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Ryo Fukawa criticizes KimuTaku's conversation with Prime Minister Abe on Iitomo's Telephone Shocking

1: 2014/03/24(月) 23:02:43.03 ID:???0
As Fuji TV's long-running program Iitomo is coming to an end, the program's popular segment "Telephone Shocking" has been graced with the presence of prominent guests during the final week. March 21 had Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, while March 24 saw SMAP's Takuya Kimura making his appearance in the segment.

Prime Minister Abe got to talk with the following episode's guest Kimura, about which comedian Ryo Fukawa (39) had something to say on his radio program.

* When he was told that First-lady Akie was a huge fan, he said "Ha---i, arigatou gozaimasu".

Prime Minister Abe was able to talk to the guest of the next episode, Kimura, towards the end of the segment.

Mr. Abe has previously met Kimura in person when he guested on SMAPxSMAP's segment "BISTRO SMAP" back in 2005. The Prime Minister started off by saying, "Ah, moshi-moshi, uhm, this is Shinzo Abe speaking", sounding a bit uneasy. Kimura then answered with a slight laugh in his tone, "Hello, this is Takuya Kimura".

When the Prime Minister was on BISTRO SMAP, he liked the buckwheat noodles that Kimura prepared, which eventually gave the victory to Kimura's team. Kimura remembered this and said, "Thank you very much back then. Please do come by again, this time as the Prime Minister.". Mr. Abe replied politely, "Thank you very much, let's do it again".

Upon hearing that Mr. Abe's wife, first lady Akie-san is a huge fan of Kimura-san, he just said "Ha----i, arigatou gozaimasu", and that was where their conversation ended.

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1: 2014/03/24(月) 23:02:43.03 ID:???0
Tamori then asked Kimura, "So are you ok on Monday next week?" 
"Yes, I'm good on that day." 
"I'll be waiting for you."
"Ha----i. Onegaishima---su."
It did sound like Kimura wasn't too enthusiastic over the phone.

Some reactions on the Internet were:
"So surreal! www"
"The Prime Minister and KimuTaku talking on the phone w",
as a lot expressed their enjoyment over the situation, while others also pointed out:
"KimuTaku didn't sound too friendly over the phone."
"Umm, KimuTaku kinda sounded abrupt while he was talking with the Prime Minister, was he in a bad mood? w"
"Am I the only one who thought that KimuTaku had such a bad attitude?".

* "I agree with Fukawa", "It's not the right attitude to take when talking to someone of higher standing than you".

Ryo Fukawa also talked about this matter on his radio program ROCKETMAN SHOW (J-WAVE) on March 23.

Apart from Secretary-General Akihiro Ohata of the Democratic Party voicing out that "This is not the time (for the Prime Minister) to be appearing on variety shows", some of the public also expressed their thoughts: "Know your place", "Are you trying to gain popularity this way?". Fukawa however defended Mr. Abe and said, "I didn't really see anything wrong with it. It's not right to criticize everything, you know.".

He then continued: 
"But if I were to say something, I was actually more concerned about the way 'that person' responded to him over the phone. Well, you can actually just sum it up as a cute little conversation, but considering that you were allowed to guest on the last few days of the show, I don't think that was the right kind of reaction. I'm talking about the next guest. You know, the show's about to end in a few days. I'm not sure what the situation is, but with the Prime Minister and Tamori-san on the other end of the line, I didn't know what was going on when he went on to answer the phone. I'm not sure if he tried to make himself look bigger, or if that was his natural way of speaking. It was a bit disappointing".

Fukawa did not name names, but he was obviously talking about Kimura. Radio listeners then commented on the Internet that "I agree with Fukawa", "It's not the right attitude to take when talking to someone of higher standing than you", as a lot sympathized with his reaction.

4 :2014/03/24(月) 23:03:33.04 ID:
Uwo, the guy's a rabid dog w
5 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:03:53.12 ID:
Fukawa’s gross.
I can’t stand how he’s made that change into an intelligent character.

7 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:04:35.44 ID:
True, KimuTaku did seem arrogant
8 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:04:38.27 ID:
Ohhh~! So he’s picking a fight with Johnny’s now… w
10 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:05:10.79 ID:
I didn’t watch it, but was it really that bad?

29 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:07:38.88 ID:
It wasn’t a big deal. It just seemed like he was desperately searching for something to bash.
65 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:11:18.50 ID:
It wasn’t the type of reaction you’d expect from someone over 40

13 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:05:24.63 ID:
It did feel wrong.
Maybe he didn’t know how to talk properly and show respect to someone who had a higher standing than himself.

