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Haruka Ayase in the commercial of Giant Cone

1: 2014/03/25(火) 05:54:56.48 ID:???0
Actress Ayase Haruka will be in the upcoming commercial of Giant Cone which will go on air from the 29th. The commercial will be set in a fantasy world, "the room inside the heart", where Ayase, who plays the role of an angel, makes her appearance. She goes on to say "Otsukaresama desu!" to the delivery man, the housewife, the salary man, and all these people who work hard each and every day.

Ayase constantly eased the mood of the commercial shooting sites. She came in, greeted everyone with a bright and cheerful "Good mo~rning!", then looked around confused at the huge studio, not knowing where to go next, which has given comfort to the staff and personnel and brought them smiles. The director has given her instructions to "make the people who are watching you feel at ease", which she did with her natural and subtle expressions, tone, and gestures.

She was also instructed to "open her mouth as wide as she can" on the scene where she eats the Giant Cone. She then wiped away the nuts which stuck to her lips and would make a cute gesture with her mouth, as everyone watched her in amusement.

1: 2014/03/25(火) 05:54:56.48 ID:???0

2 :2014/03/25(火) 05:55:42.31 ID:
No one's allowed to talk about her chin ↓ 
3 :2014/03/25(火) 05:56:38.18 ID:
The cutest in the entire world
6 :2014/03/25(火) 06:01:10.05 ID:
Nice boobs
8 :2014/03/25(火) 06:02:29.18 ID:
Can those bangs really be considered a success?
9 :2014/03/25(火) 06:02:31.87 ID:
Hm? She doesn't look that good in still pictures.
Will this impression change once we see her moving?
10 :2014/03/25(火) 06:09:19.49 ID:
She's got a face that looks prettier when seen from an angle instead of from the front.
11 :2014/03/25(火) 06:09:25.01 ID:
The cutest upturned chin in the world
12 :2014/03/25(火) 06:10:51.96 ID:
She's got a giant cone attached under her mouth
18 :2014/03/25(火) 06:33:39.76 ID:
Pulling off bangs like this is quite hard, but Ayase has done so effortlessly.
19 :2014/03/25(火) 06:41:48.03 ID:
How old is she again?
20 :2014/03/25(火) 06:46:18.91 ID:
23 :2014/03/25(火) 06:58:44.26 ID:
I like Ayase but she's not that young anymore where you can say she's cute or naturally dumb
25 :2014/03/25(火) 07:15:02.14 ID:
I get a feeling that she and Haruna Kawaguchi would have nice chemistry with each other. 

I want to see them as sisters in a drama.
26 :名2014/03/25(火) 07:17:25.41 ID:
She must be a pretty powerful chewer
29 :2014/03/25(火) 07:28:16.82 ID:O
You need to see this girl in videos, you won't get her appeal from still pictures alone

33 :2014/03/25(火) 07:44:38.16 ID:
There's not that many girls who can look cute with this hairstyle.
She's probably the only girl who can look cute with a bald head.
34 :2014/03/25(火) 07:46:22.45 ID:
Her Pocari CM when she just made her debut was cute

57 :2014/03/25(火) 10:38:43.39 ID:
That CM was actually 5 years after her debut

37 :2014/03/25(火) 08:01:02.22 ID:
She's not that young anymore, but is she still pushing through with this kind of image?
38 :2014/03/25(火) 08:02:49.00 ID:
I want her to try having a more normal persona.
I think she can do it.
44 :2014/03/25(火) 08:46:44.61 ID:
She's so cute, I'm having a hard time differentiating her from my girlfriend
45 :2014/03/25(火) 08:53:55.98 ID:
I think she can make that seamless transition to doing mother roles
46 :2014/03/25(火) 08:58:06.39 ID:
Haruka Ayase boobie fondling

48 :2014/03/25(火) 09:29:02.15 ID:
Oh, this person who gets an amazing boost in her image from the media w
55 :名無しさん@恐縮です@転載禁止:2014/03/25(火) 10:30:23.13 ID:OLI8SdHu0
56 :2014/03/25(火) 10:34:15.97 ID:
But I just came to this thread for the AA...
63 :2014/03/25(火) 11:32:50.99 ID:

* I'm telling you, I don't have a giant cone hanging from my mouth
64 :2014/03/25(火) 11:56:18.65 ID:
So cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!
She can be the host of the Kouhaku forever!
69 :2014/03/25(火) 13:41:59.83 ID:
I started to get annoyed and grown to hate her though after all the overpushing of her naturally dumb persona
70 :2014/03/25(火) 14:29:32.70 ID:
She's never been pretty, and she's starting to look like a granny recently
72 :2014/03/25(火) 15:04:50.33 ID:
I fapped a lot to Haruna Ayase, her look-alike AV actress
77 :2014/03/25(火) 16:40:07.28 ID: 
Won't this girl be taking her clothes off yet? I want to see her in steamy scenes soon.
82 :2014/03/25(火) 19:05:40.93 ID:
Model-like figure
83 :2014/03/25(火) 19:09:23.27 ID:

* The chin is a giant cone
86 :2014/03/25(火) 19:47:58.85 ID:
She's cute and pretty at the same time. 
I love her.
94 :2014/03/25(火) 22:09:08.97 ID:
I don't think she's particularly stunning, but she's got this unique sense of transparency.
And I'm surprised that she said something like she likes to move her body a lot.
I always thought that she was the lazy type.
97 :2014/03/25(火) 22:22:57.35 ID:
I wonder what it is.
It's not like each of her facial parts are super good, but she looks reaaaaally cute.
The overall balance of her face must be miraculously good.

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