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Similar to an idol concert? Yuzuru Hanyu: "I heard the cheers, but that didn't really affect my performance"

1: 2014/03/27(木) 09:14:51.28 ID:???0
On Day 1 of the World Figure Skating Championships, Men's short program, the "Ice Prince", Yuzuru Hanyu (19) fell after his quadruple spin toe loop and started off the Men's short program with 91.24 points, ranking in at 3rd for the day. Sochi Olympics 5th placer Tatsuki Machida (24) broke his personal best with a score of 98.21. Takahiko Kozuka (25), who skated in place of the injured Daisuke Takahashi (28), scored 85.64 and ranked 6th.

The event seemed like an idol concert. Right before Hanyu's performance, a group of girls screamed, "Yuzu, we love you~!", which awkwardly cued his music "Parisienne Walkways". He made a mistake in his specialty, the quadruple toe loop, as he lacked revolutions and made a mistake in his landing. The "Ice Prince" went on to recover and made a combination of a triple axel and a 3-3 spin, but only smiled wryly after his performance. The 91.24 points is far below his world record score of 101.45, and his noble face seemingly turned askew as he heard the score being announced.

"I heard the cheers (prior to the performance), but that didn't really affect my performance. I came in here, probably too overconfident and slightly lacked focus because I know I didn't make any mistakes in the SP routine. I can't say that I'm happy with this at all, and I am angry at myself. I really can't forgive myself."

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1: 2014/03/27(木) 09:14:51.28 ID:???0
It has been 1 month after Hanyu won the gold at the Sochi Olympics, but he has still maintained his high motivation. Patrick Chan of Canada, silver medalist at the Sochi Olympics and world record holder of the highest combined score, isn't taking part in this competition. Hanyu is the odds-on favorite to win the gold, as all the rivals are now chasing after him. But Hanyu had something else in mind. "I am still chasing after myself. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of performance I can manage while going up against pressure". His concentration and mental state were no different from the time of the Olympics, but he was not able to deliver a perfect performance this time.

These loud cheers have been heard even during the paid rehearsals, but the Hanyu fever also extends to outside the rink. The small medal ceremony which will take place on the 29th for the 1st~3rd placers of the free run will be held at the open area near the audience entrances. It is possible for non-ticket holders to view the proceedings, which was also the case during the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in 2013. There is no doubt that a pandemonium will ensue if Hanyu is one of the winners and gets to be at the ceremony. The Japan Skating Federation will not be increasing the number of guards, but have commented that they will be much more cautious this time compared to the Four Continents championships.

* edit: Hanyu scored 191.35 in the free program, and 282.59 overall; leapfrogging Machida and Fernandez to come from behind and win the Men's single championship

3 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:16:50.23 ID:
That’s so mature of him.
He truly is a genuine professional for not speaking ill of fans.

6 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:17:01.31 ID:
These fans got in his way in a sense, and is something that other Hanyu fans are allowed to get mad at
7 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:17:10.71 ID:
This isn’t them cheering for the athlete, but them trying to promote themselves and make themselves heard
23 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:19:39.60 ID:
That’s it

9 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:17:34.05 ID:
All you middle aged-grannies, enough is enough
11 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:18:26.93 ID:
Whatever the case, this guy should really do something about his landing 
12 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:18:45.04 ID:
Oh, so love from women has no effect on him
13 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:18:45.42 ID:
Anyone who shouts out during the silence before the performances should be thrown out of the arena
17 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:19:03.69 ID:
These grannies who treat athletes as idols truly are disgusting.
And they screamed the moment before his actual performance? That’s such a nuisance for Hanyu-kun. Japanese fans really are abnormal.

18 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:19:08.71 ID:
Whether or not it affects one’s performance, I really hope that people stop doing this
19 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:19:23.57 ID:
In other words, your voices aren’t reaching out to him
22 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:19:38.37 ID:
The way this guy talks is really so nice.
I’m totally uninterested in figure skating, but this makes me want to cheer him on.

24 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:19:59.16 ID:
Stop pulling the legs of these athletes
26 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:20:21.54 ID:
Identify who these fans are and ban them from watching live
29 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:20:47.54 ID:
Like a group of hysterical women? Damn, that’s scary.
31 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:21:07.72 ID:
He did look irritated during the public rehearsals.
Poor guy.

