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A lot of girls want to have their faces made to look like Ayame Gouriki

1: 影のたけし軍団ρ ★ 2014/02/07(金) 17:25:51.16 ID:???0
There's apparently been a change in the trend among the women who visit cosmetic surgery clinics. A mid-scale clinic within Tokyo comments: "There are a lot of women who come asking us to make their face look like Gouriki-chan".

This of course refers to the actress Ayame Gouriki (21). She may be bashed on the Internet for looking like Jiro Tsunoda's manga character, but her face seems to have become a desirable one for women.

"One will be able to achieve those beautiful cat-like eyes with the double flasking method, but Gouriki-san is blessed with a lovely overall facial balance. Even if a normal person has some plastic surgery and apply some makeup, she'll just become an ugly, feline-looking girl. We try to explain that beforehand, but people still push through the operation." - (same staff)

On the flipside, the desirability of the faces of a certain foreigner-loving songstress and a certain ex-member of an idol group have gone down.

"Women who want to have surgery don't want faces that 'look like it was obviously altered' anymore, which leads to more people avoiding the looks of these two. But you still can't deny the fact that even if the overall number has decreased, there are still quite a lot of women who would love to have the same face as these two"

2: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:26:52.02 ID:8/W1ItRd0
> 元人気アイドルグループ 
> ex-member of an idol group
It's just the same as saying her name out loud
3: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:27:10.43 ID:70co7OXbi
Watch out, the Ushiro no Hyakutaro boom is upon us
4: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:27:12.28 ID:kY8kkrHN0
There must be something wrong with them...
9: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:28:27.78 ID:yA+6ki5b0
11: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:28:35.87 ID:juRU0GTs0
GoriGoricchi, Kita----<`∀´>----!!
15: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:29:05.95 ID:sZAFBiiY0
Eh? Ah......y, yeah? Hm? ....Ihh....... Hmm?
17: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:29:19.52 ID:bG34Dxtz0
アッヒャッヒャ!ヽ(゚∀゚)ノアッヒャッヒャ! 幾ら貰ったんだよ
Ahahahaha! ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ Ahaha! Just how much bribes
did they receive? 
41: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:33:17.21 ID:ojUAOEUWP
>A certain foreigner-loving songstress

If they're going to write something as obvious as this, then they should've included the name Hamasaki from the start.
47: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:34:18.80 ID:LQqA/tJM0
(ヾノ・∀・`) No way
52: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:35:08.63 ID:Uwt+5/Gt0
Here's another amazing stealth marketing ploy
54: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:35:22.69 ID:L9TSZLCE0

(*Warrior beast Go-riki from Great Mazinger ep.35)
So women will be having this face, huh
55: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:35:24.27 ID:o2TDtMSXO
Must be a system where you receive salary from Oscar for writing an article like this
63: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:36:51.22 ID:vjea/cbX0

"Make my face look like Gouriki-chan's!?"

                  /⌒  ̄ ̄ ̄ ⌒   丶 
              / ̄                 \ 
            ノ                       ヽ 
           /                         ヽ 
          /                           ) 
         │                           │ 
         ノ                            │ 
        │                             \ 
        ノ                              丶 
        │            ノヽ  /│ /││ヽ  ヽ    丶 
        │         _ノ   ∨ │/ ││ │/ │/│ノ        
        ヽ        │    ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;V; ヽ/  ;:V:::::::::::::│ 
         │    /│   ¨¨¨¨¨¨¨       _   │ 
             /  │    \●ヽ      ノ●丿 │ 
         ヽ   │  │       ̄         ̄  │ 
           \ ヽ  │                   │ 
             ) 丶│        /     ヽ     / 
             \ /ヽ        ヽ-ヽ  ,ノ     / 
                 ヽ     ト____ イ   / 
                  \    \.エエエエ/  /      
                    ヽ            / 
                      \         / 
                       丶  __ /
66: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:37:01.64 ID:9E200RQE0
Even if you don't look like her, at least go have the courage to say, "Please make me look like Mirei Kiritani".
You need to make compromises when you go and have plastic surgery.
67: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:37:17.49 ID:gw+CG2DX0
It's true though that the line from her ears to the chin is beautiful.
The beauty of her profile is right on the money for me, like Mai Hosho-san.
I'm saddened by her bad reputation on 2ch.
72: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:38:03.83 ID:L9d89CBw0
I love drooping eyes, but I seriously can't tell what's so good about her
76: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:38:33.86 ID:Oswwgwfg0
The times have now shifted to Usagi Nakamura
83: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:39:22.55 ID:WoFYDZQg0
Her face is the type that I like, but this is too much of a stealth marketing propaganda
87: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:39:51.76 ID:XMJ025vQ0
So will these DQN women once again have their faces fixed if they grow tired of Gouriki or if she's not on TV anymore?
97: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:41:06.85 ID:D+fsntwY0
Are these people really desperate in trying to look like Grappler Baki?
101: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:41:29.65 ID:YD9Pjvy10
132: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:47:26.08 ID:ByFCfFr60
This really never gets old
104: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:41:59.17 ID:NLi/SZUV0
You mean a face like this
119: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:44:04.12 ID:sHBV0tca0
I thought that's the king of comedy
118: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:43:56.80 ID:KmhdRbXdP
Even when Kumi Koda made her huge break, people were asked "So do you want your face to become like hers?". The women said no and just admired her amazing makeup skills.
That's what I saw in some sort of survey.
So I think women are pretty particular with this kind of stuff. This may be nothing but stealth marketing, but it's horrible.

124: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:45:27.01 ID:LkdCITZ7O
Oh I see, it's just a simple operation where you only have to hit the face with something like a crowbar 2 to 3 times.

133: 名無しさん@13周年 2014/02/07(金) 17:47:29.05 ID:2PqvqFDOI
You guys should apologize to Gouriki-san

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