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TOKIO performing at this year's SUMMER SONIC, how are they as a rock band? "They have already exceeded the level of idols long ago"

1: 2014/03/21(金) 09:39:31.73 ID:???0
On their 20th anniversary, Johnny's group TOKIO has been invited to participate in this year's SUMMER SONIC festival (August 16, 17 in Chiba and Osaka), as well as the Join Alive festival in Hokkaido on July 19 and 20.

Major foreign acts such as the Arctic Monkeys, Megadeth, and Pixies will be performing at this year's SUMMER SONIC festival. TOKIO will be drawing in the attention, but how good really are they as a band? Music writer Fuyu Shogun writes: 
"TOKIO has had a long career as a band, and I think that they have already exceeded the level of [idols holding instruments 
just because it was the 'in' thing] long ago. Drummer Masahiro Matsuoka has established a reputation for being stable and consistent, especially singer/guitarist Tomoya Nagase, who is also known for being a guitarist with great taste as his gear has even been featured in Guitar Magazine. He has in his possession a lot of vintage guitars from Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, and even has the top-of-the-line 'private stock' models from the brand PRS -- limited edition guitars that real guitar players would kill for, and enough to impress any guitar collector and enthusiast. There's even an anecdote that he placed a personal order to Fender's master builder, the person who creates Eric Clapton's guitars. And what's amazing about him is that he just doesn't keep these guitars for his collection, but actually uses them at concerts. When he plays the guitar, he doesn't lengthen the strap to lower his guitar, but actually plays it pretty high up his body, and actually looks cool doing so. Every time I see him on TV, I'm impressed at how he can play such difficult riffs while singing at the same time. Even Kobukuro's Kentaro Kobuchi-san vouches for Nagase's playing skills, after getting to know him through a vintage guitar shop."

"As for their song pieces, TOKIO have been collaborating with a lot of big-named artists since 2006. Miyuki Nakajima provided them with "Sorafune" in the same year, Yoshihiro Kai gave them the song "Hikari no machi" and "Run free (Swan dance wo kimi to)", while Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi provided them with the song "SEISYuN". They're essentially a rock band who eagerly challenges and incorporates Japanese folk song elements into their sound, which also adds to the "passion" and "manliness" of their songs. If people can just do away with the prejudice that TOKIO is from Johnny's, then I think that they do deserve  to be recognized as a band."

This is a huge challenge for TOKIO. It will be very interesting to see how the people will be receiving them among all the other big-named acts at the festival.


3 :2014/03/21(金) 09:39:57.98 ID:
TOKIO is forgiven
7 :2014/03/21(金) 09:41:58.99 ID:
I want to mosh so hard to TOKIO, but do they have songs you can do that to?
8: 2014/03/21(金) 09:42:36.16 ID:
No assessment of Leader?
14: 2014/03/21(金) 09:44:15.45 ID:
Leader's seriously damn good at singing, right?
17: 2014/03/21(金) 09:45:11.93 ID
Maybe Kokubun's keyboard playing is the only thing of concern

16: 2014/03/21(金) 09:44:37.62 ID
Nagase used to sing stupid idol songs during their debut but practiced GNR songs in private
21: 2014/03/21(金) 09:46:02.69 ID
Now guys, don't ask too much from these DASH Village comedians
22: 2014/03/21(金) 09:46:04.27 ID:
Sorafune's the only song I approve of

23: 2014/03/21(金) 09:46:12.45 ID:
Perfume and MomoClo were also able to perform there, so this doesn't feel new at all
60: 2014/03/21(金) 09:53:00.25 ID:
There were mixed reactions to MomoClo joining the Ozzfest but it was eventually a success.
I heard that Slipknot's vocalist watched MomoClo's performance and clapped his hands along to the songs.
24: 2014/03/21(金) 09:46:23.58 ID:
Yes, their name is TOKIO.
World class band TOKIO should be performing at the Tokyo Olympics' closing ceremony.
28: 2014/03/21(金) 09:46:52.56 ID:
"They have already exceeded the level of farmers long ago"
32: 2014/03/21(金) 09:48:53.69 ID:
I think I want to watch them if they'll be performing "Love You Only" and "Uwasa no Kiss"
39: 2014/03/21(金) 09:49:47.59 ID:
The title looked to me like: "They have already exceeded the age of idols long ago"
41: 2014/03/21(金) 09:49:57.28 ID:
There are a lot of horrible vocalists in other Rokinon bands too.
No problem here.
42: 2014/03/21(金) 09:50:18.49 ID:
Tsuyoshi Domoto was at a festival last year, but the songs he performed were good.
The songs were funky, and weren't idol-like songs.
46: 2014/03/21(金) 09:50:34.63 ID:
Won't they have a concert to mark their return to DASH Village?
51: 2014/03/21(金) 09:51:33.06 ID:
I'd approve of them if Nagase comes out wearing his hot pants
52: 2014/03/21(金) 09:52:05.62 ID:
Just don't cause trouble to others like the Chil-wotas. (Related post HERE)
But TOKIO's singing and playing isn't as horrible as MisChil so at least that's a plus.
54: 2014/03/21(金) 09:52:15.96 ID:
Nagase, Leader, and Matsuoka are good
56: 2014/03/21(金) 09:52:34.19 ID:
Probably better than MisChil
58: 2014/03/21(金) 09:52:39.09 ID:
Play using vegetables, like Spike Jonze
63: 2014/03/21(金) 09:53:28.37 ID:
I'm teary-eyed because the reactions here are surprisingly kind
77: 2014/03/21(金) 09:56:27.19 ID:
TOKIO's always been received well by men from before
69: 2014/03/21(金) 09:54:28.43 ID:
I like how people laugh when Leader sings "I get a true love"
73: 2014/03/21(金) 09:55:23.89 ID:
I'm guessing that TOKIO will be building the stages, right?
75: 2014/03/21(金) 09:55:39.38 ID:
Joshima and Yamaguchi formed the "Joshima band" in the past.
Afterwards, Johnny Kitagawa renamed them to TOKIO BAND, leading to their current name TOKIO.
78: 2014/03/21(金) 09:56:56.27 ID:
They're better than TOKIO HOTEL
79: 2014/03/21(金) 09:56:58.64 ID:
I don't think there's anyone who thinks of them as idols
85: 2014/03/21(金) 09:58:13.21 ID:
There are also a lot of bad-playing professionals.
Poison whom I got to see before was just plain horrible.
It was on the same level as someone who started holding an instrument for half a year.
92: 2014/03/21(金) 10:00:14.83 ID:
Aren't they actually top level in Japan when it comes to technical playing ability?
95: 2014/03/21(金) 10:01:08.45 ID:
I've never really listened to them that closely, but the drum and bass are pretty much textbook stuff.
I really love the song "Love Love Manhattan".
A classic power pop cut.