33 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:21:54.77 ID:
Stop doing cheers that will break the athlete’s concentration
34 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:22:25.25 ID:
Those aren’t cheers, but self appeal

35 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:22:28.41 ID:
The number of these bandwagoners will probably decrease to 1/3 by next year, and then half of that the following year. And eventually, only the die-hard fans will be left.
If he manages to maintain his skills and if he still has  a chance to dominate the next Olympics, then he’ll see a resurgence in his popularity by that time.

39 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:23:08.15 ID:
Didn’t these grannies know about Hanyu prior to the Olympics?
41 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:23:42.16 ID:
Things might have been different if men cheered for him
42 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:23:45.21 ID:
That’s wonderful of him for making such a mature response
44 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:24:37.64 ID:
The situation is now similar to the Takahashi BBAs
45 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:24:57.34 ID:
There have always been fans who’d make noise and go “kyaa-kyaa—“ all the way until the performance starts, but isn’t this the first time that fans have said something stupid as this?

55 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:28:56.31 ID:
There was one time when a Takahashi fan went “Daisuke daisuki!!!!!!!” (sounding orgasmic towards the end). It’s pretty much what the antis would do.
68 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:33:50.69 ID:
I heard that ww That did sound orgasmic
79 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:36:42.13 ID
For real? w Figure skating fans are actually nutters, huh...

58 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:29:25.70 ID:
I watched this one. Just as he took a deep gasp when he was about to start came those crazy voices. And it wasn’t just a short word, it sounded pretty long.
Even in kabuki, the actors may tell the audience that they’re allowed to be talked to, but no one would scream at them during their performance. Even the long-time fans who have already memorized the timing of their routines.

59 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:30:03.20 ID:
It’s precisely at times like this when he should’ve lied and said
”It’ll be a lie if I said that it didn’t affect my performance”

62 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:31:31.96 ID:
Won’t his other fans bash these ones because of this?
63 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:32:12.90 ID:
Ryo Ishikawa’s momentum was also hampered by something like this
65 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:32:42.68 ID:
Shout AFTER the performance.
To think that everyone else keeps silent at that time so they won’t get in the way of the athletes focusing.

72 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:35:01.56 ID:
I’m not surprised that this became news. My whole family watched it and all of us booed at that part. WTF were they thinking, and a few seconds before his performance at that.
I even thought that they were saboteurs, wotas of other athletes disguising themselves as Hanyu fans. Are they really his fans? If so, then I just feel sorry for Hanyu. Fans like this will never reflect on their actions and keep doing it again.

74 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:35:14.77 ID:
Even during Mao-chan’s short program performance at the Olympics, there was a fan who started shouting out just as she was about to make her first jump.
That fan probably intended to root for her, but that’s just stupid. Why would you scream at an athlete who’s fully focused?

82 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:37:56.18 ID:
I’m actually more concerned about the claps along to the beat rather than the cheers.
The claps aren’t matching the beat of the music at all w Isn’t that quite hard for the athlete?

83 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:37:58.49 ID:
It’s such a nuisance to the athletes, and the other fans.
It might be best to make strict regulations for these fans to follow, like Takarazuka and Johnny’s.

95 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:44:01.93 ID:
Shouts like “I love you~ Marry me” ≠ cheering.
104 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:52:02.89 ID:
Do your shouting after the performance.
These fools just don’t care about the situation, or anything else as long as they get to do what they want to do.

113 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:54:15.05 ID:
Yep, they shouldn't hold this in Japan anymore anytime in the near future.
122 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:57:16.86 ID:
They probably feel like they’re at a concert
124 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:57:37.22 ID:
Did anyone shout “I love you~” to Tatsuki?
125 : 2014/03/27(木) 09:58:18.24 ID:
Not that different from idol-ota uncles
129 : 2014/03/27(木) 10:01:21.53 ID:
They’re too desperate in trying to say: “Look at me! Hear my voice out!”.
They’re watching sports for crying out loud, what do they want in return?

146 : 2014/03/27(木) 10:08:21.74 ID:
Just go to a Johnny’s concert or something instead
179 : 2014/03/27(木) 10:23:04.66 ID:
You guys, you should also be careful and not say “Lip, I love you~!” in Russian
212 : 2014/03/27(木) 10:41:25.52 ID:
They should root for Machida-san too
192 : 2014/03/27(木) 10:31:53.80 ID:
He probably shouldn't have said that it didn't affect him, and bluntly say, “I’m truly grateful for all the cheers, but I want to concentrate before I skate so I would appreciate it if you could watch me silently" instead
The fans may be scary, but you should say the things that really need to be said.

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