Sunday, March 9, 2014

SMAP's Masahiro Nakai confesses: "I really just can't get along with Inagaki-san"

Masahiro Nakai (41) confessed on Waratte Iitomo that he hasn't been able to get along with fellow SMAP member Goro Inagaki (40) that well.

In the corner "Koukai! Sasayakana Saikou Kimitsu", Nakai shockingly admitted that: "For some reason... I really can't get along that well with Inagaki-san". "We've been in the same group now for 25, 26 years. I approach him, Inagaki-san also approaches me, but to no avail. Our tastes and preferences, our way of life, the way we spend time... nothing matches with each other", which naturally surprised Tamori (68) and everyone else.

"We don't usually talk to each other. Well yes, we do have conversations once in a while and just when I think that 'Oh, we seem to be clicking!', we actually aren't. I think both of us are hoping that we'd click. But everything's alright when the cameras are rolling. But still, our conversations don't move forward."


* Because Inagaki's got a lot of hair...?

* If they really aren't good friends with each other, he won't be able to say stuff like this. C'mon baldie, admit that you hate Kimura.

* If he's not saying negative stuff like "I can't stand him! He's irritating! I don't want to be with him!, etc." then I think this is nothing

* Nakai doesn't get along with KimuTaku too, right?

* Isn't this actually better? That they're not cozy with each other?

* I don't see any problem here. This will actually make things work more smoothly in most cases.

* They're just a team at work, and there's no need for these 40-somethings to force themselves to get close to one another

* There's no need to be really familiar with someone just because he's your acquaintance at work

* "Because Inagaki's not the type of person who speaks a lot in private"

* I've got this image that you can't joke around with Inagaki and Kimura. It seems to me that they've got pride and when you tell them jokes, they'll just dismiss you with a "So?"

* Nakai likes baseball while Inagaki likes wine, right? There's no way they can strike a conversation.

* Maybe for Nakai, Kimura's like a batchmate while Kusanagi and Shingo are like his younger brothers. Then what about the younger Inagaki? He can't go in the younger brother position too, so I think it's difficult to establish a relationship between them.

* I've known this for quite some time after watching all those live broadcasts. I think everyone who watches them thinks the same thing w I don't see a problem with it, though. Their personas and senses are totally different too. This happens quite a lot between co-workers.

* I think Nakai and Kimura really are the ones who don't get along with each other. You won't be able to say things like this if they really don't get along with each other.

* I don't think that there are a lot of people who would actually get along with Inagaki-san. I think KimuTaku's amazing.

* Definitely seems to me that he's not on good terms with KimuTaku in real life. It seems that he's just trying to put up a front to praise him and lowers himself to do so, but you can totally feel that there's this distance between the 2.

* Are there really other men who can get along with Inagaki? I don't actually hate him, though.

* Villain roles actually suit Goro well

* But Nakai's always been making fun of Inagaki for laughs since forever! This is proof that they're actually really close.

* Bad relationship? Nah. They just can't hit it off.

* Well, duh! How would a person who goes "This wine~" etc. etc., or "French cuisine" etc. etc. get along with a guy who goes "Dayum, rice on water is da bomb!"?

* This sort of thing happens a lot between humans, can't be helped. Workplaces are filled with that w

* I think Nakai just can't approach Inagaki since KimuTaku's always with him

* I think Katori and Kusanagi are the only ones who are truly close to one another


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