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The Dōjinshi boom... Dōjinshi mangakas earning more than professionals

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People have been saying that the depression in the publishing industry is caused by the youth becoming alienated from print, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Even manga hasn't been selling well. Just in February of 2013, one of the oldest mangas, Manga Sunday discontinued publication. According to a study, there have been 23 manga magazines that disappeared in 2010, 10 in 2011, and 14 in 2012.

On the contrary, it seems that dōjinshis have been doing relatively well. The Comic Market, or better known as the Comiket, which is held twice a year in summer and in winter, is the world's biggest dōjinshi marketplace. The Comic Market 83 which was held at Tokyo Big Sight from December 29 to 31 was attended by a total of 550,000 people for 3 days -- the record attendance for the winter edition of the event. According to a past study, the average amount each male attendee spends on merchandise is \33,740 while females spend \30,100. It is estimated that the 3-day event has an economic effect of over \15 billion. It seems that the outlook of the dōjinshi market is relatively bright, as the Japanese dream of "being a popular manga artist and have a huge mansion built" is still well and alive.

But the sad reality is that only a handful of professional anime and game creators get to earn 
10~100 million annually. The basic pay a newbie manga artist receives is around \4,000 to \6,000 per manuscript for a Shojo manga while it's \5,000 to \8,000 for a shonen and young adult manga. It's also common for a semi-popular manga artist who has a regular manga in a popular manga magazine to only be earning around \2 million a year. There's no way these people will be able to have houses built with that amount.

But on the contrary, there are a lot of dōjin mangakas who earn over 10 million a year. This is because their mangas are sold directly; the mangaka may have to shoulder the printing and shipping costs, but without publishers and distributors in the way, almost all the profit go to the artist himself.

And since the sales figures are not made public, there are also some who fake their taxes. There was actually a dōjin mangaka who was busted in 2007 for not declaring his true income. He earned \200 million for 3 years, but only declared 20 million in earnings. He was arrested for evading taxes that amounted to \67.5 million.

Even through simple calculation, this mangaka earned \66.6 million a year. Even most presidents of major, first-rate companies do not earn this much. And what's more surprising is that there were over 300 mangakas who earn on a similar level, or even higher, at the Comiket.

Just how many manga artists are earning over 60 million a year, even as commercial manga magazines have been disappearing? It's just natural that there are more mangakas who haven't been making their magazine debut, and are just settling to go on with dōjinshis.

4: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 18:58:48.19 ID:zOnReZV0P
Becoming uber rich while making porno versions of the characters that other people have created!
5: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 18:58:51.96 ID:vujpxcTSP
Are they really earning more than professional mangakas who have an ongoing series? 
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It depends on the person, but there are cases like that.

It's just that there's a vast amount of amateurs who are making up the denominator.
There are a lot of mangakas who earn through dōjin despite going pro at least once, or those who are active pros but aren't making it big. There are even some people who just consider their pro work as their advertising vehicle.

I think that these guys are included in the 300 people mentioned in the article above.
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If this gets out of hand, prepare yourselves, arrests and restrictions will be coming your way
10: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 18:59:28.66 ID:e2mJkhVr0
If the mangaka can make profits through self publication, then there's no reason for him to go through an official publisher.
11: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 18:59:43.65 ID:E7ryqPT30
They're saying that there are a lot of these artists? But how many do you think is the total population of these artists?
14: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:00:26.19 ID:f+cEdsdW0
This just goes to show how much the publishers are earning from this business
15: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:00:30.24 ID:S5QhTCeg0
But dōjinshis are the ones that copy the popular mangas and apply sexual themes, right?
And they're evading tax on top of that? Those people must are really scum.
77: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:08:16.75 ID:qFXRpH+W0
Now that their trick is out of the bag, then why don't you do it too?
Or are you just trash who can't do anything despite knowing what to do?
21: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:01:08.54 ID:A/hT5xFY0
But on the flipside, this also means that this is the end of the road for a dōjin mangaka
37: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:03:28.23 ID:nogJh+s60

The author of One Piece has a fortune of over 10 billion yen, right?

Even Dragonball's Akira Toriyama must be on an insane level. He also has Dr. Slump, so he's not a 1-hit wonder. How much does he earn just with that single slime on Dragon Quest?
23: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:01:46.66 ID:sSg0Rk6M0
Do things like these really sell well?
24: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:01:50.94 ID:vujpxcTSP
They should pay back some amount to the author of the work that they copied
25: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:01:55.03 ID:cbpB57IO0
Well, it also means that since the good and popular artists are going for dōjin, there are a lot of other mangakas and illustrators getting jobs in commercial mangas. And if dōjins get eradicated from the world for some reason and all these artists head on over to commercial mangas, I get the feeling that there will also be a lot of people who will cease to get jobs.
27: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:02:24.03 ID:I+T8VEUy0
Which means that these people may be earning more than the original creators of the characters...
Now that's weird.
75: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:08:07.12 ID:jwblDJNJO
Even most of the "original mangakas" went through the same path, and if you want to earn money then just go and stick to dōjins, that's it. But there's no honor and reputation to being a dōjin creator.
30: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:02:45.47 ID:DtAhvtVk0
Didn't they say that only a handful is making money, while 90% are incurring more losses than profit?
31: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:02:49.50 ID:+TEcVqIdO
コミケ の同人誌って何割がエロなの?
What percentage of the dōjinshis at the Comiket are adult-themed?
35: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:03:17.31 ID:S5QhTCeg0
90% ero w
33: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:02:57.83 ID:Lkof/xH00
1:"What does your daddy do?"
2:"He's an artist or something."
1:"Hehh, that's amazing. What does he draw?"
2:"I'm not sure. He said it's some sort of picture book."
38: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:03:41.45 ID:8p4GHSoA0
Then maybe I should do it too.
40: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:04:00.18 ID:O8nMcwrl0
If you know how publishers treat the newbie mangakas, then you'd definitely go through this path if you're confident that you can earn with your drawings w
74: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:08:06.81 ID:I95EAFkU0
There's also no worries that someone will tell you to make impossible stuff or change your story
43: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:04:42.04 ID:A/hT5xFY0
100% of the dōjinshis that are doing well are all based on something else, and are just 2D porn. They're people who can't draw anything without an original to base on.
49: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:05:32.64 ID:S5QhTCeg0
Because they have no imagination other than ero stuff w
46: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:05:12.81 ID:1f71zADc0
They're not amateurs, they're more like professionals who aren't with commercial manga magazines
47: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:05:15.16 ID:Thgkp9GpP
I'm so jealous so I hope they all get arrested and their money get taken away from them
63: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:07:00.68 ID:zuSuynyu0
It's really mysterious.
Then just how many do the popular ones sell at the Comiket?
There still are physical copies right?
101: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:11:38.05 ID:3qP6dZiD0
I hear that the really popular artists come home with 2 to 3 garbage bags filled with 1,000 yen bills and 500 yen coins. For those who aren't selling anything, they can't even break even with the amount they used for printing.
82: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/04(火) 19:09:21.81 ID:DAFuuwyu0
They really earn that much? w
Maybe I should do it too w

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