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Retaken photos? People are talking about how beautiful Friday's shot of Misaki Ito is...

1: トペ コンヒーロ(新疆ウイグル自治区) 2014/02/04(火) 12:16:00.74 ID:011sYfCvP
People have been talking about how unnatural and beautiful Misaki Ito's picture is on the weekly magazine FRIDAY which was released last week.

The editor of a rival publication comments: "If they have this huge of a closeup shot, then it wouldn't be a surprise if they also have a full body shot of her. It wouldn't be strange if FRIDAY-san published that as well... And it seems that she's got makeup on for the picture. Maybe they had a reshoot?".

"Retakes" are done when the talent's agency doesn't approve of the picture that was taken, and lets the magazine shoot her again.

The editor continues: "Knowing how aggressive FRIDAY is, they won't bend at just some sort of pressure unless it was something huge... But if she was shopping with her child, and if there's no picture of the kid, then maybe Ito's camp requested them not to publish the pictures.".

A tabloid writer also reveals that Ito has always been asking for her pictures to be shot again.

"She actually asked to be re-photographed with a certain man even before she got married. The reason was that place where they were photographed would have lowered her image. The newly shot photograph looked like it was a scene from a drama. This is where she learned that she can ask these tabloids to retake the photographs, even if they catch her in a tight spot.".


(The photo with a man that was allegedly asked to be shot again)

3: 急所攻撃(東京都) 2014/02/04(火) 12:19:05.32 ID:e0eeV13B0
It just looks like gravure 

9: ミラノ作 どどんスズスロウン(空) 2014/02/04(火) 12:22:56.95 ID:V6kd3nhR0
She's totally posing for the camera
10: 垂直落下式DDT(内モンゴル自治区) 2014/02/04(火) 12:23:04.28 ID:DC9BSA1Z0
This is too unnatural.
This is too much.
20: リキラリアット(dion軍) 2014/02/04(火) 12:27:13.98 ID:lKulF6hP0
What's with the smug look on her face
83: ネックハンギングツリー(関東・甲信越) 2014/02/04(火) 15:12:58.32 ID:D3sUD878O
Don't put the picture of my child! → They'll find out about my plastic surgery!
5: 不知火(禿) 2014/02/04(火) 12:20:11.61 ID:1pSxFgza0
She's beautiful, and you can really see how she has some darkness inside of her
13: キングコングラリアット(栃木県) 2014/02/04(火) 12:24:01.75 ID:s5vBwjW30
The woman with a pachinko-maker husband... I see...
37: エクスプロイダー(岡山県) 2014/02/04(火) 12:40:49.94 ID:zobvn5030
An obvious case of a woman who got married to money
89: 垂直落下式DDT(関東・甲信越) 2014/02/04(火) 15:48:27.89 ID:L5TO60m90
She looks totally different from her heyday. She's rich since she's been milking money from a pensioned elderly so she should just have plastic surgery.
92: ニールキック(兵庫県) 2014/02/04(火) 15:51:29.03 ID:YkmhEN440
People always compare her to the time when she was at her most beautiful.
16: 頭突き(東日本) 2014/02/04(火) 12:25:14.65 ID:0sGHU+oZ0
Age really shows around women's eyes once they exceed 27...
To think that this really isn't the case with men.
43: チェーン攻撃(やわらか銀行) 2014/02/04(火) 12:51:08.61 ID:jTmjVT0W0
If you look closely, you can also see it in men.
But you can say that it doesn't stand out that much since men basically don't put any makeup on (nothing on the skin).
Foundation gets wrinkled and it stands out.
54: キン肉バスター(東京都) 2014/02/04(火) 13:04:19.75 ID:9NVezHIs0
They say that women have thin skin, and the amount of sebum is half of what the men have.
And that's why it wrinkles easily.
49: サッカーボールキック(東京都) 2014/02/04(火) 12:59:04.72 ID:d4OZCkA80
Look at the wrinkles beneath her eyes...
23: 32文ロケット砲(dion軍) 2014/02/04(火) 12:27:58.90 ID:98qfZIRv0
I was wondering who the announcer Miku Natsume (29) looked like. So it's this woman.
69: 中年'sリフト(関西・北陸) 2014/02/04(火) 13:35:24.54 ID:zkjcXzr6O
That looks like a "business smile" that she would make for some commercial.
But her smile lines are too deep for her age.
76: トペ コンヒーロ(WiMAX) 2014/02/04(火) 14:15:35.72 ID:ZCu/khHMP
Quite some time has passed since this commercial...

6: ミッドナイトエクスプレス(大阪府) 2014/02/04(火) 12:21:14.12 ID:kO80rgDo0
It does look fake, but there's nothing to nitpick on if she's still this beautiful at 36
67: 逆落とし(東京都) 2014/02/04(火) 13:25:41.09 ID:iIJIXFIm0
She really is beautiful at 36.
There really is such a huge discrepancy among women who are 36.
There are those who already look like aunties, while some are still beautiful.
Must be the difference in their daily maintenance regimen?
86: キドクラッチ(新潟県) 2014/02/04(火) 15:16:35.82 ID:OfLv80dV0
This is more than enough even if this is a retake. She's 36.
29: マシンガンチョップ(愛知県) 2014/02/04(火) 12:30:34.88 ID:CLCX2Rsz0
I don't see any huge problem even if it's a retake
31: 逆落とし(茸) 2014/02/04(火) 12:31:26.55 ID:XYBH925XP
Even if they did take her picture again, that's FRIDAY's problem.
They're publishing these pictures without even getting appointments and trying to fool the readers with it.
36: ヒップアタック(チベット自治区) 2014/02/04(火) 12:40:33.50 ID:gxOfUHNJ0
Isn't it just the mass-gomi's same old trick?
91: マスク剥ぎ(宮崎県) 2014/02/04(火) 15:51:28.30 ID:MLtxVGag0
Which means they told the photographer of the tabloid that "We'll let you take my picture, so be sure to make it beautiful".
LOL, such a farce.
55: 毒霧(東日本) 2014/02/04(火) 13:05:39.29 ID:mwZ0m5jj0
Misaki Ito was probably teary-eyed and lowered her head to ask for a reshoot. Any sane person would take the picture again.

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