Sunday, March 9, 2014

yui cancels her band's participation in VIVA LA ROCK after being diagnosed with panic disorder

Singer/songwriter yui revealed on her blog that she was diagnosed with panic disorder and had to cancel her band FLOWER FLOWER's participation in the indoor rock festival VIVA LA ROCK (May 3-5, Saitama Super Arena).

yui writes: "I've been having breathing difficulties and diziness for quite some time now, and I was told that I have panic disorder when I had myself checked up at the hospital. I am currently nursing my condition and am living quietly.".

She also made her comments about the cancellation of activities from February onwards and says: "I would like to apologize to everyone who has been waiting for our shows. I personally want to perform, but right now, I have to deal with this condition first and accomplish the small things that I can do right now. I'm planning to come back once I'm fully healed so things might be quiet for some time, but please do keep on supporting us.".


* "koi shichattanda" (from her song "CHE.R.R.Y", lit. means "fell in love"), I think

* An attention whore like Ayaka. I hope both of them disappear.

* She just lost it all after going blonde. Looks sure are important.

* Look at Tsuyoshi Domoto, he's never taken a break even once

* It'll be hard to keep on listening to MIWA's screechy voice

* One moment she goes on a hiatus, then she comes out, then she takes a break. Everything's too unstable.

* I feel like she's got some bigger burden than this panic disorder

* I feel sorry for the other members. They're all relatively new, then she immediately has panic disorder w

* So has she split up with that horse-faced ronge (long-hair) who can't even be considered an "ikemen by atmosphere"?

* Please take good care of yourself

* What a troublesome woman

* I remember that some talent used to have himself checked up on a TV program and he was also diagnosed with panic disorder, but he said that he was able to do something about it by himself. Is that really how it is?

No. Breathing difficulty, feels like dying, calls an abulance, becomes pale, gets rushed to the hospital, and then returns to normal after treatment. You have to endure this cycle over and over again. There's no way someone can treat this by himself.

* Panic disorder is caused by various reasons after all

* Maybe she started feeling a different sort of pressure after starting her new band?

* Some people with panic disorder can't even get on trains or airplanes. Just even the slightest travel to the country or to the arena might be troublesome for her...

* yui-chan ganbare

* The ZARD course

* Why not just take a rest for the remainder of your life?

* Panic disorder usually comes with depression, it's really scary

* She got depressed because she's not selling well?

* All of you guys are so mean

* She's probably gone crazy after doing all those things that she doesn't even want to do


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