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Bitter Daisuke Takahashi fans vent their frustrations and start pointing fingers...

1: 中年'sリフト(東京都) 2014/02/18(火) 11:27:07.59 ID:HwrNO3pp0
poison_peach ?@tokyoxxxxxxx 2月16日 
The anticipated worst case scenario has become a reality, and I feel like throwing up after Daisuke-san's pain and suffering is being shown right in front of me. Everyone ganged up against him, shoved him into a corner, and against all the odds, he still performed his heart out. This once again makes me realize how strong of a human being Daisuke Takahashi is. He was probably a hindrance to all those dirty people.

のりたまご ?@noritxxxxx513 2月16日 
The Japan Skating Federation has hurt Daisuke Takahashi over and over, a miraculous figure skater whom we may never see the likes of again, and has finally forsaken him. But it seems that the people of the world have a better eye for skating.

おやびん ?@nyxxx0206 2月16日 
TV's influence is amazing.
They were able to promote this nice and humble pretty boy, overflowing with talent and oozing with style -- the perfect athlete to become the new ace of the Japanese figure skating world. His name and popularity are just skyrocketing through the roof.

おやびん ?@nyxxx0206 2月16日 
He may have been able to get the gold medal, but if they just took care of Dai-chan as Japan's ace, then Dai-chan could've won the gold medal himself. He's Japan's wonderful ace who worked so hard for the sake of everyone. I can't forgive that guy for trampling on Dai-chan.

3: 中年'sリフト(東京都) 2014/02/18(火) 11:28:37.70 ID:HwrNO3pp0
迂回 ?@ukaxxxx 2月16日 
To tell you the truth, I'm disappointed in NHK.
I'm fed up with how they kept on lifting Hanyu's image right from the New Year, ignoring the man who participated the most number of times in NHK Cups, won the most number of championships, and the winner of this year's competition.

I've already had a bad feeling the moment I stopped seeing Takahashi-kun on the program Zenryoku Ouen.
I wondered if there was something up with the Japan Skating Federation.
Can you call abusing something as impartial broadcasting?

迂回 ?@ukaxxxx 2月16日 
My mother told me, "Why do you have to cry? He just had an amazing performance.".
Even I found it mysterious. I think Takahashi-kun gave the best performance in the world, but still.
And I realized how miserable I am for not being able to do anything for him.

おやびん ?@nyxxx0206 2月16日 
Will Dai-chan really retire?
When that guy came out, he overtook Dai-chan through some weird technicalities and scoring, and now people are talking about passing the torch.
If he wasn't cornered and didn't force himself, this definitely wouldn't have happened.

おやびん ?@nyxxx0206 2月16日 
Wow, you got yourself a gold medal.
You got a lot of new fans.
And even if Daisuke Takahashi retires, you can still expect people to come and watch your events.
Good for you.
4: 稲妻レッグラリアット(チベット自治区) 2014/02/18(火) 11:28:42.88 ID:BJE/VMHu0
It's becoming like the situation with Johnny's....
7: ボマイェ(静岡県) 2014/02/18(火) 11:31:28.58 ID:uCPdTDgy0
Hanyu got the gold, Takahashi didn't get a medal.
Just with this, it's obvious who the better one is.
8: 断崖式ニードロップ(WiMAX) 2014/02/18(火) 11:32:06.23 ID:HbHSbv8X0
Worry about his foot first before bashing the other guy
9: ファイヤーボールスプラッシュ(新疆ウイグル自治区) 2014/02/18(火) 11:33:17.67 ID:pVsOwlbd0
This guy's fans are a bit unique.
They're a bit gross...
16: ダイビングフットスタンプ(大阪府) 2014/02/18(火) 11:38:03.29 ID:MewymNIq0

Dai-chan = Johnny's fanbase
Hanyu-kyun = older sis, mommies what I think.
21: クロイツラス(新疆ウイグル自治区) 2014/02/18(火) 11:39:52.42 ID:KBlGZGGh0
I think the fujoshi's are the ones calling him "Hanyu-kyun"
23: アイアンフィンガーフロムヘル(やわらか銀行) 2014/02/18(火) 11:43:36.64 ID:yC9Nll950

My younger sister's an Arashi fan and all the Arashi-wotas from the Twitter world were Hanyu-wotas during the performance.
There were even some who were seriously saying that they wanted to date the guy. That made me think that Jani-wotas are promiscuous.
12: 垂直落下式DDT(群馬県) 2014/02/18(火) 11:36:46.87 ID:+XWrC5Y40

I prefer Takahashi.
I'm glad that he was at least chosen as one of the members to represent Japan.

