Monday, March 10, 2014

Talents with the longest commercial airtime

(Last year's rank in the bracket)

10. Nozomi Sasaki (4)
*9. Koji Yakusho (43)
*8. Haruka Shimazaki (164)
*7. Junji Takada (7)
*6. Morisanchu (486)


5. Emi Takei (2)

4. Yuko Oshima (6)

3. Haruka Igawa (53)

2. Aya Ueto (1) (14,155 broadcasts 231,955 seconds)

1. Ayame Gouriki (3) (20,848 broadcasts, 336,080 seconds)

* Gouriki for the talents. Ieiri in music. Just how much do the industry people love these sharp, slanted eyes w

* So do they want us to say "Oscar's the best!" ?

* Oscar's gori-oshi method

* I get the feeling that Kiritani's been making a lot of appearances lately

* That's amazing for Takada Sensei

* I'm surprised that Haruka Igawa's still around, is this the might of her agency?

* Rei Kikkawa was also a CM queen once. I guess you'll disappear if you don't have the talent even if they extremely push for you.

* Let's put an end to this idea that the number of CM appearances = popularity

Correct. CMs are projects which the agencies get. This proves that someone who has a lot of commercials isn't exactly popular.

* Then who would you guys want as #1?

* Whatever the case, I boycotted Lunch Pack 

* Nozomi Sasaki's commercials are eye candy. I hope they use more beauties in commercials.

* As expected of Megocchi. She truly is above the rest when it comes to popularity and track record.

* What's with Igawa's sudden rise? Looks like it's totally unrelated to the needs of the viewers.

* I actually prefer this to Takei being pushed forward

* I'll be honest. For some reason, I don't dislike Gouriki anymore these days.

* Haruka Igawa's the bigger surprise here, not Gouriki. Why did she suddenly come up?

* The ones on top are mostly the ones with telecommunications commercials, huh

* "Oscar's amazing!" --- did I get it right?

* I'm seeing Masato Sakai a lot these days

* The Megocchi effect

* Super popular Megocchi

* If you guys are saying Haruka Igawa's ugly, then Gouriki, Takei, and Kutsuna should be committing seppuku 

* I can only approve of her sharp and snappy dancing

* I can really understand why people are distancing themselves from TV now


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