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Tetsuji Tamayama and Charlotte Kate Fox to star in NHK's morning drama Massan

NHK has announced that they have cast American actress Charlotte Kate Fox (28) and Tetsuji Tamayama (33) as the couple to play the lead in the upcoming morning drama Massan which will begin in autumn. The drama is based on the story of the "Father of Japanese Whiskey" Masataka Taketsuru and his British wife Rita (named Ellie in the drama). Charlotte passed the auditions and won the right to be NHK's first ever foreign lead for their morning drama.

This morning drama will be NHK's 91st and will be shown after Yuriko Yoshitaka's Hanako to Anne, which will begin on the 31st of this month.

Daisuke Habara, winner of the exceptional screenplay award at the Japanese Academy Awards for the movie Pacchigi!, and the best screenplay award from the same award-giving body for the movie Hula Girl is in charge of the screenplay. The names of the people and the companies will be modified from the original.


* No way
* It would've been better if they just cast a white woman who can speak Japanese. There are a lot of those here in Japan. I 
think that they'll struggle filming if she just starts learning the language now.

She looks like a housewife who's around 40, with 3 children.

Amachan and Gochisousan went beyond expectations and became massive hits, so the bar has been raised for Hanako to Anne and Massan.

Not a blondie?... orz

When I Googled her, an amazing beauty appeared in front of me...
...or so I thought, but it was Kate Beckinsale.

* Go use that white girl in the Bold commercial who says "Touch de pon!"

* There are a lot more cuter foreigners out there, you know

* I thought they were going to cast Anne Hathaway

* It'll come after Hanako to Anne so I think they can just take it easy w

* I wanna watch this

* Tamayama doesn't feel right here w

* 2 foreigners as the lead www

Now that it's come to this, they should just appoint Zainichis and halfies, quarters for all the main characters w

* The one starting in spring looks so-so, but this one seems iffy too...

Might be good for jokes w
Tsubasa, Welkame, and Hitomi all had bad ratings, right?
Yes, the stories were horrible too
But both Tsubasa and Kame are actually normal dramas when compared to Jun to Ai-sama

* I'm glad NHK is doing this. If it were on commercial channels then they might have cast Becky.

No problem if it were the cuter Becky

I heard she can't speak Japanese, will everything be alright?

Maybe they're going to show how she improves along with the progression of the story

* It'll get a passing mark as long as it gets higher ratings than Teppan

Morning drama average ratings ranking

23.3% 『Sakura』     Shiho Takano 
22.6% 『Honmamon』  Chizuru Ikewaki 
22.3% 『Gochisousan』  Anne   ←※Tentative (As of ep. 126) 
22.2% 『Churasan』   Ryoko Kuninaka 
21.3% 『Kokoro』    Noriko Nakagoshi 
==========================Passing mark 
20.7% 『Manten』  Mao Miyaji 
20.7% 『Umechan Sensei』 Maki Horikita 
20.6% 『Amachan』 Rena Nounen 
==========================Oversized garbage     
19.4% 『Junjo Kirari』 Aoi Miyazaki 
19.4% 『Dondobare』 Manami Higa 
19.1% 『Carnation』 Machiko Ono 
==========================Raw garbage 
18.9% 『Teruteru kazoku』 Satomi Ishihara 
18.8% 『Ohisama』  Mao Inoue 
18.6% 『Gegege no Nyoubou』 Nao Matsushita 
17.5% 『Kaze no Haruka』 Eri Murakawa 
17.2% 『Teppan』 Miori Takimoto 
17.1% 『Jun to ai』   Natsuna 
17.0% 『Wakaba』  Natsuki Harada 
16.8% 『Imotakonankin』 Naomi Fujiyama 
16.7% 『Fight』  Yuika Motokariya 
16.2% 『Tenka』  Ema Fujisawa 
16.2% 『Dandan』 Mikura sisters 
15.9% 『Chiritotechin』 Shihori Kanjiya
15.2% 『Hitomi』   Nana Eikura  
13.8% 『Tsubasa』  Mikako Tabe 
13.5% 『Welkame』 Kana Kurashina
But Chiritotechin was good
Sakura's ratings were really that good?
Shiho Takano didn't make any waves, though

* At least it's not Kiko Mizuhara

I thought someone like Triendl got the job in the bag, but they're going with a relatively unknown foreigner?
They sure are challengers.

I thought someone who looked more charming would have been better for the husband, then they use an ikemen






* I commend NHK for this challenge


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