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Rena Nounen to appear in NHK's Great Tohoku Disaster concert

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Actress Rena Nounen will be participating in NHK's Shinsai kara 3-nen "Ashita he" concert (3 years from the disaster "On to Tomorrow" concert) which will be broadcast live on the 10th from the NHK Hall. Nounen will be making a VTR appearance. Also slated for an appearance is Sochi Olympics gold medalist Yuzuru Hanyu.

Nounen paid a visit to a high school photographer who has continuously taken pictures of Miyagi prefecture's Ishinomaki city throughout this time to document all the changes the city has undergone. Nounen comments: "I thought that this high school student who kept on taking photographs of his hometown was wonderful, as he was determined to do something in his own little way. It once again made me feel that I should also face whatever challenge that comes my way without turning back. And this was also my first time to take pictures with other people so I really had fun. Now I'm in love with Ishinomaki's ocean and mountains.".

SMAP's Masahiro Nakai and NHK's Yumiko Udo will be hosting the event, as Sayuri Ishikawa, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Masashi Sada, Toshiyuki Nishida, Chisato Moritaka, AKB48, SMAP, Kobukuro, Yuzu, and Kis-My-Ft2 will all be participating.


* Samuragochi as the guest, please!

* Crappy lineup

* Until when are they going to keep doing this "disaster business"? Will they keep doing this every year?

* She's really ugly. She's ugly now, but she was a monster before her plastic surgery. Even that sweets commercial wasn't cute at all.

Of course not
All this just seems like jealousy to me

* I've already grown tired of her

* Glad it isn't a live broadcast. I was shocked at how Nounen looked so dumb at the Kouhaku.

She was just in character
Nounen was just portraying Amachan's Aki Amano at the Kouhaku. The real Nounen's totally different. She used to make comments for an awards ceremony once and went, "I'll be Aki Amano from here!... And I'll be returning to Nounen...". It's that gap.

* Because her agency's taking too much caution, her only option now is NHK, huh

* I'm looking forward to this

* When she was 12 to 13 








Wow, so many cute pictures that I've never seen before. I think this can be used as a template to respond to all these "Nounen's ugly" comments w

* More pictures of when she was skinny during her Nicola days

* When will she be able to step away from her Amachan image?

The girl in the morning drama now used to be Bera from Yokai Ningen. Everyone's doing various things.

* Does she still go "Jye jye jye~"?

* Still in character.

* Looks like they don't even know how to properly utilize her anymore. She might become happier if she quits showbiz as soon as possible.

* I think morning drama heroines will either become hugely successful or fail miserably. Extreme results, one way or the other.

* Kappa face's so cute
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* That's Les Pros for you, they try to save her for bigger projects, but she only gets cheaper jobs than Arimura. I'm guessing that all the Nounen-wotas are turning a blind eye towards this one, like they usually do.

Arimura won't be able to get on these kinds of disaster programs even if she wanted to. You have to be an actress on a national level.
See? There's one of the wotas here trying to convince himself that this lame-a$$ job is an amazing project w This is what I mean by turning a blind eye. An on-site VTR like this won't convince me, even if someone like Haruka Christine does it w
Well, she's their special guest after all
This sort of task is actually important for the actress. I actually thought that Haruka Ayase will be doing it this year.
Do you really think that Kasumi Ariumura or Haruka Christine will be able to get on this kind of special program? Take a look again at the participants. 
"SMAP's Masahiro Nakai and NHK's Yumiko Udo will be hosting the event, as Sayuri Ishikawa, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Masashi Sada, Toshiyuki Nishida, Chisato Moritaka, AKB48, SMAP, Kobukuro, Yuzu, and Kis-My-Ft2 will all be participating."
As well as Sochi Olympics gold medalist Yuzuru Hanyu.

* I seriously feel like she'll just end up as a one-hit wonder. She needs to constantly get projects like Arimura does. And it's not like the young people watch morning dramas anyway.

I'm in my 20s but I watched Amachan. I got so addicted to it, recorded it, and rewatched it over and over. I also had some classmates who watched it. And it also said on FRIDAY that she'll be on Yo ni mo kimyo na monogatari.


No progress whatsoever www

* She'll probably be tied to her Amachan image for the rest of her life

* Today's Ama-loss thread (Amachan withdrawal symptom)

* Amachan's unrelated here anymore, stop saying that. Looks like you're the ones who have the Amachan withdrawal symptom.

* She's fast becoming a person of the past

* That amateur-ish charm is actually her appeal. There are tons of girls who are "just cute" in the industry. I hope she doesn't change.

* The last angel to descend upon us


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