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Ranking of artists liked by teenagers (Recochoku)

1: 2014/03/24(月) 23:56:16.30 ID:???0
10. Miliyah Kato
*9. Golden Bomber
*8. 3rd Gen. J Soul Brothers

5 up after the jump

1: 2014/03/24(月) 23:56:16.30 ID:???0
5. GReeeeN

4. miwa

3. Kana Nishino


1. AKB48

3 :2014/03/24(月) 23:57:23.21 ID:
What's the definition of artist again?
4 :2014/03/24(月) 23:57:59.92 ID:
This is reality.
Are there really other popular artists out there?
6 :2014/03/24(月) 23:58:41.49 ID:
I'm guessing that "none of the above" received the most number of votes
12 :2014/03/25(火) 00:00:21.63 ID:
Is this the youth who will be carrying Japan on their shoulders in the future?
13 :2014/03/25(火) 00:01:17.79 ID:
During my time, it was B'z, MisChil, Glay, L'Arc, Komuro Family, and MoMusu who dominated. I think it's just the same difference.
17 :2014/03/25(火) 00:03:36.39 ID:
It's also odd that SEKAI NO OWARI is 2nd.
Must've been a survey aimed at a really biased group of people.
18 :2014/03/25(火) 00:03:41.66 ID:
I don't get the difference between artists and musicians.
I mean, I understand what each one means, but they're both essentially the same to me.
23 :2014/03/25(火) 00:05:39.87 ID:
But when you guys were in your teens, you liked Onyanko Club, Morning Musume, and Seiko Matsuda, right? It's the same thing.
24 :2014/03/25(火) 00:05:43.29 ID:
1st should be Samuragochi
25 :2014/03/25(火) 00:05:53.72 ID:
Looks like people are just focusing on the looks, dancing, and fashion.
Aren't there any ugly ones who'd try to go up against these ones with their singing and musical writing ability?
27 :2014/03/25(火) 00:06:36.45 ID:
I always had this image that Recochoku = Kobukuro. Times must've changed, huh.
29 :2014/03/25(火) 00:07:21.71 ID:
No Kyary Panu Panu-san [sic] in the top 3?
Then whom is she popular with?
30 :2014/03/25(火) 00:07:31.78 ID:
No Arashi nor Johnny's, huh
37 :2014/03/25(火) 00:08:52.29 ID:
It's been proven that only the old guys support MomoClo
41 :2014/03/25(火) 00:10:33.19 ID: 
Artists? wwww

1st - Lipsync
2nd - Gross voice
3rd - Wants to meet him, but can't (but actually got to meet recently)
54 :2014/03/25(火) 00:24:05.34 ID:
62 :2014/03/25(火) 00:33:06.47 ID:
Oh, BUMP got in
66 :2014/03/25(火) 00:34:29.58 ID:
I must've turned into an oldie.
1st to 10th just sound like shi+ to me.
68 :2014/03/25(火) 00:35:44.17 ID:
When I was in my teens, I listened to a variety of things from Wink to Skid Row.
This is just how teens are.
69 :2014/03/25(火) 00:37:52.89 ID:
The young ones like these groups, not the oldies. I hate them too, though.
82 :2014/03/25(火) 00:50:35.60 ID:
I'm feeling sorry for you grandpas and grandmas who are so jealous of AKB's popularity among the teens wwwwwwwwww
87 :2014/03/25(火) 00:57:24.71 ID:
But when I imagine that fat, kimo-ota old fart grinning while writing those lyrics, I get the creeps
88 :2014/03/25(火) 00:57:32.57 ID:
In a sense, the kids in their teens are also victims.
When they watch music programs, there's nothing but AKB and Johnny's.
And only a handful of them will think that "There must be something better" and go try to search for other ones.
The majority has just lost hope in music itself.
91 :2014/03/25(火) 00:58:58.35 ID:
Then it's probably Samuragochi.
97 :2014/03/25(火) 01:12:07.52 ID:
On the other hand, AKB's nowhere to be seen in this ranking, though

10th "Favorite artists as chosen by 20,000 people" 
98 :2014/03/25(火) 01:14:23.30 ID:
So what happened to your anti-campaigns...
107 :2014/03/25(火) 01:26:29.81 ID:
Golly gee willikers, Japan's future sure is bright (monotonous)
115 :2014/03/25(火) 01:33:50.23 ID:
You guys, step outside.

AKB are the national idols in real life.

You can tell that they're really popular once you see the karaoke rankings.

Everyone sings their songs.
120 :2014/03/25(火) 01:38:51.68 ID:
You must be mentally ill. 
Go enter a facility or something.
124 :2014/03/25(火) 01:40:47.95 ID:
2nd and 3rd are just plainly gross.
I like Ariana.
142 :2014/03/25(火) 01:52:48.66 ID:
But IIRC, Koi suru Fortune Cookie's karaoke popularity leaned more towards the elderly
149 :2014/03/25(火) 01:57:52.34 ID:
Another thread where we bash specific age groups
151 :2014/03/25(火) 01:59:11.38 ID:
"Japanese music artists" must be an obsolete phrase already
161 :2014/03/25(火) 02:08:50.08 ID:
I'm surprised thet GReeeeN is still in the rankings.
And who's miwa?
173 :2014/03/25(火) 02:25:56.67 ID:
But I envy the younger people these days.
You can listen to music all you want before buying their CDs.
Now, you don't need to buy CDs which don't suit your taste anymore.
And it's much easier to discover newer artists.

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