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Akira Toriyama: "I just lost the will to draw a battle manga (after the Majin Buu saga)"

1: ケツすべりφ ★:2014/03/28(金) 17:38:06.27 0
Seiyuu Masako Nozawa (77) and comedy duo Harisenbon were at the completion screening event of Dragonball Kai on the 28th. 

Author Akira Toriyama gave his comments, saying "I lost the will to draw a battle manga" after the Majin Buu saga. 

Toriyama gave his thoughts on Majin Buu, the strongest enemy in Kai and looked back: "The final opponent in the Dragon Ball weekly mangas was Majin Buu. Yes, the last enemy was round! He was strong! And he was pesky!". "It was just intense, tedious fights one after another -- to the point that it made me tired of it all. Now that I've turned into an old man with high blood pressure and who likes bland tastes, I won't be able to create battles like that anymore. Rather, I've lost the will to draw a battle manga again after Dragon Ball."

He continued: "As the author, I actually preferred the exchange between characters that didn't really matter that much". "I was thrilled when I was drawing the foolish Mr. Satan contributing to their victory."

He also gave special mention to Nozawa who voices Son Goku, Son Gohan, and Son Goten by herself and told the fans to "Please enjoy and be impressed at Masako Nozawa-san's amazing talent at using the voice of whichever of the 3 at will".

Dragon Ball Kai is an HD remaster and recut of the original Dragon Ball Z. This is the continuation of the initial Kai series which premiered on Fuji TV in April 2009 to August 2011.

3 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 17:45:38.46 0
Hurry up and do a timid adventure spectacle with a young boy as the main character
4 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 17:45:51.62
I was still able to forgive him until the Vegeta saga, but as stronger opponents appeared, Goku also went on to become much stronger, and it all just became nonsense. Of course he'd lose the will to draw with that.
5 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 17:47:09.60 0
Dragon Ball also started off pretty relaxed and lighthearted, though
9 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 17:49:29.96 0
Toriyama looked like he was having a lot of fun when he was still drawing Arale-chan
10 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 17:49:36.25 0
I wonder how much savings he has.
I hope he can spare me at least a few hundred million yen.
12 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 17:50:38.85 0
Annihilating the human race, destroying earth...
You could actually tell that he was getting reckless and desperate at one point.
It's like he was telling (his editors) "Go ahead and try to keep making me write stuff like this!".
16 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 17:52:27.14 0
Dr. Slump to the beginning of Dragon Ball was much more fun, so It'll make me really happy if he returns to doing that style
17 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 17:55:14.12 O
Please make a manga that will exhaust the pervyness of Kamesennin.
I'm sure that he'll just be thwarted in the end, though.
20 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 17:59:35.99 0
天下一武道会 → 強い悪役 → トレーニング → やっつける → シェンロン → 生き返る ┐ 
    └――――――――――――― エンドレス ―――――――――――――――┘ 


Tenkaichi Budokai → Villains → Training → Beats them → Shenron → Revive  ┐
    └―――――――――――――---------------- Endless ------------

People will grow tired of this.
21 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 17:59:37.48 0

ただ、ナンセンスギャグ作家としては、ドクタースランプ中期あたりでネタ切れを起こしてたのも確かなわけで そこを隠して擁護はできない 

編集者もバカじゃないから、「スランプ」や「ドラゴンボール」が途中からバトル漫画になったのは このままこの作家にギャグをさせるのは無理だと踏んだからだろう 

また、現実問題として、ネタ切れをおこした作家に週刊連載ペースでギャグを続けさせると その作家の健康並びに精神問題にも悪影響を及ぼし、最悪の場合になる可能性もある (実際、そうなった漫画家はたくさんいる) 

スランプにせよドラゴンボールにせよ、当初はナンセンスギャグ漫画であったものが 途中からバトル漫画になったことに関して編集を責める人もいるが 
>"As the author, I actually preferred the exchange between characters that didn't really matter that much."

This person actually started off writing nonsensical gags like that.
But it was also a fact that he ran out of jokes midway through Dr. Slump, and you can't proceed to defend him by hiding that fact away.

His editors weren't stupid, and the reason why Slump and Dragon Ball turned into battle mangas midway was because they anticipated that it was impossible for Toriyama to keep on doing gags.

And another problem is if you made an author who has exhausted his jokes keep writing gag mangas on a weekly basis, it would have had a negative effect on the author's health and mental state, and might even lead to the worst case scenario (which has actually happened to a lot of other mangakas).

Whether it's Dr. Slump or Dragon Ball, there were people who blamed the editors for turning what initially was a lighthearted gag manga into a battle manga. But on the flipside, that might have actually been the editor's kindness and concern towards Toriyama.
22 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 18:02:23.99 0
Nonsensical humor and adventures don't even go well together in the first place.
Well, there are successful ones like Mahoujin Guru Guru, but that's a pretty rare instance.
35 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 18:35:10.15 0
> on becoming a battle manga midway through