14 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:05:38.54 ID:
I get this feeling that Fukawa isn’t used to picking a fight, or isn’t that good when it comes to fights so he might just self-destruct in the process.
He might be better off lashing out at a pencil eraser instead.

16 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:05:48.06 ID:
So he just picked a fight with them.
This is gonna get exciting.

20 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:06:13.09 ID:
He’s cheating, he's only bashing someone who’s already on the decline
27 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:07:26.61 ID:
Fukawa doesn’t choose his enemies, unlike Bakusho’s Ohta, huh
28 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:07:28.36 ID
KimuTaku’s always been like that

98 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:14:20.11 ID:
And that’s what the problem is according to Fukawa

33 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:08:12.82 ID:
KimuTaku minus the thug, chinpira persona isn’t KimuTaku anyway
34 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:08:19.81 ID:
These Johnny's talent still call one another “______ -kun” up to now.
It’s just his persona.

36 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:08:26.77 ID:
KimuTako’s been losing his divine powers as of late.
Might be the right time to pick a fight with him.

37 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:08:29.02 ID:
Fukawa’s essentially frozen out so he’s been saying what he wants
42 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:08:58.61 ID:
Maybe KimuTaku didn’t realize that he was speaking to the Prime Minister?
43 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:08:59.12 ID:
Maybe Johnny’s isn’t as powerful as they used to be?
Give it your best, Fukawa.
46 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:09:09.38 ID:
Fukawa’s been earning steadily through music so there’s no need for him to be on TV.
He’s actually being ignored by the TV industry anyway, so it seems like he gets to say what he wants.

48 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:09:33.19 ID:
*Nahh, that's not the case

50 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:10:05.10 ID:
It was just a regular conversation.
I think it was a calm and manly reaction by a 40-year-old man to the Prime Minister

53 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:10:18.20 ID:
What’s the matter, Fukawa?
54 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:10:23.60 ID:
Is there even this hierarchy order between these talents and the Prime Minister?
56 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:10:30.26 ID:
I watched this, but I didn’t feel bothered at all.
I think even the listeners only started realizing it once Fukawa started talking about it.

58 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:10:36.71 ID:
KimuTaku didn’t act arrogant, he just got nervous and didn’t know how to respond.
60 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:10:42.39 ID:
I felt the same way when I saw that so I agree with this. w Really, what was that all about? w

62 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:10:59.64 ID:
KimuTaku's richer so he looks down on someone when he wants to
70 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:11:53.74 ID:
People are saying “Wow! He’s picking a fight with Johnny’s!”, but Ryo-chan comes from Nabe-Pro, and is the president’s favorite.
Isn’t he actually stronger?

84 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:13:21.39 ID:
Johnny’s president also came from Nabe-Pro w He even did accounting stuff when it was just starting w

73 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:12:01.50 ID:
Well, who cares what this small fry Fukawa has to say
78 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:12:47.82 ID:
Lashing out at a falling, middle-aged idol? w
He should’ve done this 10 years ago.

81 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:13:09.41 ID:
You guys really love bashing fallen ikemens, huh
82 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:13:10.56 ID:
But he said something scarier before. Didn’t it have any repercussions?

> "Hey, isn’t SMAP horrible? So this is what you call 'Japanese entertainment'..."

99 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:14:22.42 ID:
KimuTaku’s never had to bow down to anyone. Maybe he doesn’t know how to speak politely or how to act in front of someone of higher standing.
Which sets Goro-chan apart from him since he gets to play golf with the elderly people from major companies.

104 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:15:11.00 ID:
What’s this Fukawa fellow talking about?
I hate people like him who bash declining artists the most.

108 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:15:42.44 ID:
It did seem to me that KimuTaku had a bad attitude. I know that these talents need to protect their image, and there’s really no need to suck it up to anyone and act all giddy. But he did seem like a show-off high school student.
112 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:15:58.50 ID:
It’s not the type of attitude to have towards the leader of your country.
Well, he’s not exactly an amazing leader, but someone as huge as Mr. “Mateyo” should at least be a bit more... you know.

122 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:17:17.47 ID:
Someone like Abe doesn’t deserve respect.
A rich kid who was a NEET? Hah.

124 : 2014/03/24(月) 23:17:38.18 ID:
I did think the same way, but I thought that he was just portraying his persona. I do think that Fukawa pointing this out was the correct thing to do, in the sense that he was trying to correct this sort of thing.
I think he’s a pretty decent chap. He didn’t graduate from Keio for nothing.

21 : 2014/03/26(水) 15:53:38.74 ID:
KimuTaku should just keep on playing the role of KimuTaku.
He’s just being made to do that, so people should still consider him as “KimuTaku”.

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