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Masaharu Fukuyama: "Some people have been searching 'Fukuyama ghost writer' on the Internet these days"

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Masaharu Fukuyama talked about the ghost writer accusations being thrown his way recently on his radio program.

Fukuyama has announced that his 11th original album -- his first in 5 years --titled HUMAN (2-disc), will be released in April this year. And 2 songs from his upcoming album which have already been released digitally have ranked 1st and 2nd in Recochoku's Chakuuta ranking for 2/19~2/25.

But a lot have been questioning if Fukuyama really has the capacity to write all these songs despite all his drama and movie roles. There was also an incident when Keisuke Kuwata of Southern All Stars joked on his radio program Keisuke Kuwata no Yasashii Yoasobi (TOKYO FM) that "of course, everyone has a ghost writer. We even have that in Amuse". Again, he insisted that this was a joke, but did mention Fukuyama's and BEGIN's names, which has led to further speculation.

Fukuyama seems to be aware of these allegations as he talked about this on his radio program Fukuyama Masaharu no All Night Nippon Saturday Special - Tamashii no Radio (Nippon Housou), revealing that "there are people who have been searching [Fukuyama (space) Ghostwriter] on the Internet these days".

He emphasized that he even played almost all the guitar parts on his upcoming album and how he was very particular about the minor details and fine tuning until the very end.

There are a lot of singer-songwriters rumored to have ghost writers following the Samuragochi incident, and people were expecting an avalanche of revelations to come, but a lot of the truth is still left in the dark.


* Ghost hair

* B'z is suspicious too

* The Super Dry commercial is entirely a promotional gimmick for his new song, right? It's on TV all the time so I always change the channel when I see it. And I'm personally boycotting Super Dry for the rest of my life.

* This old man's pretty busy, he doesn't have the time to write songs

* So is he denying it? What about it?

* And his songs are only of this level after using a ghost?


Fukuyama made this song, they said. There's no way Fukuyama can write something like this.

* People have always said Fukuyama has a ghost writer, even when he was just starting

* Yutaka Ozaki's the only real deal. Real geniuses need to be somewhat crazy.

* He also has ghost photographers taking photos on his behalf, right?

* This guy acted like a first-rate photographer, got in the way at the Olympics, and was ignored by all the other photographers, right?

* I think ambitious composers wrote for him when he was just beginning his career. I think it changed from Hitotsu yane no shita onwards.

* Lyrics/Music/Arrangement: Masaharu Fukuyama
↑ No effing way www

* So does this mean he's not flat out denying it?

* Did Kuwata just sell him out?

* Amuse in itself is pretty fishy

* Masaharu Fukuyama's an idol who was created by various people.

* Well at least he himself performs onstage, unlike Samuragochi who had ghosts for everything

* Masaharu Fukuyama is precisely the definition of the word "idol"

* Well, it's true that his songs don't sound consistent so you don't know who wrote them.

* I was really surprised when I went to his concert once, and wondered if Fukuyama really wrote those songs. Well, my only image of him was of his old song "Hello", but would your songwriting talent really improve that much in 15 years?

* I never even thought that he wrote his songs all this time

* I'm not sure about the music, but I've always thought that a woman wrote his lyrics

* Search "Fukuyama Masaharu thinning hair allegations"

* Fukuyama's a very good guitarist. He always plays and sings on the radio, but he's really good even on the acoustic. Great face, great voice, great guitar playing.

* All his songs are so lame so I don't think he's got a ghost writer w

* "Space Ghost Rider"? Damn, so cool!


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