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Mizuki Yamamoto graduates from Meiji University

1: 2014/03/26(水) 11:20:30.38 ID:???0
Model Mizuki Yamamoto (22) graduated from Meiji University School of Agriculture's life science department on the 26th. Yamamoto was at the Nihon Budokan in Tokyo for the graduation rites and commented: "I was able to graduate in 4 years without any hitches. Thank you for all your support. I want to pursue modeling and acting seriously from now on.".

Yamamoto wore a hakama which she personally designed and said, "I was extra cautious with the coloring. The theme of this is a 'retro-literary girl'.". Looking back at her campus life, she said that she enjoyed "studying for exams until late at night with my friends, eating lunch on the grass with them and playing cards at the cafeteria". She also said, "I struggled with the subjects that put emphasis on attendance. I had trouble trying to stay awake, especially when I had to film until early in the morning". She continues: "I enjoyed studying subjects which involved solving problems using the scientific method. I would have wanted to join more lab experiments, though. I hope I can put these things that I have learned to good use at work.".

Yamamoto said that people have expressed their support for her, but she insisted that she did not meet a special someone. Some people did confess their feelings to her, but she said that "Unfortunately, there haven't been any drama-like situations for me". She also said, "I also wanted to take part in joint parties, but I couldn't. I would have liked to have more fun with everyone else.".

2 :2014/03/26(水) 11:21:40.77 ID:
What’s important here is whether she got in through recommendation or if she took the normal way in
3 :2014/03/26(水) 11:22:05.52 ID:
Mizuki, you’re so cute, Mizuki
5 :2014/03/26(水) 11:23:48.79 ID:
How nice
7 :2014/03/26(水) 11:24:15.65 ID:
I do recall seeing her a lot in dramas, movies, and commercials.
I’m amazed that she was able to graduate properly.

8 :2014/03/26(水) 11:24:29.62 ID:
She’s smart on top of being this cute?
She’s perfect.

9 :2014/03/26(水) 11:25:16.70 ID:
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mizuki-chan congrats!
I hope Mizuki-chan brings peace to this world with her otaku mind.

13 :2014/03/26(水) 11:26:35.85 ID:
Her face totally looks like that of a man.
But she’s pretty.

15 :2014/03/26(水) 11:28:19.82 ID:
Here’s to hoping that her thesis wasn't a plagiarism of someone else's
17 :2014/03/26(水) 11:29:03.57 ID:
Hm? Did she always look like this?
19 :名無しさん@恐縮です@転載禁止:2014/03/26(水) 11:29:19.16 ID:
Did she just become more buff?
20 :名無しさん@恐縮です@転載禁止:2014/03/26(水) 11:29:57.17 ID:
She’s done well for graduating from a science course while working
37 :名無しさん@恐縮です@転載禁止:2014/03/26(水) 11:44:45.71 ID:
I don’t think that’s even possible. I’m not sure how science courses are in private schools but they’re more on lab work, right?

23 :2014/03/26(水) 11:32:25.34 ID:
She just looks like a cross-dressed Wentz to me

26 :2014/03/26(水) 11:33:32.60 ID:
You’re talking about Horan

25 :2014/03/26(水) 11:33:24.03 ID:
Graduating from a scientific course without doing extra years while working as a talent is a pretty amazing feat
29 :2014/03/26(水) 11:34:53.14 ID:
This is probably just like a feather on her cap.
She couldn’t have possibly done any research with all the work that she’s been doing.

30 :2014/03/26(水) 11:34:55.59 ID:
There’s surprisingly a lot of pretty girls in the agricultural departments.
And that will just increase thanks to Silver Spoon.

34 :2014/03/26(水) 11:41:35.76 ID:
I think one won’t be able to stand this girl’s manly features, unless you’ve got gay tendencies
42 :2014/03/26(水) 11:51:38.04 ID:
Too bad, she’s got a disappointing voice, though
51 :2014/03/26(水) 12:04:44.85 ID:
You guys must be thinking that we have a chance with her beause she’s a hardcore otaku, right?
60 :2014/03/26(水) 12:09:50.04 ID:
I really like this girl
62 :2014/03/26(水) 12:13:19.16 ID:
She’s also a surprisingly good actress
71 :2014/03/26(水) 12:31:29.64 ID:
Graduating from Meiji University is already considered a high academic background in showbiz.
And the course isn’t relevant for some reason too.

73 :2014/03/26(水) 12:32:58.62 ID:
She’s commendable if she did get in by taking the exam normally.
If she just got in by recommendation, then she’s just considered as a means of promotion, nothing else.

74 :2014/03/26(水) 12:32:58.90 ID:
Mizuki Yamamoto – Chikushi Jogakuen High School.
School average score: 68

93 :2014/03/26(水) 13:09:50.36 ID:
Beauty and brains, she’s really the perfect human being
95 :2014/03/26(水) 13:12:22.01 ID:

I Googled it, and it’s true

83 :2014/03/26(水) 12:49:20.79 ID:
99 :2014/03/26(水) 13:21:02.01 ID:
If she’s this pretty in pictures, then she must really look like a doll in real life.
I envy her for getting to live life on easy mode.

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