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Ideal new co-worker and ideal boss ranking (Oricon)

1: 2014/03/23(日) 11:56:33.70 ID:???0
Number 1 for each category after the jump

Ideal new co-worker (male)

10. Kazuya Kamenashi
*9. Osamu Mukai
*8. Junpei Mizobata
*7. Yuki Matsui
*6. Masaki Okada
*5. Masahiro Tanaka
*4. Sho Sakurai
*3. Sota Fukushi
*2. Haruma Miura

Ideal new co-worker (female)

10. Becky
*9. Asami Miura
*8. Yuko Oshima
*7. Sara Takanashi
*6. Yui Aragaki
*5. Kasumi Arimura
*4. Emi Takei
*3. Rena Nounen
*2. Ayame Gouriki

Ideal boss (male)

10. Koichi Sato
*9. Senichi Hoshino
*8. Ichiro
*7. Masaharu Fukuyama
*6. Akira Ikegami
*5. Masato Sakai
*4. Takeshi Kitano
*3. Sanma Akashiya
*2. Tamori

Ideal boss (female)

10. Kyoko Koizumi / Matsuko Deluxe
*9. Masami Hisamoto
*8. Sawako Agawa
*7. Nanako Matsushima
*6. Akiko Wada
*5. Ryoko Yonekura
*4. Ryoko Shinohara
*3. Miki Maya
*2. Makiko Esumi


1: 2014/03/23(日) 11:56:33.70 ID:???0
Ideal new co-workers (male and female)

1. Yuzuru Hanyu and Mao Asada

Ideal boss (male)

1. George Tokoro

Ideal boss (female)

1. Yuki Amami

5 :2014/03/23(日) 11:57:35.43 ID: 
Wow, Megocchi's so popular!!!
7 :2014/03/23(日) 11:58:37.92 ID:
I don't see George Tokoro at all these days, what kind of group vote is this?
8 :2014/03/23(日) 11:58:43.23 ID:
So what's the point of this survey?
12 :2014/03/23(日) 12:10:16.30 ID:
I really can't imagine anyone voting for George Tokoro
13 :2014/03/23(日) 12:14:33.27 ID:
Hanyu looks up to his gold medalist senpai Shizuka Arakawa.
He even included an Ina Bauer in his Sochi routine, even if it didn't yield him high points. That's how much Arakawa has contributed to the sport.

