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There are numerous other ghost writers within the industry?

1: トラースキック(埼玉県) 2014/02/06(木) 19:38:20.27 ID:/rzYhgMqP BE:3634899067-PLT(12025) ポイント特典
This recent scandal involving Samuragochi has made eyes turn once again to the music industry, as it is said that there are a lot of musicians who utilize ghost writers.

"Music producer 'N.Y.' who's even recognized overseas has a number of ghost writers. He himself writes songs, but there's no way he can keep producing at that pace while maintaining such a high quality, and he has a team working for him. There's also 'T' who became popular after producing idols, 'G' who came from a visual band, and ikemen 40-y/o singer 'F.M.' who are all said to be using ghost writers within the industry. When it comes to writing the lyrics, songstress 'H.A.' and idol group producer 'A.Y.' also have their own ghost writers.". - (music insider)

These may be different from Samuragochi who has a hearing impairment, but the existence of ghost writers is reportedly rampant within the industry.

"Everyone gets into a slump, and even their speed in composing songs may take a dip, which is why there are a lot of ghost writers in order for the artists to maintain their sales. These are mostly done through agreements between the agency and the record label. It's also hard to imagine that the people around Samuragochi didn't know about his secrets, and probably just turned a blind eye in order to create a dramatic and touching story for the people." - (same source)

2: ヒップアタック(北海道) 2014/02/06(木) 19:40:33.80 ID:tbSF1xeq0
The reason why it's caused a huge uproar is because this composer's only selling point is that he's "disabled"
8: 垂直落下式DDT(京都府) 2014/02/06(木) 19:43:11.08 ID:iwBy+3Jn0
I'm not really making an uproar
4: キングコングラリアット(埼玉県) 2014/02/06(木) 19:41:26.13 ID:WyD1c5h30
Well, of course there are ghost writers
5: ラダームーンサルト(千葉県) 2014/02/06(木) 19:41:51.88 ID:oYHhc5S30
Even our comments here are scripted as well
6: ローリングソバット(東京都) 2014/02/06(木) 19:42:06.65 ID:+o/M+alR0
So are these Tsunku, GLAY, Fukuyama Masaharu, Hamasaki Ayumi and Akimoto Yasushi?
24: ボマイェ(千葉県) 2014/02/06(木) 19:45:42.77 ID:8+C/NFI80
7: 16文キック(群馬県) 2014/02/06(木) 19:42:45.48 ID:Oy6bDl8G0
I personally don't mind as long as the song is good
11: ジャンピングDDT(大阪府) 2014/02/06(木) 19:43:40.07 ID:cskh1V6q0
Looks like they're adding further insult to injury to this struggling industry wwwwwww
13: パロスペシャル(長野県) 2014/02/06(木) 19:43:56.38 ID:RLAw3tCu0
Oh, so this isn't a Ghost Rider thread...
14: リバースパワースラム(愛媛県) 2014/02/06(木) 19:44:10.23 ID:kc83sP1y0
But Akimoto's actually a lyricist...
16: タイガースープレックス(大阪府) 2014/02/06(木) 19:44:25.97 ID:hhHz9NEG0
Even the lyrics are done by a ghost?
22: ムーンサルトプレス(滋賀県) 2014/02/06(木) 19:45:33.35 ID:4nXgYH0z0
It also seems that ghost writers exist in the world of literature.
I heard that this is especially the case when celebrities come out with their own books...
28: 断崖式ニードロップ(埼玉県) 2014/02/06(木) 19:46:57.40 ID:bKwR2b1J0
31: キングコングラリアット(埼玉県) 2014/02/06(木) 19:47:39.09 ID:WyD1c5h30
Iyo Matsumoto: "I haven't read the book that I'm releasing yet so I don't know what it's about"
32: クロイツラス(大分県) 2014/02/06(木) 19:48:15.72 ID:22n20v280
I came here to see this
27: ムーンサルトプレス(滋賀県) 2014/02/06(木) 19:46:46.78 ID:4nXgYH0z0
For books, there are also people who use a number of different names...
34: 32文ロケット砲(やわらか銀行) 2014/02/06(木) 19:48:33.18 ID:xtrNAEE90
I'm guessing that there are still some more guys out there who are scared
39: キドクラッチ(新潟県) 2014/02/06(木) 19:50:03.86 ID:V20wQUVR0

Ghost writers are a common story, but they should pay an appropriate fee that both parties would agree on.
It's a win-win situation after all.

