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AV actress Eririka Katagiri: "I've done it with Sanma", "Size? S", "He's boring during plays"

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1: xxx:2014/03/20(木) 11:06:30.49 ID:???0
Sexy talent Eririka Katagiri (22) dropped a bombshell on a live streaming session, saying that she has had a sexual relationship with comedian Sanma Akashiya (58). She also exposed that Sanma has a lot of other relationships with other "sexy talents".

Katagiri stands 158cm, with vital stats of 86-57-87. She became popular on live streaming site Niconico Douga with her "nude guitar" performances and debuted as an AV actress in 2011.

Katagiri was on a live chat session with some viewers on the 17th. On this day, she said, "I've never mentioned this before, but the comedian I've done it with was Sanma-san". She got scared for a bit and started calling him "S-san" for a bit, but her motor mouth was now at full throttle.

She did not reveal how they met and just said that "I'd get scolded", but she revealed that Sanma sent him a message with his personal address after they got to know each other. She revealed some facts about Sanma's home: "He has 3 cars, he's got his personal goods in his room, and has a figure of One Piece's Boa Hancock". She also revealed that "He would watch his own shows in his room and laugh out loud at himself". Sanma indeed has previously said that Hancock was his ideal woman and that he does check his own TV performances. 

Katagiri also revealed a lot of the dirty stuff. "He's quite a heavy kisser. As for the size of 'it'? It's an S." She also said that he has no foreskin, and the little general was always stiff. As for the actual act: "He didn't say funny stuff when we were doing it". 

This is consistent with AV actress Makoto Yuki's revelation (related post HERE) that "Sanma is like someone in his 20s or 30s down there".

Another sexy talent that Sanma has allegedly slept with was Mana Sakura (related post HERE), as reported by FRIDAY.

According to Katagiri: "I don't fall in this category, but I think most of the AV actresses around me do it with him and then rat it out to FRIDAY". Regarding all these revelations, she says, "Of course, no doubt that a lot of people say things about him. He's been doing it all the time with other women.".

Sanma revealed that his ex-wife Shinobu Otake and daughter IMALU scolded him after FRIDAY's report. This will probably make them angry once again.

But Katagiri finished off the broadcast with: "You guys judge if it's true or not. I can't prove it. I might still have his text messages, though."

3 :2014/03/20(木) 11:06:54.50 ID:
He's single so he can do what he wants
9 :2014/03/20(木) 11:09:44.14 ID:
Looks like he'll eventually look forward to all these exposures
11 :2014/03/20(木) 11:09:51.20 ID:
I don't think there's even a need to hide all this stuff now. He might actually want these women to blurt it all out so he can use them for his jokes.
12 :2014/03/20(木) 11:10:21.50 ID:
She's a big-racked bi+ch like this

47 :2014/03/20(木) 11:17:14.53 ID:
Beautiful pink color

13 :2014/03/20(木) 11:10:23.15 ID:
But even with these AV actresses, he can't get the top ones, and just the B-classes, huh
16 :2014/03/20(木) 11:11:16.25 ID:
So Sanma can only devour D-class fuglies like her... To think that he can choose anyone he wants.
17 :2014/03/20(木) 11:11:24.04 ID:
Well, if you're single and you have all the money that you can't even spend in your lifetime, then AV actresses are fine since they don't come with any strings attached. I think Sanma even considers all these exposés as just another source of his jokes
23 :2014/03/20(木) 11:12:34.10 ID:
Sanma www
25 :2014/03/20(木) 11:12:55.08 ID:
All that's left for him is to quit Yoshimoto and establish his own AV agency
35 :2014/03/20(木) 11:14:33.06 ID:
A story like this should be brought along with you to your grave
36 :2014/03/20(木) 11:14:33.66 ID:
Playing with an AV actress?
Well, that's what comedians usually do so I see no problem here.
37 :2014/03/20(木) 11:14:57.61 ID:
You think Sanma's reputation would go down with this? Sanma's worth actually increases with stories like this since he hogs all the headlines. This was also the case during his divorce. He's good at turning dire situations into chances.
45 :2014/03/20(木) 11:16:37.54 ID:
Eririka Katagiri, she's my type. 

She's the woman who had that indoor fireworks incident in the past, right?
I LOL'd at that one.
Then she made her AV debut afterwards.

50 :2014/03/20(木) 11:17:20.13 ID:
Eririka's such a strange name
57 :2014/03/20(木) 11:18:42.49 ID:
It's just another case of them bragging about their heroic conquests
63 :2014/03/20(木) 11:19:55.7 ID:
AV actresses might really be the best choice if you just want to play around.

I don't see any problem here.
76 :2014/03/20(木) 11:22:14.07 ID:
Sanma can get himself a 5-star meal, but always settles for women who are just like convenience store obentos
49 :2014/03/20(木) 11:17:15.51 ID:
Nothing can be turned into a scandal now in Sanma's case.
That's proof that he's a top-drawer comedian

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