And before talking about ideal new co-workers, people should think first if they can become seniors or bosses who will warrant the respect of these new employees. If you make reckless requests to the new hires, then your company will go down, just like what happened to Sukiya.
15 :2014/03/23(日) 12:15:38.19 ID:
A fresh grad at the top of the world? Everyone who answered this survey, you're all fired.
17 :2014/03/23(日) 12:16:08.48 ID:
Only TV celebrities and sports athletes in this ranking, huh w
18 :2014/03/23(日) 12:16:53.74 ID:
Gouriki wwwwww
20 :2014/03/23(日) 12:21:14.04 ID:
Uhmm, so Matsuko's in the "female" list?
22 :2014/03/23(日) 12:22:18.22 ID:
Meaningless ranking
23 :2014/03/23(日) 12:22:18.68 ID:
Yuki Amami seems like an emotional person, and she doesn't look like the type who'd give work to her subordinates. There's no good image of her at all.
30 :2014/03/23(日) 12:28:20.79 ID:
Sakurai's over 30, yet he's still considered a new hire? w
And there's no way that George Tokoro would make an ideal boss.
To think that you don't even know what this guy really does, and he particularly has no specialty.
33 :2014/03/23(日) 12:29:27.16 ID:
There's something wrong with the ideal boss list.
I can understand it though if's a survey who who you'd like for your older friends.
41 :2014/03/23(日) 12:42:28.16 ID:
George Tokoro → Irresponsible
Yuki Amami → Troublesome
47 :2014/03/23(日) 12:56:10.11 ID:
The ideal bosses are just mostly based on the image they had in their drama roles, right? Such a stupid survey.
49 :2014/03/23(日) 13:03:38.75 ID:
Becky and Mukai aren't even at the age of new hires.
Did they ask senile senior citizens here?
50 :2014/03/23(日) 13:05:34.79 ID:
I doubt that Hanyu would've even made the rankings if not for the gold medal
55 :2014/03/23(日) 13:11:35.06 ID:
But the credibility of this survey has skyrocketed thanks to Megocchi ranking in.
58 :2014/03/23(日) 13:27:00.42 ID:
George Tokoro's high up in the rankings, but I don't really get what's so good about him
59 :2014/03/23(日) 13:27:49.93 ID:
I think I get why they answered Hanyu
61 :2014/03/23(日) 13:28:52.35 ID:
Senichi Hoshino?
I'm sure that a lot of people would quit work if this guy was the boss.
62 :2014/03/23(日) 13:28:53.65 ID:
Isn't it the first time that figure skaters have gotten the top spot for both the men's and women's category?
65 :2014/03/23(日) 13:34:35.17 ID:
I heard that Hanyu's got a strong character and he even answers his coach and senpai back, though. Must be tough to have someone like that as your junior at work.
But some people did say that they were surprised at how polite he was.
I really don't get it.
72 :2014/03/23(日) 13:51:47.49 ID:
No, it's the other way around.
His ascend to the top was so fast, but I think he has the ability to suck it up to his jealous senpais so that they won't hold feelings of hatred and rivalry towards him. I think he's capable of doing that.
And an athlete clashing with his coach is pretty common, so I don't care, really.
78 :2014/03/23(日) 14:04:11.06 ID:
That's surprising
71 :2014/03/23(日) 13:51:45.06 ID:
Hanyu still hasn't shown his true colors yet.
He's still getting into these rankings now because of the power of the gold medal, and not quite yet because of his own personal appeal.
76 :2014/03/23(日) 14:00:30.57 ID:
This is just an image that I have, but Yuki Amami seems like she's got a frank and openhearted personality. She may strike thunder at her subordinates at times, but it'll just be at that moment, and she's not the type who bears grudges.
80 :2014/03/23(日) 14:11:10.75 ID:
Grannies must've voted for Haruma Miura.
These grannies always hope too high, and that's why they've got no takers.
111 :2014/03/23(日) 17:00:53.88 ID:
Wada and Hisamoto? What kind of survey is this w
118 :2014/03/23(日) 18:06:54.72 ID:
Mao-chan's the type who'll keep on working silently, earn the trust of her colleagues, and produce results even if her bosses bully her or treat her badly
119 :2014/03/23(日) 18:25:12.16 ID:
Nounen's a weird choice here.
She'll definitely be rejected at the interview stage.
125 :2014/03/23(日) 18:43:36.69 ID:
Shinsuke used to be #1 in the ideal boss list so this is 100% fabricated w
126 :2014/03/23(日) 18:50:17.48 ID:
I think Shinsuke's a pretty realistic choice for a boss.
If you stick by him, he'll give you jobs and also set up your character.
I think that's what's good about him.
I actually believe that Shinsuke would have been able to dominate a generation, if it just wasn't for his womanizing ways. That method of surrounding yourself with tons of sexual partners won't succeed unless you go behind the scenes like Akimoto has. If he just had to, then he should've taken it slowly like how Shimura has.
129 :2014/03/23(日) 19:39:59.64 ID:
Hanyu has no chinks in his armor when he talks, and I think that he'll be a hit with clients at work. And despite producing results at a major stage while shouldering all the hopes of the nation, he still keeps his feet on the ground. He's a role model to all new employees.
143 :2014/03/23(日) 21:36:33.42 ID:
People who have worked at a company before can tell that Mao Asada is neither immature nor stupid by the way she responded to Former Prime Minister Mori's shameless remark
147 :2014/03/23(日) 22:48:09.10 ID:
The way she answered that mean question was splendid.
Mao-chan never has any slip-ups.
She's definitely smart.
136 :2014/03/23(日) 20:39:33.11 ID:
2nd: Ayame Gouriki. That is all.

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