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Gou Ayano spotted "peeing" outside of Roppongi Hills by FRIDAY

1: 五十京φ ★ 2014/02/17 18:12:24
Ikemen actor Gou Ayano was photographed by FRIDAY in front of Tokyo's Roppongi Hills.

According to the publication, Ayano was seen in early February wandering about in Tokyo's Minato-ku at 5:30 in the morning, eyes looking woozy, coat unbuttoned, and boots unfastened. He was drunk, but managed to hail a taxi, then got off at Roppongi Hills to urinate outside. He was hiding his face with his cellphone while in the act, and must've still had that awareness that he's a popular actor despite being wasted. However, urinating outdoors is still a mild offense.

"Ayano is currently in the TBS Drama S -Saigo no Keikan- with Osamu Mukai as the lead. The first episode got a high 18.9%, but has steadily gone down afterwards; also thanks in part to the Olympic games broadcast. And this clearly un-classy act done by Ayano might have an effect on the sponsors. As the ratings continue to decline, some companies are bound to withdraw from the program. And what makes it worse is that Ayano's antics stand out much more because of how behaved everyone else in the drama is." - (public relations staff)

"Ayano has been romantically linked with Erika Toda and Ai Hashimoto, and even tried to win the heart of Yui Aragaki whom he starred together with in the drama Soratobu Kouhoushitsu. Because of these, a lot of actresses have been refusing to star alongside him. There are also a number of agencies prohibiting their actors to get acquainted with Ayano as he might have a bad influence on them." - (Geinou Pro staff).

"He's with Shun Oguri's agency, but the president is an old-fashioned type of guy who lets his people 'play hard as long as they work properly'. That's why no matter how much he plays with women, or drown himself in alcohol, he won't get any complaints as long as he does his job. But Ayano really has a bad drinking habit, and might even cause a huge problem at a bar in the future". As one of the hottest actors at the moment, his agency might need to instill some dignity into him before it's too late.


3: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17 18:13:17 ID:DSCeWKgZ0
I still don't get why this guy is considered an ikemen
6: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17 18:14:50 ID:tLTkNvZ90
It seemed like our ikemen standards have been ruined after those gross, plastic-surgery faced K-pop guys came to earn their money here
14: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17 18:17:11 ID:NNogqoaU0
It's like they're purposely trying to sell these ugly guys on purpose.
But even Johnny's is full of ugly guys. The old geezer must've gone senile w
5: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17 18:14:48 ID:iAI81V7I0
It's amazing how there are no more young ikemens now
7: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17 18:15:01 ID:GgXs5/YP0
Just stop calling this guy an ikemen actor.
If someone like this were around me and if he wasn't an actor, people would just refer to him as someone who has bad looking eyes. I won't go to the extent of calling him ugly, but if he's an ikemen then you guys are ikemens as well.
11: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17 18:16:45 ID:SbQuyAei0
But Megocchi, unlike Gouriki Ayano-san a.k.a. the male Megocchi, is a nice girl with good manners
12: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17 18:16:57 ID:tLTkNvZ90
If you're basing it on Johnny's, then who's more of an ikemen, this guy or Inocchi?
25: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17 18:20:45 ID:GgXs5/YP0
In Johnny's, you can have good-mannered and smiley members like Inocchi in a group even if he isn't an ikemen.
There's no way an ugly guy who looks like he's got bad manners and has bad eyes will become a member of a group.
13: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17 18:16:59 ID:unbgf4YW0
イケメン  何処が
Ikemen--- Where?
16: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17 18:17:28 ID:Yq3goBwm0
I wonder how he behaves when he's drunk...
19: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17 18:18:53 ID:VdPKfwbD0
Tatsuya Ichihashi
34: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17 18:23:07 ID:kLjXeFC20
Thought of the same thing
38: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17 18:26:08 ID:sx0M9vB+0
I'm fine as long as my Takayuki Yamada's unharmed

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47: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17 18:28:52 ID:dmY1n2xJ0
But this guy's the bestest of buds with my Takayuki Yamada.
And it's such a huge blow how this horrible ham actor hasn't gotten a single thing from Takayuki Yamada despite hanging out with him.
He's Gou Ayano in whatever he does. Is he an idol or something?
53: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17(月) 18:30:18.28 ID:aNN/9Y0U0
Pissing out on the town? Then that'll make the urine get on your shoes.
That's dirty.
56: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17(月) 18:30:42.77 ID:XucHj8Oj0
And there are toilets in convenience stores
281: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17(月) 20:09:23.00 ID:7IpN7Dkt0
Hideaki Ito also pissed outside when he was drunk, right?
At least go to the toilet first before stepping out of the bar.

58: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17 18:31:13 ID:xmounYYi0
To think that he was a feudal lord in last year's Taiga drama.
He'd fit in really good as a stupid lord, though.
68: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17(月) 18:33:54.23 ID:hZFWLAuYO
Have your little willy cut off.
He's not an ikemen.
He might do good playing the role of a criminal, though.
95: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17 18:42:15 ID:HkapLZYJ0
It's really crazy how this guy can go on acting those ikemen roles without doubting himself whatsoever
98: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17(月) 18:43:52.34 ID:4bSWNNXhO
You can take a leak outside when you're still a kid, but not when you become an adult due to the amount of urine you'd let out
111: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17(月) 18:46:59.94 ID:dliW6hNj0
Are you a dog or something? You should've stopped doing something like this while you were still in your teens.
121: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2014/02/17(月) 18:50:50.04 ID:dQegfO1oO
I envy FRIDAY for seeing his wiener.
Please release uncensored pictures.

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