Saturday, March 8, 2014

TOKIO fans are so lucky...

They can easily get concert tickets.
Even if you tweet that you got a ticket, you won't get arrested.
Dramas with TOKIO members are mostly hits.
They've got a super-duper popular Sunday night program that will still keep on running for a long time.

* What do you mean by get arrested?

The crime of bragging about it.
When you get an Arashi ticket, you need to keep silent about it.

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I'm not sure about the arrested part, but you'll be cornered by all these retards who'd say, "Think about the feelings of everyone who weren't able to get hold of tickets!"

* You don't hear about crazy TOKIO fans

* Everyone's single

Yamaguchi's married

* They get to perform at the Kouhaku

* Leader is old-fashioned

* They've got a band format so they're not compared a lot with other Johnny's groups

* To think that leader is already old enough to have a kid in high school...

* But Nagase's the only who gets to star in dramas

Psychometrer (faint voice)

* Nagase's the only one with a lot of hit dramas, right? I feel that Yamaguchi and Matsuoka's dramas have all been crappy.

* But it also seems like Nagase's dramas generally don't rate well

I heard that the DVD sales and rental frequency of his dramas is tops within Johnny's

* I remember this KudoKan drama where Matsuoka was an introverted bar master

Manhattan Love Story

* I wonder what the V6 fans are doing

They're attending concerts

Joshima - Heavy machinery operator

Yamaguchi - License to operate small boats, deep sea diving license, driving license, graduate of a carpentry college
Nagase - License to operate small boats, lyricist/composer, experienced at shipbuilding, master fisher
Matsuoka - Licensed chef, deep sea diving license, Johnny's Jr. stage diector
Akio - License to operate small machinery, 50 years farming experience, well digging
Kokubun - Charcoal burning apprentice

Kokubun (LOL)
LOLing at Kokubun
Despite having all of this, only one of them has a normal license?
That was on purpose
 Akio-san became an official TOKIO member from being a regular farmer? Amazing progress.

* Won't DASH end when Akio-san kicks the bucket?

* Akio is the KIO in TOKIO

* I think everyone other than Kokubun will cry their eyes out if Akio-san dies

* It's amazing that no one's been arrested yet. Unlike SMAP.

SMAP's just abnormal

* What's the popular program that they have? 5LDK?

They're still doing that!? (shocked)
You can say that it's actually peaking right now, compared to when it was on late night
It's a monster program that's been averaging 17% for 10 years now

* Idols who can determine the type of the bee just by seeing the shape of the beehive

* TOKIO's the only one whom you'll see making charcoal

* Leader's "I get a true love!" never fails to make me laugh

* And when you're in luck, TOKIO might even be the ones to deliver your goods at your doorstep

* People regularly make all these TOKIO threads, but I'm glad that it's generally peaceful

* What's amazing about them is despite that they're massive money earners, they don't get bashed at all by fans of other groups

* I heard that there are grannies and grandpas who attend TOKIO's concerts

* Must be because of DASH

* The current DASH has no studio footage, nor any insets. There's no unpleasantness at all. Well, just think of the canned laughs as something like in Fullhouse.

True, I like how there's no inset

* Even the comedians nowadays are just glued to the studio and aren't risking their bodies on their variety shows anymore. It's amazing that idols are doing this.
... They are idols, aren't they?

More like farmers (random)

* I think there are lot of people who became TOKIO fans because of DASH. I'm one of those.


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