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"I think I'm going crazy from thinking too much about Yuzu-kun" - The women fantasizing about Yuzuru Hanyu

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The popularity of Yuzuru Hanyu (19), gold medalist in men's figure skating at the recently concluded Sochi Olympics, has been increasing each day. But among these are the people who are getting addicted to him in a slightly different way.

"When he doesn't speak or do anything, he's just a pretty boy with long and sharp eyes. But when he smiles, he's like a little girl. It even seems like he's a male character who jumped out of Moto Hagio and Keiko Takemiya's mangas and got lost in the real world. He's more like an untouchable being, rather than a prince charming for one to admire... Every single day, I think of Yuzu-kun too much, and I think I'm going crazy. I just love how Yuzu-kun looked at the kiss and cry area and you can't imagine how many times I re-watched that scene." (40s/Housewife)

Kiss and cry is the area in an ice rink where figure skaters wait for their marks to be announced after their performances together with the coach. There are a lot of women who found Hanyu-kun extremely attractive in this area.

"He really looked like a maiden when he was resting his chin on his hand while waiting for his score. My heart races when I see him happily hugging his Pooh-san doll. When I see him like that, it makes me think that he sincerely accepts us as well." (40s/"girl")

For the record, Hanyu loves the Disney character Winnie the Pooh. His room is full of Pooh-san dolls, and his tissue case which he used at the end of his performance also had a Pooh-san drawing.

"After his sexy performance with his overflowing aura, his face suddenly changed from a tense one to a bashful one. Then he takes out tissues from his pooh-san tissue case and blows his nose. That gap in his character is so irresistible. And the way he moves his hands. The day he shows his small, lady-like gestures as he delicately moves his hands in front of his chest, I think I'll..." (50s/Housewife)
Sorry... I'm scared to know what comes after that.

These women are already crazy in the first place

/Thread here.
It really is strange to show your desire for someone who's as old as your own kid.

I'm sincerely disgusted
It's such an unwelcome favor to be liked by people who are ailing like this. Poor thing.

I actually thought that he's liked by the teens to people in their 20s

But the people who like figure skating are also pretty old

It's fine as long as these women are married.
But single grannies who are stalking these figure skaters are generally crazy.

 > (40s/'girl'Yup, nothing to see here folks

I guess you guys now know the feeling of all the women who loathe perverted lolicons like you

Hanyu's reaction after hearing about this news

I think I'm going crazy too from thinking too much about Lip-chan (>_<)

I'm guessing that a lot of dojinshis to be released this year will have him as the main character

That's how dojinshis are.
Poor Habu-kun.

Figure skating tickets are so expensive so only the rich grannies get to watch

I think I get why grannies are fantasizing about him

* He seems to be popular with the Chinese, Koreans, and Russians.
He may be popular in Japan, but it looks like there are more passionate fans overseas.

If he releases a picture book now, it's going to sell like hotcakes

What's the difference between the women in this article and old men saying "MomoClo's so cute"?

* Do people really have no interest in those who are in the same age bracket as themselves?

* This is totally the opposite version of you guys, huh w This is how everyone looks at all you old blokes who keep saying "Lipnitskaia's so cute!" (which is true, by the way) w

* Hey now, even us guys are fantasizing about Hanyu-kun! Don't think that it's just you women!



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