99: 2014/03/21(金) 10:02:02.57 ID:
Hoping for Akio-san to be invited over as their special guest

104: 2014/03/21(金) 10:03:01.70 ID:
People may bash idol bands, but are regular bands even on a high level?
112: 2014/03/21(金) 10:04:19.58 ID:
Kokubun's keyboard is labeled nicely with the guides "Do, re, mi..." 
118: 2014/03/21(金) 10:05:23.63 ID:
I've never seen Kokubun play the piano before.
If he really can, then he should've actually played it a lot on Tetsuwan DASH.
122: 2014/03/21(金) 10:06:10.68 ID:
Didn't he play a streetside live with Leader and Nagase before?
123: 2014/03/21(金) 10:06:46.36 ID:
I literally LOL'd so hard when I saw a Joshima thread up on the metal forums in the past
132: 2014/03/21(金) 10:08:53.87 ID:
It's still going strong w

139: 2014/03/21(金) 10:11:32.36 ID:
T たまに 
O 音楽もやるけど 
K クワを持つ方が 
I いきいきしてる 
O オッサンたち 

T - Tama ni 
O - Ongaku yaru kedo 
K - Kuwa wo motsu hou ga 
I - Iki iki shiteru 
O - Ossan tachi 

(These old-men may play music once in a while, but they look more lively when they carry farming hoes)
141: 2014/03/21(金) 10:11:44.87 ID:
I thought Nagase just played the tambourine. And now he's recognized as a guitarist, huh.
144: 2014/03/21(金) 10:12:42.18 ID:
They should make lyrics like,

"You left the agency after feeling troubled when Johnny-san excavated you.
It's sad without you, 
but I wish you all the best. Sayonara."
146: 2014/03/21(金) 10:11:44.87 ID:
I also want to hear TOKIO playing seriously 
151: 2014/03/21(金) 10:15:03.12 ID:
Of course they're amazing.
They're the most famous farmer band in the world.

152: 2014/03/21(金) 10:15:10.84 ID:
It'll probably be much better than last year's MisChil.

Because we had the triple combo of

-Boring songs that are only popular, but you can't get into
-Bad playing
-Grannies occupying the front-most row.
167: 2014/03/21(金) 10:20:52.74 ID:
They're like modestly handsome carpenters who just started forming a band for fun www

But that's actually what's good about them.
168: 2014/03/21(金) 10:20:52.74 ID:
Will there be those "immovable stone statues" in the front rows again?
170: 2014/03/21(金) 10:21:44.87 ID:
I remember laughing when I saw Nagase singing on an unplugged program on NHK because he was actually so good w
174: 2014/03/21(金) 10:21:44.87 ID:
Johnny's should only be with other Johnny's talents, in front of Johnny's fans.
Because we have countless foreign and local acts, and there aren't any rock fans who'd even consider buying TOKIO's CDs.
179: 2014/03/21(金) 10:25:49.27 ID:
Nagase's got the money so he can buy all those vintage guitars and one-offs, right? wwwww
But he really did look pro when I saw him playing on TV.
And I think that bad singing has also become one of his defining factors.

180: 2014/03/21(金) 10:25:56.57 ID:
No one mentioning Leader's superior technique, huh
182: 2014/03/21(金) 10:26:20.68 ID:
Small children probably think that these guys are actually from the agricultural industry
190: 2014/03/21(金) 10:29:51.49 ID:
The fact that they're from Johnny's already excludes them from being assessed due to their skills.
Even if they're good or consistent, they just get dismissed ---"but they're still from Johnny's, right?".
230: 2014/03/21(金) 08:15:13.31 ID:
I hate Jani but TOKIO are the good guys of Jani.
I don't hate these guys.
They hold concerts, but can't gather an audience. Their CDs also don't sell well.
That means that their fanbase is different from your regular Johnny's talent.
I want these guys to do their best.

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