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Hikaru Utada: "I've never gone to a love hotel before"

1: ◆ENPDAsv5PuwA @ターンオーヴァーφ ★:2014/03/18(火) 23:08:23.90
Hikaru Utada updated her Twitter again after a month, the last one being February 18. She suddenly tweeted things like "My first lower back pain in 7 years" and "I've never gone to a love hotel" on the day her once a month radio program KUMA POWER HOUR goes off the air for good.

Utada tweeted about the taping for the final episode of her radio program and revealed: "I suddenly strained my lower back again after 7 years, and I was trying to endure intense pain during the 2nd portion of the program after the commercial (it was really tough to sit down) so you should also watch out for the time when my voice suddenly changes".

She also tweeted about a billboard in Shibuya which shows her 15-y/o self on her album cover for her debut album First Love. She said "I can't believe that this is what's it come to... And for the extreme close-up of myself at 15 to be on such a huge poster like that, is this some sort of new S&M play?"

When she noticed that the making video of her first radio recording was uploaded on YouTube, she said: "Wait! Th-this is candid camera!"

When a follower poked fun at her about her debut album cover and her old footage and said, "Well, to be honest, I'd prefer seeing a hidden camera footage of you in a love hotel", she replied, "I've never gone to a love hotel-- <3".

2 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/18(火) 23:10:45.33
Liar! You went with me!
3 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/18(火) 23:10:53.73
BBA, I'll take you to a love hotel!
5: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2014/03/18(火) 23:11:43.64
Well yeah, a person like her won't do it in a place like that w
It's so dirty, with all those different people coming in and out of it.
6: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2014/03/18(火) 23:12:55.90
"But I have been to a motel"
8: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2014/03/18(火) 23:13:56.18 
Go have Mona-san teach you
9: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2014/03/18(火) 23:15:41.90
That's one of the things I look forward to in life.
The bathrooms there are nice.
10: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2014/03/18(火) 23:15:52.88
Did she do something which made her lower back ache?
11: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2014/03/18(火) 23:16:21.15
But she's probably done it on a luxurious terrace with a glass roof and a jacuzzi.
Must be her way of making fun of the poor people.
13: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2014/03/18(火) 23:16:48.25
I don't care.
Why doesn't she buy an entire love hotel for herself?
15: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2014/03/18(火) 23:22:18.91
Well of course she hasn't. It's almost the same as a cheap hotel after all.
17: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2014/03/18(火) 23:28:25.27
Alright, then shall we go there, missus?
20: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2014/03/18(火) 23:30:34.70
Me neither.
But if you're living alone, you don't even have to go to one since you can just call your girlfriend over.
21: 20 2014/03/18(火) 23:32:01.01
And when you just need a place to stay, you can just go to a ryokan.
22: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2014/03/18(火) 23:33:00.97

People who go to love hotels are flaky couples, those who have affairs, and those who request for call girls.

People of Utada's class shouldn't be going to places like that. Even out of curiosity.
There are much better places.
23 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/18(火) 23:34:52.69
But a love hotel is a wonderland...
27 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/18(火) 23:57:38.27
I've never been to one myself
28 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/19(水) 00:03:04.06
I ran into my homeroom teacher in high school at a love hotel once, but he let me off the hook.
The woman he was with probably wasn't his wife.
30 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/19(水) 00:11:33.51
Love hotels are places that poor people go to.
The current trend now is buying your own unit for you to do it in.
37: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2014/03/19(水) 00:52:11.18
But there is this image that her own bed is much bigger than the ones they have in a love hotel
39: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2014/03/19(水) 01:26:03.58
She's been living alone since she was 15 so there really was no need for her to go to one
40: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2014/03/19(水) 01:32:32.88
But her house is really huge, right? I think she's got specific objects for things like that in her room
41 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/19(水) 02:03:39.05
You can moan loudly in a love hotel, though
42: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2014/03/19(水) 03:21:03.50
> "Never gone to a love hotel"

Can I take this as her way of saying "I don't want to go to such a lame place like that!"?
43 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/19(水) 03:28:00.41

I've never been to a love hotel either.

B-b-but I-I-I'm not a virgin.
45: オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!! 2014/03/19(水) 06:50:36.96
Humans can still do human stuff even if they don't go to a love hotel

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