But a person who fakes his disability, threatens people, and still takes a kickback is out of the question.
42: ムーンサルトプレス(滋賀県) 2014/02/06(木) 19:50:22.60 ID:4nXgYH0z0
I hope more of these come out, even outside classical music.
They even had a story about decoys and doubles in Amachan, so I'm sure that there are a lot more of these in real life.   
44: カーフブランディング(東日本) 2014/02/06(木) 19:51:06.41 ID:qOkLpXac0
When you think about this, then singers can't have ghosts.
Voice is one way to distinguish each individual from one another after all.
47: 断崖式ニードロップ(埼玉県) 2014/02/06(木) 19:52:16.34 ID:bKwR2b1J0
There's Milli Vanilli
57: ファイヤーボールスプラッシュ(東京都) 2014/02/06(木) 19:54:33.19 ID:rq4GIwam0
Mick Jagger makes use of a good impersonator to sing at concerts behind the scenes
45: ローリングソバット(東京都) 2014/02/06(木) 19:51:12.92 ID:+o/M+alR0
For books, Takenori Emoto revealed that a ghost writer wrote his best seller, and that he paid the guy half of the royalties.
54: 断崖式ニードロップ(山口県) 2014/02/06(木) 19:54:00.37 ID:D+UaAF9L0
Tsunku probably's got a ghost, 100%.
I don't think that the guy who wrote "single bed" is the same person who writes MoMusu's current lyrics.
66: ファイヤーボールスプラッシュ(京都府) 2014/02/06(木) 19:56:42.09 ID:xhh2U46k0
But when you look at his everyday actions and words, don't you think that "single bed" is the one written by a ghost?
67: トペ スイシーダ(福岡県) 2014/02/06(木) 19:57:09.48 ID:ruWcT9iZ0
Then that means that the ghost has no talent at all.
If I were Tsunku, I wouldn't use a ghost like this.
59: ファイナルカット(関西・東海) 2014/02/06(木) 19:54:38.12 ID:upAaid+yO
So what now, Hiro Mizushima the author?
69: 断崖式ニードロップ(大阪府) 2014/02/06(木) 19:58:33.48 ID:tqVCqDuL0
Gekidan Hitori and Eriko Sato are also suspicious
70: チェーン攻撃(愛知県) 2014/02/06(木) 19:58:38.65 ID:/hC7ACon0
But there's no problem at all if that's the way their contract was made, and both sides approved of it
88: サソリ固め(東日本) 2014/02/06(木) 20:08:23.93 ID:LiYmUuIdO
It's pretty well-known that Masaharu Fukuyama and Ayumi Hamasaki don't make their own songs
98: ローリングソバット(東京都) 2014/02/06(木) 20:12:37.13 ID:+o/M+alR0
They're just adding value to them as merchandise. There's no problems with it as long as the ghost is paid properly.
92: パロスペシャル(WiMAX) 2014/02/06(木) 20:10:45.12 ID:XzN4ycwY0
But this composer will now be recognized because of this, right...
49: ムーンサルトプレス(滋賀県) 2014/02/06(木) 19:52:56.02 ID:4nXgYH0z0
Samuragochi probably would've gotten away with it if it was just the case of someone else writing his music for him, but feigning his disability was his downfall...
But wow, the media sure doesn't run out of stories, huh.

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