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Keiko Kitagawa forms a special unit with MomoClo Z... "KimoClo Z"

Actress Keiko Kitagawa (27) will be forming a special unit with idol group Momoiro Clover Z for the upcoming Akumuchan Special (NTV, this spring). This unit will be called KimoClo Z.

She will be showcasing her singing and dancing skills for the first time with this drama-only unit. Her image color is "black", and will be wearing the same mini-skirts as these idols who are almost 10 years younger than her. She even joked that "Doing something like this (at 27) may actually be an 'akumu' (nightmare)... but it feels like I came back (to the time of my debut)", citing her acting debut with the TBS live action drama Sailor Moon.

MomoClo hail from Stardust Promotions, the same agency as Kitagawa's, and they have this to say about her: "As expected of the 'STAR' in Stardust, she really is different from the rest!". When asked if she would consider teaming up with MomoClo outside of the drama, Kitagawa says, "I'll think about it if I become the most popular member here", and grins. The other members all panicked and went, "Oh no! Oh no!". Akumuchan will also be having a movie which will be coming to theaters on May 3rd.


* Kitagawa-neesan is sooo into it w As expected of ex-Sailor Mars.

LOL, she's the one who looks the sharpest of the bunch w 
Everyone else looks lazy, but she's the only one giving it her all from start to finish!


I can see people coming to the cinemas wearing colorful happis w
I heard that the 6 of them will even be singing "Saraba" in the movie
No, the 6 will sing in the TV version

* Wow, looks good!

* Looks like Shiori Tamai will be the main character in the story. She'll be graduating from high school in real life so maybe they're preparing to shove her into more acting roles.

Tamai originally appeared as Yumenoke
Shiori Tamai will probably have some time in her hands once she graduates from high school so she might get more projects



* They look really tight! They should go on with these members moving forward.

* Kitagawa's got a large face

Are you referring to the 3rd picture? She's just a step in front of everyone else, that's why it looks like she's got a big face.

* As expected of a former Sailor Moon star

* Sailor Moon was a blemish in her career, they said.
That Sailor Moon should rather be forgotten, they said.

* She's really so pleasant for aggressively talking about her Sailor Moon phase

* Kitagawa says that she's happiest and is most relaxed when she's with her Sailor Moon friends

* Someone who's got the name value of Keiko Kitagawa would normally want to forget about Sailor Moon or even cut ties with everyone involved, but I absolutely love how she cherishes that experience

* I don't dislike a Kitagawa who's surprisingly game for something like this

* Shiori-chan's amazing when you look at their waist positions here

Shiori Tamai has long legs


They've been good friends for quite some time now

* Red is still the only member I'm familiar with

Here's your chance to get to know the rest

Pink Ayaka Sasaki (A-rin)
Yellow Shiori Tamai (Shiorin)

* Momota is Kitagawa's official successor

* Kanako Momota's Jr. High yearbook photo
Keiko Kitagawa's Jr. High yearbook photo
2nd year HS

* Fuyumin Clover

Nice smiles by the orchestra members

* So they officially retired the color Blue?

* She would have looked younger with black hair

* I wanted to see Kitagawa with black hair. Everyone looks adorable, though.

* Akumuchan's ratings weren't that high, right? Yet they're doing a special?

More like a promotion for the upcomiing movie. The ratings weren't really high, but I heard that it really did well with the kids.
It got an average of around 12%, so you can consider that pretty good

* Why the name "KimoClo"...

They were probably after the impact that it would make

* So stoked for this!


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