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6 drummers of the current generation who are actually pretty amazing

1: 2014/03/24(月) 19:29:25.92 ID:???0

1: 2014/03/24(月) 19:29:25.92 ID:???0
Tomoya (ONE OK ROCK)


Nero (MERRY)

Masuo Arimatsu (BACK DROP BOMB)

Yuya Ishii (Camurobounce)


KATSUJI (The Cromagnons)

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4 :2014/03/24(月) 19:33:47.25 ID:
I like POLY's Yano
10 :2014/03/24(月) 19:39:50.34 ID:
I thought it said "ONE OK's Toyota"
11 :2014/03/24(月) 19:40:36.96 ID:
I'm relieved that Katsuji is in there. You can totally tell that he's a beast when he's with the band Gargoyle.

12 :2014/03/24(月) 19:40:45.92 ID:
WanOku's guitars is shi+, can't be helped, really.
15 :2014/03/24(月) 19:42:30.88 ID:
Masuhiro Goto
17 :2014/03/24(月) 19:46:13.29 ID:
Why did they choose Masuo Arimatsu, and not Takashi Kashikura or Akira Tsuneoka?

18 :2014/03/24(月) 19:46:39.02 ID:
Isn't there anyone who has a fortress-like drum set?
21 :2014/03/24(月) 19:50:48.61 ID:
The Judy and Mary drummer is good

24 :2014/03/24(月) 19:51:28.28 ID:
That guy's actually running a drumming school, even in the provinces w

27 :2014/03/24(月) 19:53:55.20 ID:
If it's "actually shi+" drummers, 
then without a doubt, it'd be Shinya

128 :2014/03/24(月) 22:22:25.03 ID:
He's good despite those looks
31 :2014/03/24(月) 20:03:27.52 ID:
Shinya really is terrible.
A lot of people are just being deceived by the power of marketing and his character.
68 :2014/03/24(月) 20:38:08.15 ID:
I don't think Shinya's bad, but he's a drummer who peaked too soon.
His technique was amazing, even at that time for someone in his early 20s when they made their break. But I don't think that he's really improved that much from then.
37 :2014/03/24(月) 20:13:57.40 ID:
Do people even regard Shinya as a good drummer?
I think that the blind LUNA SEA wotas are just overpraising him.
If you listen to him properly, you can't say that he's good at all, even if someone forces your mouth open.

35 :2014/03/24(月) 20:12:17.63 ID:
I heard that Golden Bomber's drummer is actually pretty good
38 :2014/03/24(月) 20:14:06.62 ID:
POLYSICS sure brings back memories!
I listened to them a lot back in high school.
39 :2014/03/24(月) 20:14:39.98 ID:
Still no mention of Yasuo Sano up to this point
45 :2014/03/24(月) 20:21:17.50 ID:
Katsuji's the real deal
50 :2014/03/24(月) 20:23:24.11 ID:
Not really in the sense of "hidden", but the backing drummer of BABYMETAL, Hideki Kamiyama of the "Kami Band" is goddamn amazing. As expected of the son of the god of drumming.

58 :2014/03/24(月) 20:30:27.02 ID:
People say that WanOku's a childish band, but when I tried listening to them, I got surprised at how amazing the drums and vocals are
61 :2014/03/24(月) 20:33:25.55 ID:GgkeXvXC0
SPITZ's drummer is pretty sick too, right?

62 :2014/03/24(月) 20:33:34.28 ID:
WanOku's drummer is seriously good. The guitarist is crap.
65 :2014/03/24(月) 20:34:15.66 ID:
True, POLY'S Yano is amazing
66 :2014/03/24(月) 20:34:28.03 ID:
WanOku should have one more guitarist

70 :2014/03/24(月) 20:41:18.65 ID:
What about YOSHIKI?

74 :2014/03/24(月) 20:45:41.85 ID:
Same as Lars Ulrich, it's like you're forbidden to even talk about whether he's good or bad
132 :2014/03/24(月) 22:30:57.22 ID:
He's like Keith Moon.
He's horrible but his drumming is orthodox and pretty easy to comprehend, that's why he's popular.
76 :2014/03/24(月) 20:49:35.34 ID:
I remember seeing him suddenly running around the arena just when I thought that he had finished his drum solo, and got surprised when the drum sounds suddenly switched to a recording. And I became teary-eyed at how admirable the other members were for playing along with that.
85 :2014/03/24(月) 21:01:12.93 ID:
That's their usual thing, don't mind that.
Rather than his skill, I think YOSHIKI's more of a showman.

77 :2014/03/24(月) 20:50:01.56 ID:
Maximum the Hormone's Nawo is good, right?

79 :2014/03/24(月) 20:50:32.84 ID:
"For a woman"

84 :2014/03/24(月) 20:55:54.13 ID:
Siam Shade's drummer is pretty good too

96 :2014/03/24(月) 21:12:33.92 ID:
FACT's drummer Eiji Matsumoto a.k.a. eiji is really good.
His tone, just everything about him is sick, he's like Japan's most perfect drummer.

98 :2014/03/24(月) 21:13:57.47 ID:
The only disappointing thing about FACT is that the vocalist's just a one-trick pony
113 :2014/03/24(月) 21:29:38.32 ID:
coldrain's Katsuma

If you get to watch WanOku and coldrain together at a festival, then you've already got back your money's worth
118 :2014/03/24(月) 21:45:35.04 ID:
Fact's Eiji is world class
57 :2014/03/24(月) 20:30:01.49 ID:
Chisato Moritaka

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