I'm just grossed out by Hanyu's single eyelid and slender body.
14: 河津掛け(東京都) 2014/02/18(火) 11:37:28.30 ID:I5gsXsH80
There really are a lot of guys on Twitter saying that it's a conspiracy.
Crazy retards.
15: アイアンフィンガーフロムヘル(やわらか銀行) 2014/02/18(火) 11:37:57.43 ID:yC9Nll950
Honestly speaking, there are more spiteful and ugly figure-wotas compared to Jani-wotas
17: パイルドライバー(チベット自治区) 2014/02/18(火) 11:38:45.40 ID:R++DcCUR0
All you housewives who don't even do sports and are just lying in front of the TV like sea lions...
You should do something first so that society doesn't forsake you w
25: ニーリフト(宮崎県) 2014/02/18(火) 11:43:47.53 ID:DvknKIzG0
It's just natural for them to give more importance to the one who is expected to achieve greater things moving forward
29: スターダストプレス(兵庫県) 2014/02/18(火) 11:46:10.36 ID:3vcYXmSS0
I think the excuse of these people criticizing Hanyu is that Takahashi could've gotten the gold medal if he was fully fit to give a perfect performance. Then what if Plushenko gave a perfect performance? What if Chan had a perfect performance? Don't they take that into account?
32: ファイナルカット(内モンゴル自治区) 2014/02/18(火) 11:47:51.41 ID:n87T0xSYO
I also like how Takahashi skates, but Takahashi-wotas are retards and are harmful, so I hope he retires soon
36: 逆落とし(秋田県) 2014/02/18(火) 11:51:25.43 ID:evrqE74B0
I wonder if those people who bring down others in order to raise how their favorites are viewed are stupid. Can't they even think that this will even make people view the guy they're desperately trying to defend in a weird way?
38: バックドロップホールド(やわらか銀行) 2014/02/18(火) 11:53:57.39 ID:lItnmjbB0
But the federation actually made his participation in the national team possible.
41: フェイスロック(三重県) 2014/02/18(火) 11:57:14.97 ID:wvThFbuC0
They should also consider Nobunari Oda's feelings
42: ミラノ作 どどんスズスロウン(兵庫県) 2014/02/18(火) 11:57:21.12 ID:H2X417i/0
Can't these mentally ill people enjoy sports properly?
Even Alpine skiing which may seem like an individual event is also a team sport, you know.
44: 稲妻レッグラリアット(北海道) 2014/02/18(火) 12:27:11.02 ID:lbwQ0lI60
True, I prefer Takahashi's performance, but his fans are on the level of Jani-wotas, and it's disgusting

45: TEKKAMAKI(大阪府) 2014/02/18(火) 12:28:46.36 ID:cZ0dH7YI0
I feel sorry for Daisuke Takahashi for having such disgusting fans...
47: 張り手(京都府) 2014/02/18(火) 12:31:28.11 ID:/UtM/m5N0
These Takahashi-otas and Hanyu-otas are all foul-mouthed who probably threw their womanhood away.
And they keep on saying stuff that will just hinder these athletes.
They even snap indiscriminately at anyone haphazardly.
Are they soft-shelled turtles or something?
49: フォーク攻撃(関西・東海) 2014/02/18(火) 12:34:01.68 ID:oyLpkAYqO
It's disgusting how they call these athletes with the suffix-"chan"
50: ストマッククロー(関東・甲信越) 2014/02/18(火) 12:46:13.97 ID:QCGWaHH50

That's how "turning over to the new generation" works.
It's not just in figure skating, this happens in everything.
Plu, Takahashi, and Asada are giving it their all, and the fans may say that they're rooting for these athletes, but when they can't get medals, these people will get disappointed, turn on them, and become haters disguised as fans. And that's how these athletes become isolated.

I feel sorry for Plu, but Takahashi, Hanyu, and Machida were splendid, and I'm happy that they have laid the foundations for figure skating so that it just won't pass like a fad. The environment has changed drastically this past 20 years.
51: ジャンピングカラテキック(福島県) 2014/02/18(火) 12:48:43.80 ID:RmbCiC5t0
I was rooting for Takahashi, but honestly, I was just impressed at how he did so well despite being injured. 
55: マシンガンチョップ(兵庫県) 2014/02/18(火) 12:56:20.63 ID:dhP8U2LH0
What do these people see?
43: サッカーボールキック(東日本) 2014/02/18(火) 12:08:19.36 ID:Cp/6b89SO
This kind of thinking is also being rude towards Takahashi himself

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