picture is of Karina at 5 in the morning.
- They were charged US$700 for cleaning by the condominium management, as the floor was all sticky with wine, and the bed and walls were all trashed.

* The 2 started dating from June 2012 onwards.
- Karina and Mr. L suddenly became close after the party.
- "The two would always be late for classes, and would place their desks next to each other and chat. They were cautioned by the teacher a lot. Then they would smoke together during break time, and would again be late for the next class. They kept on repeating that. And because of this, the two haven't been able to make progress in class."

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2 :2014/03/26(水) 00:27:06.68 ID:
Isn't there a nastier picture?
3 :2014/03/26(水) 00:28:06.92 ID:
Huge damage

4 :2014/03/26(水) 00:28:26.80 ID:
Will there be a part 2 of this one?
6 :2014/03/26(水) 00:30:33.18 ID:
It's been a while since we had a shocking picture of this magnitude w This is her boyfriend? Must be a lie w
The moment a picture like this gets leaked, you'd doubt your partner's motives and can't really see him as a boyfriend.

15 :2014/03/26(水) 00:33:05.15 ID:
As if this legs-wide-open picture isn't enough,
m#sturb@ting is a bigger blow wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

19 :2014/03/26(水) 00:33:33.72 ID:
So Karina's actually a lonely person, huh.
Will she be able to achieve happiness from now on?

22 :2014/03/26(水) 00:34:06.17 ID:
Even if she was sleeping here, it's pretty rare to see someone who looks so bad in her sleep
23 :2014/03/26(水) 00:34:34.66 ID:
"It's proof that she's so much into yoga, that she even makes such poses during her sleep" -- (instructor)
24 :2014/03/26(水) 00:34:46.76 ID:
FRIDAY must've waited for spring to come before publishing this. Because all these virgins who have nothing to do on spring break will be making noise.
But I think that the guy who took the picture made her do this kind of pose. It's like this has nothing but evil intent. Poor celebrities, life really is hard for them.

34 :2014/03/26(水) 00:36:30.36 ID:
Now this is embarrassing. It's the pits.
43 :2014/03/26(水) 00:37:12.94 ID:
This picture has far exceeded my expectations w
44 :2014/03/26(水) 00:37:14.88 ID:
Such a merciless way of slaughtering her career.
I'm not sure whom she made an enemy out of, but this method is so dirty.

46 :2014/03/26(水) 00:37:36.69 ID:
Did someone say yoga?
50 :2014/03/26(水) 00:38:14.05 ID:
So are they still going out with each other?
When and where do they meet? Do they have the time?

65 :2014/03/26(水) 00:40:16.36 ID:
Well, I still think this is better than the Yaguchi scandal
68 :2014/03/26(水) 00:40:30.28 ID:
Who the heck took the picture? wwwwwwwwwwwww
71 :2014/03/26(水) 00:40:55.88 ID:
She'll probably be frozen out and that's that.
We probably won't be seeing her on TV anymore.

81 :2014/03/26(水) 00:42:31.59 ID:
Seriously speaking, I don't think there will be any damage to her career w
83 :2014/03/26(水) 00:43:01.79 ID:
The only thing that she can do is to take a defiant attitude.
I don't dislike her, so she should just endure this until all the backlash dies down.

90 :2014/03/26(水) 00:43:28.56 ID:
She's had this cool image going on for her, but she's pretty aggressive when it comes to sex, huh?
A stunner who's a whore that won't give you problems in the future? That's the best.

103 :2014/03/26(水) 00:45:21.15 ID:
A picture that clearly shows how women in their 30s are overflowing with sexual desire ww
104 :2014/03/26(水) 00:45:22.23 ID:
She peaked in Freeter, Ie wo kau

109 :2014/03/26(水) 00:45:57.06 ID:
I think it's impossible for you to conclude that this is her based on this picture
115 :2014/03/26(水) 00:46:41.28 ID:
The picture is more shocking than I expected, and it's not funny
129 :2014/03/26(水) 00:47:43.76 ID:
I'm sure that there are nastier pictures but they're probably keeping it to themselves
140 :2014/03/26(水) 00:48:45.51 ID:
Boys and girls, this is how Burning goes about with their business
272 :2014/03/26(水) 01:06:54.56 ID:
But she's from a Burning-affiliated agency...
143 :2014/03/26(水) 00:49:19.53 ID:
Why not get married to that Taiwanese and retire?
259 :2014/03/26(水) 01:04:59.09 ID:
So this is a basic yoga pose, huh www
260 :2014/03/26(水) 01:05:03.75 ID:
Karina's a devout Christian.
She doesn't drink alcohol, and won't have sex until she gets married. You guys, don't be fooled by this.

276 :2014/03/26(水) 01:07:27.29 ID:
Failed attempt at a yoga teleport ww

327 :2014/03/26(水) 01:18:01.06 ID:
This isn't that big of a problem. It's not even a crime.
It would've been the end for an idol/actress who's being marketed with an innocent image, though.

340 :2014/03/26(水) 01:20:23.87 ID:
She'll most definitely lose endorsement deals.
She's not even that great of an actress so her drama career is in danger too.

372 :2014/03/26(水) 01:24:37.40 ID:
And even if she gets drama offers with the authority of her agency, the sponsors might not want her to be in those programs www
373 :2014/03/26(水) 01:24:52.73 ID:
The pose is too vulgar.
Even if her private part isn't seen, this is still a no-no.

389 :2014/03/26(水) 01:26:39.44 ID:
Even if she was thinking about getting married to this Taiwanese boyfriend, I wonder how this boyfriend and his parents feel about this
396 :2014/03/26(水) 01:28:07.37 ID:
You guys really love stories like this, huh w
432 :2014/03/26(水) 01:35:59.81 ID:
The pose, the angle, the tightness of the panties... This is something not seen since MaeAtsu's leaked picture

434 :2014/03/26(水) 01:36:05.31 ID:
Oh, an incident that happened 2 years ago.
So it was brought to FRIDAY just recently? Not sure, though.

443 :2014/03/26(水) 01:38:12.59 ID:
They probably kept this picture all this time as their trump card, and unleash it to ruin her career if she was planning on switching agencies, huh.
474 :2014/03/26(水) 01:46:42.44 ID:
I don't really get it, but what'll happen to her now?

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