Err, is there even a Jump manga that didn't follow this formula? w
24 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 18:09:30.70 0
Dragon Ball wasn't the only manga that had comical taste in the beginning, though
26 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 18:10:00.69 O
It was pretty obvious how Toriyama-san didn't have motivation.
Even in the anime, battles all felt the same towards the end and it was all so damn boring.
27 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 18:12:00.33 0
He even had to do the Buu saga for 3 years. Both the author and the readers grew tired of that.
30 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 18:22:26.98 0
The Tao paipai arc was the most exciting one.
Then the power of all these characters started inflating towards the end, and it just got boring.
31 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 18:23:13.21 0
Is this what happened to Yoshihiro Togashi as well?
33 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 18:25:45.24 0
Well, it's much easier to shore up new characters in these battle settings.
You can also see very well how the main characters are progressing along.
From Kinnikuman to One Piece, there are just too many mangas that have transformed into battle mangas.
37 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 18:38:11.32 0
Masako Nozawa said that the younger Akira Toriyama "Sensei is a god",
while Akira Toriyama said "Someone like me has no right to judge Nozawa-san".
39 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 18:47:18.64 0
I love Toriyama's mangas!
40 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 18:47:29.61 0
For me it was good until the Frieza saga.
Afterwards, the strength of the characters just ballooned and it all got boring.
41 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 18:56:45.63 O
Is there really a need to make the voice of the parent and his sons the same?
43 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 19:04:09.32 0
Then he should've at least done something about Chaozu
44 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 19:35:02.42 O
But even the current Toriyama has lost the ability to write stupid and crazy stuff.
He's just become ordinary now.
I want to read more stupid Akira Toriyama stuff like the ones back in the day.
45 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 19:42:04.96 0
Toriyama's ingeniousness really showed the most in Dr. Slump.
I was really amazed at how he was able to think of such stupidity.
The gags in Dragon Ball were also fun when it still had "pafu pafu" and "tsun tsun".
The peak of the battle part, for me, was Shen vs. Majunior.
There may have been fun parts here and there after that, but it was all downhill from there.
49 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 20:04:44.51 O
He stretched it too much when weakling Tenshinhan was able to stop Cell on his tracks with the Kikouhou
77 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/29(土) 01:17:56.51 O
Tenshinhan himself was in a different class from all the other useless Z warriors, though
50 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 20:22:09.05 0
Even from a reader's standpoint, Mr. Satan was outstanding w
He was weaker than anyone, and had the devil's luck with him. I watched him, like how one would pin his hopes on Chameleon's Yazawa.
52 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 20:30:02.42 O
Buu, huh...
It was just until Cell for me...
53 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 20:51:02.52 0
Things would've probably been a mess if he didn't come up with Mr. Satan
56 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 21:05:54.26 0

I understand what he means.
In the Buu saga, the twists in the story were more important than the battles themselves.
Mr. Satan who just used to be a clown turned into this unique and attractive character, and eventually became the key person who would decide the fate of the earth. Then there was also the mental conflict of Vegeta who finally understood the meaning of peace and discovered love for his family. Then there were the stupid exchanges about the fusion technique, as well as the Goten and Trunks duo... It did seem like he rediscovered his comedy touch from his heyday.

The Buu saga should actually be recognized more as a success for changing all those inflated strength and battle aspects.
64 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 21:54:07.03 O
I liked Gohan's high school life best.
Super Saiyaman was really amazing.
123 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/04/01(火) 04:30:08.49 O
You mean Great Saiyaman...
65 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 22:15:03.14 0

But people blamed Dragon Ball's influence on a lot of kids who started saying "kill" or "I'll kill you", especially towards its last days. Maybe he should write a peaceful gag manga again, like early Arale-chan.

Ahhh, but then there will be kids who'd start touching poo and say "It's Unchi-kun!" w
66 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 22:29:57.56 0
I did get a bit appalled at the Android-saga when even the comrades started chanting "kill! kill!"
67 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 22:34:09.74 0
There was also a problem in our school when someone stepped on the head of his fallen friend
69 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 22:42:02.47 0
Oh, Android No. 16 www
70 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/28(金) 23:15:50.28 0
The mechanical objects that this person would draw were all so cool.
And I've never seen anyone again who could draw mechs as cool as he could.
75 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/29(土) 00:26:28.86 0
The fun-factor of the series and his drawing ability were both at their peak when Vegeta faced Zarbon and Recoom
83 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/29(土) 02:15:37.97 I
Mister Satan's as good as it gets when it comes to supporting characters
86 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/29(土) 03:31:19.02 0
The Cell saga was pretty good, though.
I was really excited about the characters coming from the future.
88 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/29(土) 07:36:28.20 0
I can really tell that what Mr. Toriyama really wants to draw is Arale-chan and not Dragon Ball
102 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/29(土) 12:24:52.59 0


It may have been because of how big Dragon Ball has become, but wasn't he able to fine tune the strength of the characters a bit better? The emperor of the universe was really horrible.

Like making the characters on earth do something about the androids. I really wonder why he easily created characters who were stronger than Frieza. Well you couldn't do anything about Cell and Buu, but what about Andorids 17 and 18?

According to Krillin, these Androids "were just modified a little" and they're basically humans, then they're suddenly stronger than Frieza...? How miserable is Krillin who trained so hard all that time, then...
115 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/03/29(土) 13:50:42.26 O
I was always excited during the time that I was reading  the Android / Cell saga
121 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/04/01(火) 00:00:01.76 0
Even someone like Bulma used to be so hot back then
131 :オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!!:2014/04/01(火) 10:46:07.39 0
Don't worry, Akira Toriyama still has 2 transformations left so it's all good

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